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Rate the Monk above you

Nice full inna setup. 2.2% lifesteal really hurts though.

@azakiah I'm working on it!! lol takes me a while to save up gold..

Very nice dps but your ehp looks like it could use a tweek or two.

Very good start man, you are on your way. My advice would be keep crafting gloves for a trifecta roll then work you way to Ammy.
Is time to use other weapons without EF and maintain 200 dps!
@ ManUnited Almost elite status so very hard for me to advise. Inna's pants can be improved with a 9% att spd roll. Same for your belt, it can go to 9% att spd.. Ring and ammy can be improved but it will cost heaps. Very nice build, 8.5/10.

Switch out your ammy (consider crafting one) and you'll get even further with DPS
@oldman54, Yes, will try make it!

Nice ehp. Good balanced monk. I'm assuming u just want to increase ur dps while keeping ur ehp. Like me, u could do with a better crafted amulet and bracers. I do have bracers with higher dex and crit chance but no where near the same sustain stats. Still crafting away.

A mempo for the both of each will be nice but I don't wanna blow a billion on it just yet.

Try to get a better vile or shoulders with 240 + dex. Witchin could have higher dex.

I use EF cause I love herding though I have yet to fully master it like some real pros out there.
@ manu

I rmbr u from the other thread. Haha! Solid monk man. Gd luck with the pants!
^ nice monk fatality, Kind of like how im building mine. I rock the skorn on mp7+, im a bit squishy but i like my masssive WOL crits. Sunday mass time anyone?
@onedsntsmply very nice monk my man! Your gear is awesome, only thing I guess I can say is get an improved witching hour! Other than, great stuff!
@JustinMo upgrade your belt to a witching hour and u will be on your way

HAHA lol!!! I love you monk's name :P I must say you have some nice crafts as well and an excellent monk.

I see the largest possible upgrade in the shoulders from fire res to AR (slowly dropping OwE?), though in crafting you might lose a bit of dps for that ehp. If you want to get a more dps, then go for a high vit Inna's pants, then you can drop the vit get and swap in a dex one, plus a 9%ias pants. unfortunately that's all gold >.<

8/10 ^_^

time to get urself a pair of new shoe mate

nice monk shaky 8.5/10

time to get urself a pair of new shoe mate


I'm not sure if I want new shoes tbh. I just bought them and they cost a bomb lol :)
(Not a Nat's fan, that's all)

<who ever is next, don't rate me>
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Solid monk on route to end game gear!


EDIT: @Shaky use it when I do ubers so i can tank the SK walk better and Sieges barrage. Same reasoning for LOH Litany. =)
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captain playing ard with his gear again. whats with the belt?

yeah i try breaking up innas but i cant play with out it. Your monk is absolutely amazing. I can farm mp6 with no problem with my low life steal. by the way your monk is great!!

amazing gear, but why no EF? or black damage Sword?
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