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Skysplitter axe work on WD pets/aoe spells?


I normally play a monk, but found a skyplitter (the axe with smite proc) and started playing my WD more just to use this axe.

Just wondering if proc abilities work on pets and AOE skills.

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works on burning dogs, but for a very low chance. gargs don't have proc coefficients anymore. so you end up proc-ing them yourself. The best AoE to trigger procs as of now is Acid Cloud and Rain of Toads (to a lesser extent). Maybe give them to your templar follower and stack IAS for him to smite foes to pieces.
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has anyone bought a sky splitter to try it, and what results did it yield
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Ask Peter, he is probably the most knowledgeable about sky splitter and pets.
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Ty, all I wanted to know is if the pets can or not, if the dogs can thats good information to know.
I was expecting no proc from pets so makes me a little happier :)
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I want to know this too. How much damage does Smite do? And it stuns? Is it proc on cast or on hit?
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I can confirm this. I sent my burning dogs alone after a group of skeletons without casting any other spells. I don't know if the procs came from their regular attacks or aura but it did proc. In normal gameplay it procs way more often with Acid Cloud due to the pet proc coefficient reduction. It looks like a proc on hit effect, not on cast.
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Oh.. that's pretty awesome then.

So how much damage does Smite do and does it stun like Barbarian's?

And since Acid Cloud is an aoe, have you noticed two Smites coming out or it's always only one?

Because if it's proc on hit, you could potentially see two Smite unless they put a cool-down in between each effect which I've heard before.
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Why arent you trying this out yourself if you have the weapon? I thought you wanted to buy one but wanted to make sure before you waste money. Lazy ppl jeez.
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My axe only has a 10% chance to smite. Yes it does stun but in inferno the stun is very short. I'm sure between the dogs and acid cloud I've seen more than one smite at a time, or back to back strikes, but its not a consistant occurance. Sorry I haven't been able to get a good idea of the damage it does. It would be a safe assumption that the damage it does is also consistant with the actual barbarian skill.
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