Diablo® III

High DPS farming group (70kDPS +)

09/23/2012 12:34 AMPosted by Asmodeus

Another DPS junkie without any LoH or life leech - all elite groups should have reflect imo :)
Exchange the emerald in your weapon for an amethyst or change other equip to get Loh/leech and you might drop a little DPS but will survive far better.

I reply to a high dps farming group thread, make a comment about reflect (EVERY high dps player gets caught out once in a while) and you feel I need lessons on survival? Wait a minute.. There are gems other than Emeralds?!
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09/23/2012 02:39 AMPosted by Tryanno
There are gems other than Emeralds?!

Actually, you are right - better upgrade those emeralds and you might make it into the top 2,000 in the world as far as DPS goes.
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count me in. my dps is 210K upbuff, full buff can reach to 350K. BTW, i am ww barb. so run very efficient
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Feel free to add me, pro Barb here. Australia represent ^.^

Sheldor#1779 is my tag
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I liek wiz !

Full Legacy nats - 217k dps no SS
37.6k Hp

Add me
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170k dps
60kish hp

throw barb
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I am in Canberra, so cold :((((

Top 500 player is waiting for you :))
Edited by Lordsimida#6913 on 9/24/2012 8:07 AM PDT
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Wow, so many awesome aussies around.

Well I have an awesome a3 run to contribute to the cause.

reqs sent.
Edited by substandard#1378 on 9/24/2012 2:15 PM PDT
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Thankyou so much for the awesome fun this morning Sub!
So modest... you're defintely not substandard ^^
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Excellent just what been looking for. Is there a vent/Mumble server that you are using?

72k DPS DH
Gloom >> reflect
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im living in Adelaide, bored playing in public which always made me carrying some ppl throughout the game.
i only do 170K dps buffed archon which can sweep like almost everything in coupla secs, so add me up if you are still looking => juggerking#1542
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100k unbuffed wizard, Might purchase witching hour tonight to push me up to 110k. Chuck me an invite in-game, at work atm but I'll be on tonight/the whole weekend. Reflex#1805
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Im keen to join. base dps is 100k, with ss 297k
please add nitronium#6160

Just hit 100k without ss.
Edited by Nitronium#6160 on 10/5/2012 5:29 AM PDT
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add me

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WW brab


want to be ready for 1.0.5 farming, if anyone interested please add.
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keen add me too:

D a n g e r M o u s e # 6 2 9 4

DPS:105K / buf: 155K
HP: 40K

two handed sword play
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Hi can you add me to? 75k dps Monk with WKL so in reality 90k dps

I also have 3% lifesteal and 1k LOH so I won't die running mantra of conviction and overawe.

Edited by Soujiro#6702 on 10/6/2012 4:38 AM PDT
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Also anyone in this thread please feel free to add me for runs , I'll accept. Have sent out a few requests too.
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Added a few people :) - Cheers
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110kdps no buff DH.
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