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Dev Journal: Defensive Bonuses Discussion


do most people even stop and think for a second before pressing that "post" button ? everybody with valid points would have a better chance of getting through to the devs if some of you could contain your hormones and swallow your mouth foam

anyhow, another patch taking the game in the right direction, well done. I have expectations for the DH changes, the potential is there it just feels like most skills are alot less polished and balanced than the barbarian's. Fan of Knives should be 15-20 yards to begin with, you could make a rune or 2 buff dodge, disc regen should probably be 1.2ish or at least SS/SP could be cheaper by 1 or 2 disc... ironically of all the classes, the DH is the one so desperatly in need of AR or armor yet without any ability to buff those. personally I like to maintain a balance and upgrade my damage/surv equally, my heart sinks when I see other DHs run around with 100-200 AR and 3k armor but its ok because they have 150k DPS unbuffed and just smoke screen damage reflect elites.

very much looking forward to "heroic bosses" and "player 8" as incentives to keep pushing your toon's gear to the limit for better tangible rewards. keep it up and thanks for the constant stream of news about incoming patches, appreciate it.
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I am using leap with iron impact as you describe in the journal (leaping into the middle of mobs) as well as against single enemies. It worked fine 'as is'. Although I used it to leap away more often than not against elites with molten and desecrate, it worked great as a last bit of armor at the end to finish the last one off.

I didn't need changing!
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Why not leave the defensive skills alone AND nerf inferno?

Wouldn't that accomplish the exact same thing? If mobs aren't hitting as hard, people will naturally not use the defensive skills once they don't need to rely on them to clear content.

I'm starting to think this change was made purely so that the new content would be harder to clear because high-end survivability is taking a massive hit. Sure, you might not need the current defensive skills anymore after inferno is nerfed, but I'm sure they would help greatly when playing on players 8 or against the new infernal machine monsters.

And, that point basically just shows that Blizzard still doesn't get it. After releasing this game with a deeply flawed design philosophy towards Inferno and what made Diablo 2 fun, they continue down the same road again. News-flash: you already tried to extend the end-game by making it difficult. Inferno at launch was just that. It didn't work out for you so why are you doing it again? Nothing in Diablo 2 was hard. What made it fun was that it was fast-paced, action-packed, mob-loaded, loot-exploding, and socially engaging. Diablo 3 (outside of a few builds being fast-paced) is none of those things and it's quite sad.
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This a big'ole pee vee pee balance patch...uh huh.
why does blizzard want build diversity so much?
people are happy with what's given (other than imbalances like ToC and WW barb)
stop pissing people off by constantly changing and constant re-gearing
i guess RMAH business went down so they implemented this change?

There's also almost no reason to use energy armor over storm armor in a party (with tanks). In parties, I always use storm armor fine but yet I have yet to see another wizard use storm armor like me. Storm armor with 50% crit (with shocking aspect rune) increases "overall" DPS by nearly 50% or more (that's huge for one skill).

Statistics don't show the whole story. The reason everyone uses energy armor is because everyone else uses it and they're too used to it to try something different.

Not everyone play coop all the time
And how statistics don't show the whole story? the way the game works basically depends on a bunch of numbers, if the monsters' damage is reduced as much as or the same as the nerfs on defensive skills, i don't understand how it's gonna make defensive skills useless, they would just be as effective as before, unless you are not playing in inferno

5. Bosses should drop the best loot, not the worst, no one had a problem running Meph/Pindle for 10 years cuz they dropped good loot atleast 40% of the time

i agree with this, i think every act-end bosses should have a guaranteed good drop, like class-specific items with let's say a ilvl-62/63 rare with at least 6 affixes and one of them enhancing skills
So far the changes seem pretty legitimate. I'm not happy about the defensive nerfs, but I suppose it's all being dealt with. I'm curious about how the difficulty is going to change... Higher difficulty = more exp/loot? If so, this may fix the low quality loot everyone is complaining about.
Couple questions regarding changes in 1.0.5

With "classic" Inferno being nerfed again and the introduction of the "Player X" command, will the drops and XP rates stay the same in "classic" Inferno and only increase with higher levels of "Player X", or are we going to be seeing a nerf to "classic" Inferno drop/XP rates with 1.0.5?

One of the issues often brought up is the necessity of Resist All on items and how it hurts item and build diversity. With the nerfing of "classic" Inferno damage once again, 1.0.5 seems to be taking a step towards toning down the importance of Resist All, is this just incidental or a conscientious effort by the D3 Team?

