Diablo® III

Possible FPS fix, Beta testers needed!!

First off please do the following at your own risk, if your not conferable with changing some of these settings do not do it.

This is for everyone who has a x4 or more core CPU with higher end GPUs and are running Windows 7 that are suffering FPS lag like I am.

Reason I'm looking for testers is because I've worked a 14 hour shift, been up for more than 24 hours and think I'm on the edge of solving this but need sleep, so going to get some people to test while I'm sleeping. I feel I'm close to figuring this out, and it's obvious that Blizzard dose not care about us, leaving us to figure out their problems.

Please see my thread here and keep it bumped, I've been spending more time trying to solve this riddle than actually playing the game.

Disconnect all USB devices that are not needed for this testing, External HDD, Flash Drives, USB Headphones ext ext....

Setting everything back to default settings.

Delete your "Diablo III" folder found in "My Documents/Diablo III" This is where your "D3Prefs.txt" is, when you launch the game it will create a new folder and txt with default settings. Or rename it so you can easily change back to you settings after your finished testing.

Launch the launcher and let it get to 100% before you hit "play", no need to log in, just open your "Options" Set everything in "VIDEO" to "Off" or "Low", set to "Window Full Screen", and check "Low-FX". Now in the "SOUND" tab Disable your "Sound" and "Music".

Exit the game.

If you use Nvidia, start with the latest official driver 306.23, you can try beta drivers if you'd like. Under your "Manage 3D Settings" / "Program Settings" Tab hit "Restore".

Now that your Video is back to default settings lets deal with background programs that are running.

Start, type "Msconfig.exe" and click on it.

Under the "Services" Tab click the box that says "Hide all Microsoft services"
Now hit "Disable All" and Check the Services that have to do with your Video Card.

Under the "Boot" Tab hit "Advance Options..." Check the box next to "Number of Processors:"

Now if you have a X4 CPU change this setting to 2, if you have a X6 change the setting to 3.
Reason for this, for example X4 CPU's have 2 real cores and 2 hyper-threaded/Fake.
**Note** some Mobo's have an option in Bios where you can Disable hyper-threading or HTT(hyper-thread technology), if you know your way around you Bios try it there, my Mobo doesn't offer this option in Bios.

Hit "OK" ---> "Apply" and you will be prompted to restart your computer.

Once your back in windows, open "Windows Task Manager", under the "Performance" Tab is a button "Resource Monitor..." click that and leave these open.
Start the game, once your at the log in screen Alt+Tab to "Windows Task Manager" and hit the "Processes" Tab.
There will be a program called "Agent.exe *32" running, right click it and "End Process"
Right click on "Diablo.exe *32" and set the "Priority" to "Real-time" or "High"
Log in, Create a game hit "Ctrl+R" to display your FPS.

Now here's where I need testers.... Play with your settings, changing only one thing at a time, try known "D3Prefs.txt" fixes, try Nvidia Control Panel 3D setting Fixes, try single GPU and SLi/Crossfire, try running the game with the MPQs folder on a flash drive or the whole game from a flash drive.

When you report back to this thread please use this as a guide line.


Notes: What your tried, what you found ext ext.

To get all your CPU cores back
If you disabled HTT in your Bios, simply enable it.
If you did it in msconfig.exe

Start > Run > msconfig.exe > "Boot" tab > "Adance Options..." uncheck "Number of prcessors:" > "OK" > "Apply" > Restart.

Thank you for all your help and efforts.

/Good Night.
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I will get to that as soon as I'm back home on sunday.

Thing is, I got the same problem as many others - and yourself. And it has been like this since 1.0.2 or something, don't remember exactly when it started but I know it got a lot worse after 1.0.3.

Blizz screwed up fundamentaly with that patch regarding engine-compability with a lot of systems and there is no sign of adressing this issue besides posting user-related solutions that do not solve the problem for everyone.

Blizzard don't care or just have no idea what is causing this - and that is really sad for a game that has been developed for so long.

It is really interesting since we both have the EXACT same problems AND I have your CPU-model as well. You gave me back some hope that if Blizzard cant, we can fix their messed up engine-compability.

May I ask how you come to think that you're close to solving the problem?
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Oh and thanks for putting so much work into it, hope it will lead to a solution ... until they mess up something else with 1.0.5. :D
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