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Dev Journal: Defensive Bonuses Discussion


Nerfing Seize the Initiative is going to be a disaster for Monks, especially ones that dual wield fist weapons like I do. I rely on that 100% boost to keep me alive. Maybe reduce it only to 75% instead of down to 50%, that change seems a bit drastic.

p.s. enough with the patches already, there is such a thing as doing too much.
I am still worried that there will be no real diversity in all specific classes. Most L60 Barbs have the same skill builds, same goes for some of the other classes, namely DH builds. Not much fun if you got thousands of clone class builds. Then it ends up not being about skill selection but what gear you using. Boring...
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Alright, I'm okay with this. My wizard will take a hit (I use the Force Armor), but this is a legitimate way to encourage build diversity. By "legitimate", I mean the change is not disruptive and does not outright screw people (IAS nerf, anyone?).

I never got far in previous Diablo games, so I am not familiar with the Player X system. It sounds interesting, and I could always use better gear and more $gold$, so please go ahead with this Blizzard.
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You got a point, but Blizzard is opening the possibilities of new builds. I like that. Eventually I'll be playing inferno with my Barb, and I won't be using War Cry with that barb if I can help it. I got a build I want to try out, and I'm just waiting for that barb to be properly geared first.
Here are my thoughts on this new patch. . . .

1. Wizards get nerfed again, WTF. Don't try to play it off like they are not.
2. Players x. . . . shouldn't this be suffiecient to allow for the non-implementation of these nerfs ({if Inferno is too easy, then players x is the way to go, duh} Not everyone has a good WW barb. . . . . JAY) This damage mitigation is more or less some serious BS.
3. I really am enjoying my 3+ month $60 beta testing. . . . . . . . . . . .
4. Hit me up if your interested in any gear that is not on my wizard. I think I'm putting a big middle finger up to this game when this patch is released and will come back when sh$% is fixed. (thus keeping my wizard)
5. Going back to the wizard. . . . would you just F'n say it already. . . . .You want us to be glass cannons we get it. (just accept this and admit it, I have) I think you guys are pissed that we found a loop hole and just wont admit that 12 years of R&D and you came out with was a sh#$ty WoW knockoff.

Delete or ban me i dont give a crap. . . . . And I know, I know, cant wait for all the trolls to bombard my posting! The part that is really pissing me off is that you guys are too free to change the entire scope of the game after some of us have spent REAL MONEY on gear!!!
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09/22/2012 02:58 AMPosted by Mathuclo
The part that is really pissing me off is that you guys are too free to change the entire scope of the game after some of us have spent REAL MONEY on gear!!!

sounds like a personal problem.
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Most L60 Barbs have the same skill builds

You must be new to Diablo. Because when i played classic and d2expac there was no other way than a WW barb (excluding PvP, BvB, etc.). This isnt't WoW..
Hi Blizzard

I will just mention some things that seems completly ridiculus and unprofasional, completly difrent from what we knew about blizzard up untill sc2 came out.

1. No pause when you disc on hardcore.(the only thing that remains intresting in the game after you kill inferno diabloin sc)

2. Lots of stupid abilities on items , and only a few good ones
useless: thorns, globe bonus,
range pickup(this is playable cause they made the initial pickup range be so small,what dumpasses,in d2 you would pick gold with the mouse from further distanses), health regen (too low numbers sadly),
noneprimary stats (except for streagth on shoulder and belt...this might sound strange to you guys but its really stupid that dex only gives dodge chanse and you pretty much encounter this stat on 1/3 of the items you pick),
Class restricted items with no primary stat bonus(this makes blizzard seem so cruppy, i mean if you want ppl to use AH more lower the !@#$ing drop chanses, this is so not profecional),
life on kill, i dont like gold find either but thats the least useless and dump(encourages boring goldruns and in some cases botting).
There surely alot more that i cant remember right now.

3 Skill diversity: i know many ppl dont care about this, they are happy playing their imba barb or their imba archon.Fact is game is really badly balnsed.As many threats mantioned before me,there are all these completly useless runes and skills that are never gonna be played for any reason , and also many other skills(incuding all those USELESS! passives) that you will just never have the resurses(mana) to use them,except if you go a very specific build e.g. crit and arcane power on crit.
Its so sad the only way to: get mana,do dmg in this so badly disinged game is crit....
(dh also get disiplin on crit)
Really ? Are you guys syrious ? What happend to the all time classic mana reg? Why cant demon hunter have any other way of getting disciplin then a unic set and crits ?
i really dont get it .... I got my monk lvl 60(3rd char) and i was happy i would play for the first time without crit ,until at act3 inferno i realized i had no dmg to kill goblins.The only way to bit the 30k barrier is crit dmg and crit ? are you guys retarded or something ? and now you are addresing build diversity ? you kiding me ?.
Same %^-* goes with LOH, if you dont have insane numbers of dmg (through crit ofcorse) life steal is completly useless so LOH is pretty much the only way to go. Gj balansing the game so far. Really poorly reallised game , almost seems amateur.

