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Customer support/ Blizzard are idiots

Okay so here is my problem. Whenever I attempt to log in from mobile my account gets locked. It's not a thing that has just happened once. It has happened 11 times already. Yeah I said 11. So I contact customer support in attempt to figure out how I can fix the situation.

I will start off by stating a few facts.

1. The times I have tried to connect I have done so through my phone at work which is connected to wifi.

2. The wifi at my job (same goes for my phone) does not have a VPN or Proxy in place.

3. Each time after it gets locked I change my password and log in through mobile. Meaning that I have spent quite a few hours logged in and active on the website on my phone through y works wifi.

So I emailed customer support saying that my account continues to get locked (11 times now) and asked if there was a way I could fix it or something I could do. In the email to CS I CLEARLY state it only happens when I attempt to log in from mobile. I have no problems from my home computer and that I can assure them that my connection is more than secure.

Her response (which to me seemed automated like a copy and paste answer) provided me no help at all and was nothing more than idiotic.

At one point in the response she states "if you continue to log in through mobile our systems will recognize that device as an authorized device and will quit locking you account". No that wasn't verbatim.

So here's my question. 11 times of me changing my password (which requires them to send a code to my cellphone that I am logging in from) isn't enough for the "system" to recognize that it's MY device and my account isn't compromised?

And my last rant in my email I told her I was attempting to log into the DIABLO 3 account. Her email was a ramble all about WoW which shouldn't surprise me considering all blizzard cares about is sucking the teet of the cash cow they call WoW but I mean seriously? Your customer support can't even AT LEAST make me feel like they read my email and tried to help rather than reading the subject and copying some !@#$ off of a pre-made template??

Anyways if anyone is interested her is the reply I was sent..

"This is the latest response from Customer Support:
   Thank you for contacting the Game Master department and for your exceptional patience in waiting to be contacted, we really appreciate it!
   What you are experiencing is a security measure we have put in place for all World of Warcraft Accounts. If there is a change in login behavior that makes the account appear that it is actively being compromised the account will be locked, a message sent to the registered email address, and the password must be reset. These measures were implemented to protect our customer's accounts and hard earned items, gear and gold.
   This security uses many ways to determine that account may be compromised, including where it appears to be logged in from. As with all systems there is a chance for false positives to occur. This may happen when a player logs in from a physically different location then normal or when a player uses a Proxy or VPN to connect to World of Warcraft.  Proxies in particular can cause a player's location to seemingly change drastically over short periods of time, which is exactly how an account being compromised appears as well.
   If you have to use a Proxy or VPN please know that the security system is not "dumb" and will learn behaviors as they change. For example if a player always logs in from work, home and a friends house the system will learn this and discontinue locking an account for those locations.
   The system cannot be disabled on an account to account basis. As we do not support connecting to our servers using proxies (it is not against the rules, we just do not support the connection itself) we are unable to disable the system for that reason. Please keep in mind that this system is in place to protect your account and everything you have earned while playing in World of Warcraft.
   If you have any suggestions, comments, or feedback regarding this system we are always reviewing how we may improve and would love to hear what you have to say. While the Game Master Department is unable to accept those comments our Community Managers on our forums have no such restrictions. You can reach our forums by going to us.battle.net/wow, click on Forums and then for this particular topic you can leave your comments on our General Forums.
   Account security is something we take very seriously here at Blizzard. I don't want to see your hard earned items and gold taken by those who wish to damage World of Warcraft. If you have a moment please take some time to read a recent Blog Post available on the World of Warcraft Community site at http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/2299938 - Account Security and You (Yes, You).
   We will always do what we can to assist our players in keeping their accounts secure, but we cannot secure your computer for you. Remember patch and maintenance days are always a good time to do some spring cleaning and ensuring your computer is secure!
   Blizzard Customer Support is now on Twitter and Youtube! Come join us @BlizzardCS and http://www.youtube.com/user/BlizzardTutorial. Our Youtube page contains very useful how to, troubleshooting, and account security videos, check it out :)
   Best regards,
   Game Master Vorria
   Customer Services
   Blizzard Entertainment
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why do customer support reps use the stupidest names?

it's like they are rolled akin to the way they roll names for items in diablo.

getting auto-replies is a complete smack in the face and shows how little blizzard cares.
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