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Yup, still trying my luck on crafting a nice ammy. The only place I'll farm at MP10 is CotA, so at MP7/8, I kill pretty much within seconds, therefore, the fear is not so much of a problem, I almost able to hook with the sickle whenever the target is feared away, so I didn't really have to chase them down. In Co-op, depends on who I'm farming with, if that player is a hater of ef, I'll just use my fist of az. I'm still trying to get used to the fear, so I've yet to invest on one that's above average.

Edit: I have a tal chest in my stash, but my ehp drop by a huge amount if I swap out my current inna chest.
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Think you were skipped. Love how you keep ur 216 k dps dmg with a whopping 600 + k ehp! you probably dont need dual lifesteal at all.

I crave your mempo :) .

you could lose the 2 LS weapons and just up your dps to 200+ and you'll be perfectly ok in upper mp levels
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So we meet again Azakiah...

If your wearing your new Mempo 9.7/10 if not then ou are dead to me....


Edit: seems like I will have to pull a rabbit or should I say a quadfecta nats ring out of my Uranus to match yours. Good show ol' chap.
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@ captain

Holy cow dat hellfire!

@ azakiah

I hear u man :) got an older weapon to add on 30 k + dps. But Im lazy to run. Dual life steal means iI can probably stand on anything without moving other than an arcane center or stacked plague at mp10. Still I guess there are even better weapons out there.

v nice build good dps good ehp, try crafting some new bracers maybe

Shaky, great offense - that dps continues to climb. However, you need to get those hit points climbing too or you're going to turn into a glass cannon. 8.5/10

Nein, slight mishap there. Just realized I salvaged my good bracers by mistake.

Your jewelry could do with a bit of a boost dps wise. 7/10

.... dont know which one to rate. i will do both

weap with some natural chd will boost ur dps significantly

only thing i would suggest is nats set, but it seems you are not a fan of mempo or nats, other than this, pretty solid S/B monk


10/10 , you can go higher with new amulet and weapons

7/10 maybe grab a mempo or innas radiance for your headpiece... ur sacrificing a lot of EHP in those nats headgear
Sanity, You got a great looking monk there, Im new to monk so I would say you could start upgrading your gems a bit.

Pretty damned solid for a monk with fewer than 800 elite kills! I think the rare ring on your left hand is an easy opportunity for upgrade. A decent Hellfire ring would do the trick, or a rare with at least attack speed or crit chance in addition to the crit damage you've already got. If you can afford it, a crit chance Nat's ring would be awesome, as you could then pair it Nat's boots for the set bonus.

Aim for trifecta on the glove and ammy, increase your armor and HP. Nice seeing you dropping OWE for good. Just some minor tweak required. Good luck with crafting :)

Nice Monk. Have you ever tryed Innas with Skillbonus. This could give you the edge and some extra LL. VileWards could be replaced maybe w. new crafts. Maybe try some new passivs for more DPS. Good Luck!
Edelmuuk, can't see ya profile, i'll assume 5/10
@Azakiah, amazing monk with amazing items, 10/10, those items man... not even crafted shoulders and amulets...
@xinfanchen: Solid setup, nice crafting
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