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Dev Journal: Defensive Bonuses Discussion


Wizard sucks in 1.0.5 i even tried using arcane blossom but this is freaking insanity to play a wizard now...
I play a thorns WD and a tank monk and playing the 1.05 PTR I feel super nerfed. Anyway else feel like these defensive changes made your characters significantly worse and less fun to play as? Like I die much easier now while before I was nearly immortal.
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hi,bashiok,I want to make an improvement

In addition, can increase a like clicking the left mouse button automatic attack function to the shortcut key on" 1 " " 2 " " 3 " " 4 " above, so I just need to press the keyboard " 1 " can be automatically has been release continuous put skill, you know, has been repeatedly pressing the keyboard will makes me hand to cramp

in “set” can has a choice:whether to use this function.

I hope you will adopt, thank you.
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I like what I'm seeing. It seems like the right direction. I'm not worried about the drops that much, but thats because I think I've found a total of 5 legendaries lol. I figure maybe one time a month would be fine kinda like marriage. But the gameplay itself looks good. You'll have to hit like a truck to get there but the scale seems fine. Good luck and looking forward to patch.
Guess it makes sense, we'll see how this goes; heard bad things from everyone about this new patch. Hope I'm mistaken
Meh...no longer matters. Anything that is going to be too hard for my DH would make the game unplayable for most players.

Hooray! Threshold achieved.
I just read the post on being able to have multiple Sentries down. I would like to ask, on the assumption that the player has the Passive: Custom Engineering, thereby have 3 turrets down, can they be of different types or they can of the same type? Do their effects stack? For example, the Guardian Sentry grants 15% damage reduction. Will have 3 down grant cumulative bonuses? Will it stack with other DH sentry?

That's actually one of the things I would like to know.

Any response to my above query? Though am somewhat not surprised since despite Jay Wilson's post on their team being more "communicative", it does not appear to be the case :p
(I tried clicking on the blue response tag to go to posts but nothing) :p
In the example posted in the article, it says "Suppose a wizard has 6000 Armor and 800 Resist before Prismatic Armor." Do you devs actually play this game? 6000 BASE Armor and 800 Resist is not typical for a Wizard, nor is it ideal (because the Armor figure alone requires Wizards to stack a lot of strength). It's worrisome when you casually throw out very unrealistic numbers as an example when we are entrusting you peeps for competent game balancing.
will you be making any attempt to improve the itemization?
I realize that this isn't exactly the topic, however it is really the core issue here.

How to balance skills, even automatically, do this:

They can see which skills are used the least for each class. These skills are obviously the weakest. I have never seen a WD use "Toad of Hugeness". Not coincidentally, it is one of their weakest skills.

Take the bottom 50% of used skills for each class. Each of these skills has a variable (ie: Does X% damage, or X% to crit).

Buff each of these variables by 10% (or whatever).

After one one month, again, take the bottom 50% of used skills for each class. *Some these skills will be different from the last time* because people will have started using them more. If they are the same skills, they are obviously still too weak.

Buff each of these variables by 10% (or whatever).


Once the skills that are the most popular at the moment start appearing in the bottom 50%, they will know they should start buffing the variables by a lower percentage, say 2%.

Over a few months, previously weak skills would be more attractive than before. All by making small, incremental buffs to the weakest skills, and all without nerfing anyone.

This would not take a lot of work from Blizzard. They know which skills are used least, I've seen them post it. All they would have to do would be to increase a variable for each skill by a small amount.

Why is this not done? Somebody please tell me?
Is the patch in effect? If it is, seems like Inferno is much harder. My barb is depressed, he tries to leap off bridges but survives that, figures! I'm gonna go eat a sandwich and cry in the shower , thanks blizzard!
i knew this would happen. I knew they would nerf just enough so people had to rebuild. Well HA!


Nerf That Defensive Beast. there is absolutely nothing in the game that can kill me. I can't do much killing myself.... but, Do you even lift? Come at me with that nerfbat bro.

I know why they're Blizzard because their heads are all frozen, believe me they'll find a way to screw everyone up eventually, but admire the spirit! They'll probably get me for that one : /
I'm not gonna cry in the shower, instead here's a poem

There once was a game called Diablo 3

that until recently was kind to me

they nerfed on my turf

and the auction house stalls

can't sell my balls

my cat won't get down from the tree

: {
You broke the monks further then they have already been broken. My monk is done being played.
Wizard is now the most squishy class ever, and deals a loooooow dps

only archon deals a good ammount of dps BUT it requires consant killing that is impossible on

monster power 3++
Good they didn't change OWE. Because monks most have this skill! I mean, monks almost don't have offensive passives if at all, so what they do have is defensive passives. OWE is the monk's potent ability and every class have it (idk about WD I hasn't played WD) but for exp: monk potent passive is OWE, DH potent passive is SS, Wiz potent passive is that thing +15% dps I don't remember the name, and barb have weapon master.

So my point is, monks aren't overpowered, and people say they have easier time with him just have good gear and he fits their game style. So, if you'll nerf OWE you'll actually make monk inferior to other classes and if you do I quit..
player x is kewl, and the way things should have started.

This would have stopped endless nerf/buff cycles and 10,000 forum posts.
09/14/2012 09:00 AMPosted by Bashiok

the new definition of "fun" for blizzard games
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