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Dev Journal: Defensive Bonuses Discussion


I can't understand the ignorance and idiocy of people commenting on this, Dropping incoming DPS well dropping buffed stats from defensive skills = same damage essentially in the end. Yet this now makes it possible to not depend on defensive skills which essentially HAVE THE SAME END RESULT.

I'm stoked about this, playing a Barb with higher all resist on my armor and high vit means I might be able to drop Warcry all together, which I would be stoked to do. Might add Battle rage and another Offensive skill over leap as well, or even consider a 2h build finally which is something I've wanted to do for a while now
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Blizzard is bad at Math.

1.0.4 - A projectile is going to hit my DH for 50,000 damage, with SP/Gloom this is reduced to 17,500
    50,000 x 0.35 = 17,500

1.0.5 - A projectile is going to hit my DH for 37,500 damage, with SP/Gloom this is reduced to 24,375
    50,000 x 0.75 = 37,500 x 0.65 = 24,375

Gloom needs to be at least 50% in 1.0.5 to retain damage reduction comparable to 1.0.4.

Gloom will also last 40% longer.
I must admit. Even if I don't like that they're nerfing my Leap and War Cry, I do think that the solution to put in an X player factor is pretty smart. To me this is like a peace offering to the fans: "We're going to make Inferno easier for the casual players who have a life outside of gaming but still want to enjoy the game. But we're going to make Inferno harder for those who want a greater challenge and a greater reward."

Plus it gives casual players something to try to build up to. For instance: "I can clear Act 3 with Player 2, pretty good now. I think I'm ready to try Player 3 etc."

My biggest question is: "How will experience work with the Player X factor? Will the Paragon leveling go faster the higher the Player X factor?"
Um Blizzard? What about reflect damage? is that going to be reduced too or are wizards without a shield but with prismatic armor now screwed?
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Question is, with the addition of the players X system in Diablo 3, will that also translate back to the amount of the players in the game or can 4 players play together at monster level 1?
My wizard has been benched for months but I was just curious how many wizards are out there with 6000 armor and 800 unbuffed resists? That seems to be the starting point why EA is nerfed, and those numbers sound a little off imo.

When it comes to StI, and Resovle change, it is complete rubbish. These two nerfs are supposed to promote build diversity? LOL
The overall quality of loot for regular inferno (where most people are going to be playing) still needs to be looked at. Currently, players can only sell best-in-slot gear on the AH (not RMAH) in order to increase their gold amount to make upgrades...unfortunately, this requires players to constantly get the "perfect" rolls on their ilvl62/ilvl63 items.

I, and many others, definitely are not too lucky when it comes to rolls. It would please me to see loot be leveled out to a certain degree (those "perfect" rolls really are RARE so players can still sell their "decent" loot).

Seems like good changes...still wish you guys would look at loot.
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Yeah, for real I wasn't excepting anykind of nerf for Monk, instead I was excepting buffing, so it could finally step aside Barbarian, but no way. Nerf our only armor source, yes, thanks for that.

sidenote: you can hit 50% crit, and upwards towards 70% dodge without top teir gear, just so ya know. armor does matter, but resists mitigate melee damage as well. a dodge will reduce all damage to 0, which should make it more important than armor, wouldn't you say?
monks weren't built in mind to be a barbarian, and take every hit. You're built to be missed, and you're built to resist damage, not midigate it through armor. Besides. Low armor makes high resistances valuable.

Monks, after all the math and everything is done, can hit 65% dodge chance. that's more than 3/5 hits misses.
You know it doesn't matter what class or build you are you will probably want better gear to farm the hardest difficulty for the greatest reward. It is a genius move.

Damage reduced. Hooray other shadow power runes will be viable. /players 8 added. Hooray none of the shadow power runes will be viable for the hardest difficulty. Goodbye main demon hunter.
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I love demon hunter change!!!!
Guess what fellows, if you are using all the skills they are nerfing, you will be more powerful with 1.0.5! If you have done without the skills, guess what, you will be more powerful!

Thank you Blizzard for opening the doors to other skill combinations!
Two of the mentioned "buffs" to DH appear to be desperate attempts to solve glaring design deficiencies...

The idea of making "nests" with sentries, come on. We already are forced to kite, now you want us to kite backwards to a group of sentries?? And you didn't buff the sentries at all? Could you put up a graph on usage of sentries. I doubt hardly anyone uses them. I've tried using them and never been able to justify it. Multiple sentries isn't going to help. Diablo is not a dungeon crawl, it's a carcass festival. You rarely stand still. Mobs do not live long enough for that luxury. You have to move to the mobs. Stationary turrets are also not only ineffective, they're aren't fun to use!

