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25% Movement Speed Cap...

What is game breaking about letting someone get a 36% movement speed off of 3 items? This IS NOT game breaking, would ALLOW for a few new build tactics and yet Bliz decided to give it to the players YET again...

These absurd caps and constant nerfing just makes this game no fun. There's no tool tips that say "Caps at 25%"... So you let us blow our gold on items that we will have to try to resell for what we bought them for... all because of some superficial cap on a nearly vanity stat like movement speed.

25% and "fast" mobs still can chase me down as my wiz unless I'm constantly using teleport with the illusionist passive. This is stupid Bliz... Un-nerf movement speed.
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Probably to keep people/bots from farming the content too quickly. Another design decision due to the game having an AH.
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09/17/2012 11:02 PMPosted by CountFury
WD has horrify

Pfft, hahahaha

Also Storm Armor: Scramble.
And Teleport: Anything.
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lol, movement speed is for every class except wizard, because everybody else can get more movement speeds from their buffs.
Barb has Sprint, DH has tactical advantage, Monk has Way of the Falling Star, WD has horrify, what does wizard have?

wizard have storm armor-scramble... lol.. i don't know if its viable (for more people) in 1.05 (it may be.). right now you need to have some super godly 200k dps archon build to use storm armor scramble.
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I think the 25% cap is there for performance issues. When my monk reaches 59% with Fleet Footed and Tailwind, rubberbanding sometimes occurs. Same with my DH using Tactical Advantage.

And movement speed is definitely not a vanity stat when you're farming.
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Remember, Blizzard doesn't want you to "dodge" attacks. Having high movement speed would allow you to dodge more attacks. I'm too lazy to dig out the quote.
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Tyrael's Might, Lacuni Bracers, 12% boots, Inna's pants, Flavor of Time, and the 12% movement ring (forget the name).

You'd be traveling at warp speed and break the Diablo 3 time continuum sir. It just isn't going to happen -- the counsel has ruled.

72% movement speed would be pretty gnarly to see though I've got to admit.
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Runs like the Wind with more speedo !!
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I didn't know that there is a cap. So how does that work? If I use hurricane, don't I get additional %40 movement speed? How about the berserks %20 over the %12 I got from the boots?
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It would allow other classes to keep up with Jay's Barbarian. Couldn't have something like that in the game.
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I can get 25% from gear, 5% from mantra of evasion, 10% from fleet footed, 15% from way of a hundred fists and 25% from tailwind.

That makes 80% if I can stack them all. Now, I don't know if I can, but I've done 25% gear, 25% tailwind with 10% fleet footed for 60% movement speed while I channel through 250 spirit worth of tempest rush, allowing me to get to the next group of mobs to regen spirit.
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My zon in D2 had 250+ FRW because of 1.09 charms / GG gear. DESYNCH and out running guided arrows FTW. Just shows another reason why D3 sucks compared to D2. All these nerfs and caps make this game bad.
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Tyrael's Might, Lacuni Bracers, 12% boots, Inna's pants, Flavor of Time, and the 12% movement ring (forget the name).

You'd be traveling at WARP SPEED AND BREAK DIABLO 3 TIME CONTINUUM SIR. It just isn't going to happen -- the counsel has ruled.

hahahaha!!!!! that was so hillarious you shouldn't be allowed to type :D I just spilled my freaking hot tea on my crotch, but laughing still...ouch! >.<
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I was really hoping they would raise the cap too (how about to 36% at least?). It's a waste that many legendary items have the movement speed increase that can't be utilized if you are capped.
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I honestly don't want them to raise the cap because then I would further feel like I'd have to have max MS at the expense of better rares that don't have MS. I'd take crit lacuni bracers but they are mad expensive >.> TBH I don't really like my tyrael's might. I have 2 much better rare chests.
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my DH with Tactical Advantage shows 99% movespeed in game
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Yet another I N S A N E L Y bad design decision. How has your main game mechanic designer been with alcohol usage lately ? Do a blood test. As employed in the field of game development and design - I can definitely tell something is very wrong.

I looked forward to having 36% Movement speed and thus I happily spent 35 mil of hard-earned gold through farming to buy an item with the 12% extra (tyriel's might if ur curious), then when I noticed no increase I googled it and VOILLA - there seems to be a cap !! For NO apparent reason ! Silly me ... what the f*ck was i thinking ...

Gratz blizzard ! Not only you can't fix gold bots, duped items and just plain class balance, but you also purely intentionally screw with people. First and last time you get my money. Hopefully I can sell my account and get atleast some back ...

@DoomBringer - You see, accurately computing mesh collisions between monster weapon and character during an animation playback is costly indeed, and only a monkey with half a brain in blizzard upper management/producer land will decide to have something like that, since it will reflect on server usage costs quite a lot.
Instead, they use the familliar hit box and flag an attack as such during the brief nanosecond you enter that hit box. From the on, regardless where u end up - you get hit. Saves Blizzard a f*$kton of cash and completely discourages players to do good micro to evade attacks.
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Blizz raise the cap to at least 36% !!!
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