Diablo® III

Rate the Monk above you

"Ip man, wingchun."

Most epic comment ever.

You could craft some better gloves, but if you wanted a real dps boost, I would suggest rings and an ammy that included +min/max dmg.

Severinze, you seem to be doing fine, id get innas belt to drop cost of sweeping wind and keep crafting to get better amulet and gloves. Good luck man.
Pretty good monk would get 100 percent gems in and get some trifecta to increase your oeverall damage

OMG Atrazine, your dps is amazing, great job. I have a lot of work to do obviously. Thanks for the advice.
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You are a glass cannon.
170k unbuffed is decent dps but you won't do any damage if you are dead.

Your barb is a glass cannon too.
And don't buff before logging out, you are only fooling yourself.
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Nice setup. A bit more CD will do the trick and nice AR on your HF.

Solid Monk all around.


the only thing you could raide is to get more dext on WH

nice build man, hard to upgrade something on this !!!!
Overall solid monk, not too sure about the maras as a monk ammy though.My suggestion is start gearing away from OWE. Im in the process of getting rid of my cold resistance but it will be worth it being able to have two open passive slots.

an end product of a monk, great balanced of dps+ehp. i love ur shoulder, its has all my dream stats dex/vit/phy res/AR, hope i will get 1 of those soon.

if there is anything i would like to change i think will be a nata ring w CC, other then that "u r the monk"


More intel would be nice :)
@ RealDX

Nice trifecta gloves you crafted. Just gotta find that nat's crit ring to bump your DPS. Overall, balanced monk.

your DPS is on the right track now you might work on getting some AR..
@D3JT could use some tweaking. more crit dmg would help alot. 4/10
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Wow, your setup is fantastic! the only change that I would even consider is changing your Unity for IAS over the crit dmg, as you already have lots.
@abb1 you trying to drop my dps lol not trying to drop my dps 4-5k. my unity is very nice. IAS unity would be bad for me
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@Smokymkpot pretty good idk what to upgrade
@abb1 you trying to drop my dps lol not trying to drop my dps 4-5k. my unity is very nice. IAS unity wiold be bad for me

@Smokymkpot,Hey, either way I would drool for your setup, just with 5.1 % life steal, I would opt for higher IAS at the expense of 1.8% - 2% DPS loss.
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nice DPS already now slowly work your AR a bit and try to drop OWE if possible! either way your doin a fantastic job! 8/10
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@abb1 yea but i a good ias. so dps will give me more return on health
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