4.The most important one , and i hope this patch will address this one ,a bit at least.
Places to farm ? If i go one more archon run arreat crater and keeps depths i will probably start puking.

Sorry for the enrage, but really guys most of this staff seems as dump as the roach population cost in the sc2 beta , if you know what i mean(if you dont np).
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wow i really cannot believe the amount of !@#$%ing going on about the nerfs.Cause think about it for a minute wizards and demon hunters can be one of the harder classes to play as cause u have to almost always rely on defensive skills to survive.Also the nerfing of monster damage on infurno will make things alot easier to solo.I also like the fact the wolf will actually be an actual pet that DH's can tank for them if their glass cannons.with the Wizards it'll allow more flexibility for combat cause everybody uses it so i actually see it that Blizzard's pretty much saying is dont do what everyone else does but do your own thing.
For me it's clear, bye bye Diablo and tbh after experiencing the same crap in Wow patch after patch I also say goodbye to Blizzard!!!
I think that to increase build diversity and gameplay, players should be able to use any of their skills at the time. As you level up, you feel, as you've stated more constricted because of the necessity of some skills. Increase the number of skillz we can use, have players actually learn the mechanics of the game, not spamming 1, 2, 3 ,4 over and over again for 4 play through to then learn you have 100 more levels to go. Then monsters don't really need to be downgraded, people just need to learn to play.

On the other hand, the changes don't really affect anything that much. But, will come in handy for the purposes of the patch.
so which skill is gonna be bug fixed 1.06 patch?
Hope I find ond early so I can have super fun
We will find out in 1.05
So, if I have this correct, you're going to nerf Inferno and create a new, higher difficulty level for the guys with the best gear that claim that they can farm inferno with MF 375 and get decent drops. In this new, higher difficulty level, you're going to increase their rewards as if they don't have enough rewards already and don't control the AH with all the $60Million sets and gear that they have laying around. How about increasing the rewards for the guys starting out and not making them save their precious gold to buy the stuff from the guys that have too much.
just because Jay plays barb, does not mean you have to focus 70% of your time on buffing barbs skills.
Jay is cool< but there are 10 million other people who play d3 too and they are also cool !
don't just focus on making jays barb better, thank you !!
one more thing, lowering the price on gold every 3 hours is ridiculous !
keep it at a flat rate 1.50$ . It is the most important thing, more important than any patch youll ever make !
I don't understand how you could lower the price on gold, its a lose/lose situation, for both battle.net
and for the customers. you guys make 15% on each sale, lowering gold from 1.50 to 89 cents,
you guys lose 50% of your total profit, thats millions of dollars you guys lose.
but honestly customers don't care about how much money battle.net makes
did you stop to think what about the customers ?we are the foundation of this game,
this game could not exist without us, gold being at 89 cents, we make no money at all !
It's not only battle.net who likes to make money, we do too !
I strongly urge you to atleast take this into concideration, thank you !

maybe you should raise the cost on repair items, if the market is flooded with too much gold,
then gold becomes worthless, in turn items become worth much less. by rasing the repair cost,
atleast it will get rid of some of the gold, and will raise the value of gold!
especially now that monsters do 25% less damage, repairs wont even be necessary anymore,
which in return will flood the market with even more gold, causing gold to be worthless.
I don't want to watch a sinking economy that once had streets paved with gold, turn into potholed ashphault.

"too much gold, ships don't float they sink "
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Shutting down the tanking Wizard's ability to tank is making me "this" close to quitting. I'm already letting my wow account freeze soon. Why do Wizard tanks need to be nerfed? Mine can handle act 4 with this patch but that's not to say I don't die, it _is_ difficult and you need decent gear if some elite comes along with a combo of the 5 stupidest mods you've seen and that one single elite instantly drops 5 arcane lasers all at once.

After hearing this I started a barb but once he hit 40 I heard WW barbs were being toned down. I thought a big wig(someone told me Jay) in Blizz had a hard-on for pure melee classes and that's why they're always OP in Diablo/WoW.
Dear Blizzard. I have but one suggestion... As we r all going to see a drop in monster damage.. I think it would only be fair for us to see the amount of damage reflected from reflect damage elites to also drop respectively. I'm sure u must be aware that reflect damage is the sole reason for death for some players.. I hope it can b balanced a bit. Thanks for reading
- Andy
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It's the new Iron Maiden. The only way you ever know that it was cast is you suddenly dying instantly out of nowhere for no reason.
I love the changes guys, and I also agree this is removing the challenge people get from the game. The Gloom nerf was a bit too overdone though, and if anything it should have stayed at 65%. I was pretty content with the 15% for 5 seconds anyways. But at this rate, I can't feel safe in my Gloom anymore. With people with small budgets like me, we are forced to be Glassy. Either that or accept low DPS and be tankier. Because personally, I have an under 3mil set and I have 70k DPS. However, I get 1 shotted 95% of the time. But overall, you guys are doing pretty good. But you are still going against what the community wants. Plus, in all honesty. You guys could have created some extra areas by now. Hell, you could introduce a level creator for players. That would be pretty cool. However, that would require some tweeks to prevent abuse with exp or item farming.
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