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Leoric's signet farm log - Finally!!!

13 Orc Warrior
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found a 30% while leveling my HC witch doctor. did not expect that
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For fast killing get Fire Walkers then just run thru mobs, its what trail of cinders was before they nerfed it.
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Just found my Leroic's Signet! :D

I started farming today, late at night. After 6-7 runs and about 2-3 hours spent I got it. I had 1 stack with NV and I found the ring at Road to Alcarnus.

The route I took was. Starting at Road to Alcarnus, normally 1-2 elites there, always 1. Heading over to Black Canyon Mines, same there 1-2 champs/elites. After that I took the sewers, again the same, 1-2 champs/elites. After that I walked from Path to the Oasis up to Dahlgur Oasis. Clearned the whole area, skipped teleports etc. Took some quests aswell if I was mising NV for some reason.... After that I took the WP to Desolate Sands, cleared the whole area went to VotA when I found it, cleared VotA, inside there it's usually 5-10 champs/elite packs. Really effective way to find legendaries. [Here's a heads up!] In Desolate Sands, around the middle of the area. There is a "spiral-way" thingy that leads up to a guy standing there, can't remember if he is chained or something. When you've talked to him he stands next to some stone that you can click on. If you click on it, it opens up a portal to some treasure chamber. When I went inside it, I found some mobs and 2 Resplendant Chest, really nice way of getting those legendaries without wasting time. I don't know if all agrees with me, but I love Resplendant Chest! :D
When you've cleared Desolate Sands, TP home to town, restart!

The other legendaries I found was: 1 Head, 2 Daibo, 1 Belt, 1 Bow, 3 Chests and 1 Polearm.

Dont know the names of the legendaries since I havn't unidentified them yet.

  • By the way!
  • After the third or forth run I went to the auction house and purchased MF gear. Since you're farming on normal you'll oneshot everything even thou with full MF gear. With all 5 NF stacks I had 475% Magic Find. I can't say it helped since I found more legendaries with my normal gear, but I got the ring when I had the MF gear on ;D

    I hope this little "guide" helped you out, I hope you get the ring soon! :)

    Over and out!
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