Or put another way, is the D3 team aware of the lack of item diversity caused by requiring very specific stats to be successful and are they trying to fix it?
I do not understand the logic of nerfing defensive skills while nerfing the content also. Its the pot calling the kettle black. Most people are happy playing the builds that they have. At some point, build diversity become moot. Add content, with different ways to experience that content, without changing the builds. I'm tired of building an entire gear set just to have you guys change the way a build works and make the set useless weeks later. Add content and leave the classes alone for awhile.
Taking into account the across-the-board nerf to defensive skills, Gloom will become 35% damage reduction for 5 seconds.

Wouldn't reducing it to 50% be more in line with the magnitude of the other changes?

It "looks" the same as Prismatic armor (65-->35) but +65% armor to +35% armor is actually 165-->135, or about a 20% reduction. Changing from 35% damage taken to 65% damage taken is an increase in damage taken by 85%.

Assume monster damage considering armor/resist but not gloom is 10,000 in 1.0.4
In 1.0.4, with gloom, you take 0.35*10,000 = 3,500.
In 1.0.5, the damage is only 7,500, but you take 0.65*7,500 = 4,875
This is about 40% more damage even after considering that monsters deal less damage!

If the nerf were instead 65-->50 the damage taken would be 0.5*7,500 = 3,750 which is still more than 1.0.4, but at least in the ballpark.

I'm not saying this will make the skill completely unviable, and it is overused now, so it probably should be nerfed in some way, but stating it like it's at all similar to the other nerfs is really misleading.
Cool, I suggest increasing the radius of Overpower to make it more viable
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I hope you're taking into account the 1-60 game as well when you nerf the defensive skills. You say you're only reducing the damage done by Inferno beasties. Many players never even see inferno (not that the forum crowd would represent that).
Inferno is so easy all you do is walk and click things and hope your DH doesn't suck in your party. I play old !@# games like Halo and have 10 times as much fun I can't wait for the d3 economy to not suck so I can sell everything on the rmah THIS GAME IS SO BORING THERE IS NOTHING TO DO WHY DOES ANYBODY PLAY THE SAME QUEST 600 TIMES AND FIND IT FUN
09/14/2012 10:05 AMPosted by Murderface
Why nerf WD? We are already considered the weakest class and now you're making us weaker? Also giving Demon Hunters summons? There's almost no incentive to be a WD at all.
And how in the flying f*ck did they nerf WDs now? I have some friends who play with WDs and they outperform my semi-funded barb any day already. PLEASE read the article before making idiotic conclusions, thank you!
Yankee go home...

Seriously what the hell are you ppl smoking there... "assuming player X has X stats" taking the highest values out there aka "perfect gear"

This is the same "maths" as your lifesteal nerf formula and nonsene. We don't all have 150k dps with 500% crit damage 800+ all resist en endless armor...
You see as one of the last 3 HC-EU players we will never get to that gear. And this game is dead by your limited oneway "endgame" vision and balance....

Congrats once again on the continues combo of fails. bg
On one hand i like i can potentially drop STI for more spirit regen . On the other hand why not just buff spirit regen ?
I definitely don't like nerfing inferno . Inferno is now a joke make it even easier ??? Why have 4 levels of difficulty if inferno is just going to be for efficiency

Overpowered monster and bad as s boss ?? How is that gonna work ? If i change skills before such a dude do i lose stacks ? efficiency doesn't actually go hand in hand with " monster power and infernal machine"

How about making macros available ?

While i don't know all the details the first impression is that this is very bad design
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09/14/2012 10:24 AMPosted by Psychopedia
I do not understand the logic of nerfing defensive skills while nerfing the content also. Its the pot calling the kettle black. Most people are happy playing the builds that they have. At some point, build diversity become moot. Add content, with different ways to experience that content, without changing the builds. I'm tired of building an entire gear set just to have you guys change the way a build works and make the set useless weeks later. Add content and leave the classes alone for awhile.

More option is better than sticking on one build for all eternity. Learn to adapt.
WTB offensive passives for monk...
Blizzard is bad at Math.

1.0.4 - A projectile is going to hit my DH for 50,000 damage, with SP/Gloom this is reduced to 20,000
    50,000 x 0.4 = 20,000

1.0.5 - A projectile is going to hit my DH for 37,500 damage, with SP/Gloom this is reduced to 24,375
    50,000 x 0.75 = 37,500 x 0.65 = 24,375

Gloom needs to be upped to 45% in 1.0.5 to retain damage reduction comparable to 1.0.4.

You are bad at reading, the duration is being increased to 5 seconds, you need to calculate the damage it can mitigate in 3 seconds in 1.0.4 and the damage it can mitigate in 5 seconds in 1.0.5
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