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Rate the Monk above you

@ Deathroyalty

You look pretty solid to me. Your Witching Hour just looks funny to me. You got more intel than dex, that's all.

I know I'm terrible, need more Vit amongst other things. Trying to find a couple 900+ dps one handers to dw with. 2h is slow for me.
@D3JT, very good a arcane monk, but CC and CD is not higher enough.
@manUnited nice looking monk...just missing that crit mempo
@ BlackSide

Your gear is crazy good (not the best I've seen but still great)
is Mentra of retribution viable or is it just for the AS?

Posting here because I need some advice. I didn't want to create a new thread.
I want higher DPS but I don't have much gold (20M)
The reason why I have so much HP compare to DPS is because of the set bonus from BELT and also my weapon has VIT.

I am planning to get a WH belt but can't seem to find anything cheap (note none of my gear cost more than 6M by itself so when I say cheap I mean less than 10M)

I also need weapon upgrade but the one hand weapon seems too expansive. Should I switch to Skorn? I never liked slow weapons.

get a unity ring you should be able to get one for less than 20m and get a good dps upgrade and some loh.

@labrat, I don't understand the unity. Are you wanting to eventually stack bonus to elites or something? Other than that I would keep going on upgrading your crafted items. 6/10.

As for me, I am a TR monk working on getting a LS skorn. Let me know what you think.
TT, with your low crit chance, have you thought about trying a ruby in your weapon instead? It's guaranteed base damage increase vs. the chance of crits. I always found it to be more stable when I was doing TR builds.

Other then that, work on a HF ring with crit/average damage if you want to build upon that current setup.
@Arcto Great monk, I really can't see anything that could possibly improve it unless you can find similar pieces with more vit.
Jesus. 76% IAS must be a really fun thing.
get nat boots/ring for the 7% crit
get a two set innas pants/chest or pants/helm
you can craft better gloves,ammy,shoulders,bracers

most of these will just give you straight out dps with some survivability its a grind to get there but keep it up and you'll be ok
@ ugrum

looks like a pretty young monk, so lots of improvement to be made!

however great start on the all res front - keep that going so you can drop OWE eventually it frees up a terrific passive slot for lots of different options

my best recommendation would be to sell that trifecta ring to a barb that can use it and use the gold to gear yourself into inna's pieces - really take your pick here - but probably chest/pants

also a strange combo of IK helm and boots to obtain the set bonus - not ideal, but not bad either.

craft, craft, craft - shoulders, glvs and amulet all should see easy upgrades inside of 50 crafts each.

GL and keep up the good work!
Awesome build!
psyoniz, I am not a TR build myself so I am deferring to your skill choices and so on. I assume at this point you should just continue to look for the upgrades necessary to increase your DPS and such.
Decided to start again with the 1.07 update, could use suggestions on new upgrades, my main build is usually a 1300+ dps skorn dps is just under 120K. Other combo I have is 2 high 950+ dps + crit fists with sockets.

turnkey1970 - looks like you're doing just fine
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to sell that trifecta ring to a barb

How much does it worth?
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@Mr Pink

I can't see the gear you are describing, but of the two options I'd go with DW. Unless you have good LS on your Skorn, you'll be limited to lower MP play.

Just wondering: How is it that you have such expensive gems in garbage gear?
@ azsnowstorm

nice build probably just better ammy and bracers, try crafting
So some completely arbitrary scores...


Looks good, I'd look to your rings and your helm for upgrades currently then the next big jump is likely to move away from the shenlongs into a CD EF and LS/CD black dmg weapon or two black dmg weapons. 8.7/10


Armor is a bit low which is driven by your low dex. I'd go ahead and try to craft some dex bracers and I'd prioritize CD over atk speed for now on some of your armor such as your ring. Also getting a CD EF in the 1050dps+ range at some point will make a big difference. 8.2/10

1 v strong monk. having some of the top items in e the game (ex: mempo, amulet), i suggest cont chipping of bracer and get some AR in it

just my 2 cent

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