Diablo® III

Borderlands 2 Tonight!

Who else is hyped????

I'm betting we won't get a day worth of Error 37's.
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I guess I'm the only one, lol.
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Consider me lukewarm. I'm interested in the game, but only know a small amount about it.
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Very interested, but don't know that it will get me away from GW2. It's a great problem to have - too many new exciting games.
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i have no clue about borderlands 2, but i already purchased it. on the box it's described as a "shoot and loot"

im imagining its a mixture of diablo 3's loot emphasis with a FPS like team fortress 2.
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The first Borderlands just didn't grab me. I think I can safely wait for a Steam sale that drops the price by 50% or more.
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I played it for about 3 hours last night and I'm about to jump into it again.

Compared to the first game, it already blows it away. While I did finish the first one, it never really hooked me either and I never did finish all the DLC it had. The enemies so far are much more interesting to fight and there's a better variety. The environment is more interesting as well since it's not just one big, brown desert.

The humor is also much better I think. I found myself laughing much more frequently than in the first one. Claptrap is hilarious. His plan for a party was amazing.

The guns are solid but not especially blowing me away. Of course I've only made it a little ways to the game. They are definitely very different from each other though. The grenade mods are looking much better though. There's a nifty "badass" leveling system as well from completing achievements that lets you pick minor boosts (that add up over time) for all your characters. Can also be turned off if you think it's making you too strong.

The options and menus are far far far better than the first. Everyone should know that BL1 was a butchered port. They did not make that mistake here. Tons of options and customization is available. Worst part is the inventory system still isn't up to snuff although that's still not that bad (I think). I've encountered no bugs myself though I've heard of a few ppl having network issues and not receiving their pre-order bonuses though Gearbox was working on it last night. Was some .Net install problems but there were fixes for that from the community as well so no real issue.

I'd say, if you're a fan of FPS games, definitely pick it up.
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I never played Borderlands 1. Should I play it first? It's peaked my interest. FPS + loot drops semes appealing to me.
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