Thought I'd give people a heads up on a nifty little game called Don't Starve. It's a 2D survival game along the lines of Minecraft. Gather stuff during the day and craft but don't get caught at night without a light source or you die to the legendary Grue!! Okay, not really but you do die to something if you have no light. Death is permanent so it has a rogue-like feel to it but isn't as difficult as a rogue-like. The game is in Alpha right now but has a nice deal. Costs $7 and you get 2 copies so you can gift one to a friend. It will cost $15 when it's released.

It is a Chrome App so you'll have to play it in Google Chrome for now but it will be on Steam as well when it's released and pre-orders will get the game for Steam.

Here's a 'WTF Is...' from Totalbiscuit that gives a nice first impressions of the game. I picked it up after watching this video and it definitely has potential.

Finally, here's where to get the game. There is a free demo that you can play for 15 minutes so you can give it a try before you buy.