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@FHvoids 9/10

Nice monk!

Nice build man, do you find 42k hp enough to farm on higher mp levels? I think I might spend some gold this weekend to get mine around that and just wanted to know how it works for you. But anyway great build.
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Excellent sustain, DPS, Dexterity but average Health pool. Get that up and increase DPS when you can. Solid monk you have there.


EDIT: I do not heed my own suggestions or lead by example as I also like to live....dangerously.
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nothing less from 1 of the top shenlong monk ard. 9/10

ur life is kind of low but i guess u r cooking something again
@ sp4z nice monk mate :D
@lameboi>>>nice monk, ill give u a 7.9 since u don't have a nats set, other than that u would be close to a 10
@Blackside, your monk looks pretty solid. Dual LS is more sustainable on higher MP. But I think your HP is too low, then dying rate will be increased on higher MP. Increasing it can make your EHP better, increasing the sustainability (8.8/10)
9/10. You can surely get a better temperance
I like your BoA Amulet D:

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great monk i like ur crafted items,you can try to get a socket ls ef next but that will cost aton,good dps and ehp

04/05/2013 08:27 PMPosted by Funk
you can try to get a socket ls ef

There is not much difference between a LS/OS and my CD/LS, only about max 14%CD - for a price of 700m excluding the marquise. To me is a no no unless I got it with +0.25APS and low fear.
I would say a better nats ring with chc. Pretty boss tho.
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You are pretty solid Monk. I'm appreciated your OWE free gear. Increased cc and cd will make your monk stronger. (9.1/10)
@hazazer, your profile info looks rare and strange which can't be reflected your gear. I think your gear pretty good. (9/10)

Good build, little low on resists but that is coming from a s/b monk. Nice vit pool so maybe look for a witching hour with life %?


One of the best ive seen considering your rocking a 1H and a shield.... way to be old school! Also one of the highest HP pools ive seen as compared to your DPS... most people at 175K-200K dps are 35-40K HP... you've got that well covered!

Nice job!

I have plenty of gears leading the resis up 600. In general, the monk always sitting at 550 to 610 around. The resist can be over 700 if i take the shield.

High HP, but lower dps. The is a main issue that you need to improve. (7/10)
@manunited 8.5/10 as others have said your innas pants is your next move
Rate Mine please
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