I can't believe you decided to try to make the boar, wolf and spider tank. YES, DH's are FORCED to KITE and that is HORRID game-play. Your solution is to hack the class in to a witch doctor/necro setup? The spider is so tiny. The wolf is a puppy. The boar is useless. Now, they're going to be tanks??

But we don't get any other mechanics, pet heals, pet buffs, just ridiculously tiny UBER tanks? They won't even be good tanks will they? Do they rely on the Templar AI code for taunting? If so, this is going to be a failure. Mobs run right through the Templar. He only works in doorways and small hallways.

PLEASE, in Diablo IV reconsider the impact of FORCED KITING. It's NOT FUN!

For those of us that do not possess UBER gear, lowering the life steal percentage on Gloom is a BAD idea. Yeah, if you do UBER DPS it's not going to effect you much. The lower your gear, the MORE this hurts. I've wanted this percentage to be RAISED. 20% was too low. Yes, the 3 second duration is PART of the reason why. However, the problem is AS YOU STATED DH die QUICKLY and thus need to be HEALED back to full QUICKLY. Heals OVER time are NOT a good idea for a SQUISHY class. DH's need BIG QUICK heals.

I would have raised the percentage to a minimum of 25%, experimented with going as high as 33% and kept your 5 second duration. You already noted that people with UBER gear have gloom up ALL the time. Why can't the rest of us have it?
I am mad that ferrets do not get buffed like the other DH pets.
How about for Demon Hunters you fix vault so you don't get "hit" half-way into the vault and die as you land...
Blizzard is bad at Math.

1.0.4 - A projectile is going to hit my DH for 50,000 damage, with SP/Gloom this is reduced to 20,000
    50,000 x 0.4 = 20,000

1.0.5 - A projectile is going to hit my DH for 37,500 damage, with SP/Gloom this is reduced to 24,375
    50,000 x 0.75 = 37,500 x 0.65 = 24,375

Gloom needs to be upped to 45% in 1.0.5 to retain damage reduction comparable to 1.0.4.

You are bad at reading, the duration is being increased to 5 seconds, you need to calculate the damage it can mitigate in 3 seconds in 1.0.4 and the damage it can mitigate in 5 seconds in 1.0.5

You are bad at logic, that increased duration does nothing if the damage mitigation is not enough to keep you alive anymore.
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diablo 3 is still after all that patch and incoming patch will be boring because its only about getting the highest mf and buying rmah/gah gears... theres not much to do here for people who just wants to have more content and pvp... so bottom line all u do is sit down play for 1000000 hrs of act 3 which so so booring after 1 clear...and repeat... no other thing like pvp/events/player interaction/skill points or stat points to focus on other than 1 click skills and finding gear in ah... so boring im sure even hard core players are bored to death running act 3 everyday... come on blizzard all u can patch is to make act 3 easier and easier?? even if it was crazy easy people would get bored running the same thing all over again... DIablo 3 (not boring expansion) is needed
I want some of the pot the guys who thought of those changes smoke. Whatever it is it seems to be working !!

Let's recap:
+ in 1.0.4 they buffed some of the attack skills.
+ they reduced damage from mobs
- in 1.0.5 they nerf defense skills. That means more damage from mobs > same difficulty as before. Ergo: Inferno is not nerfed
+ allegedly drop the mobs damage. (this is so far just a posibility) if the drop is not proportional to the nerf of the def skills, this alleged "nerfing" of the mobs is irrelevant. Because one cancels the other out.

"Taken together, the changes mean Inferno is going to be easier". The drop rate for Act 3 is total bull ! I still get lvl 55 and 56 gear and 96% of the stuff i get of ilvl 60-63 is usually un-marketable and crap. Like seriously, wth ? Why'd you make inferno then ? Not even close to having the prophesized 15-20% dr for lvl 63 stuff. Increade the gold drop. especially in inferno ! The amount of gold you get without neph and para and gf gear is absolutley laughable. Not worth farming inferno for because gear repairs still cost too much as opposed to how much gold you make per hour. And I'm only talking from a player's angle here ! Not a goldfarmers ! Ultimately you got 2 choices: farm for gold or for gear. Both of which in this case are not worth it. All that was done was an increase in drop ratio. You shoud;ve fixed the rolling of the item's stats as well IF you did want to do something good. Honestly, between having a 500dps weapon drop from 10 to 30 minutes time, and it dropping every 5, I really don't care. Good dps weaps still have a small dropchance. and btw: right after 1.0.4 there was a better drop ratio which you nerfed after about 10 days or so when the hotfixes were applied. That was a crappy move.
Modifying values on skills is NOT the solution to make skills more appealing in favor of others.

The most important thing is to evaluate the current PLAYSTYLES of all the classes and CREATE new skills that will fit those playstyles and even construct SYNERGIES.
As a WD I find that right now I have to use Jungle Fortitude. Sounds like I can now remove this for a more interesting option. I think overall this will be a huge buff to me.
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