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Rate the Monk above you

@Nheysanity you might want some more AR considering you dropped OwE
That's basically it

Nice monk you have there :) I see potential in crafting vit bracers for yourself as an upgrade (or dex if you want that dps push) and also cool to see the addition of bells :P

8/10 (cos there's always room for imporvement ;P )

Awesome monk, I dig. 8.5/10. Any upgrade is gunna be spendy.
@Handgestures, change out those bracers. With a bit of luck crafting, easily pick up 10-15K dps Otherwise good all round Monk. 7/10

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@ !@#$%^-*!@er,

Have you tried to use Nata's set for additional CC?
Plus a ruby in your MH, you're not using Bells - would it not be better to emerald up?

Overall, Nice S&B build. 8/10

If you get the mats together craft a decent ammy, shoulders & Bracers. It should bring your DPS up significantly. If you get into some decent gold upgrade those weapons to high 900's-1k OS/CD/LS if possible. All around 7/10.
I give you 6/10
Need more cc on gloves
Need better amulet
Need Dex/vit nats boots

But you have a nice toon

11/10 if that's you unbuffed dps... (non hc toon)

Crazy marquise, all day.

My monks want to grow up to be your monk.
Just got back into the game. Stopped right around the time I needed 900 resist all to survive and have been trying to re-gear. Any tips would be useful thanks in advance

1. find weap with ls, in your case loh should be more effective
2. find chest with sockets., u know what to do with them
3. improve on belt, gloves. pants, pretty much everything, you can easily find upgrade on these things.

man, there are 200 ways to improve your monk.. :P

Uhhh... I can't find anything wrong with that gear.
But combination strike, with only one generator? Hehehe, 9.9 :)

Monks using only 1 weapon are really hard to find with over 200k dps good job out there!!!

it's also really hard to find anything to change.. i'd go with more block chance on shield but it's not necessary

also i'd go with a weapon that has dexterity on it

9/10!! excellent monk. One day I'll get to that level.Do you really need OWE with 600+ AR?

P.S.: My unbuffed is 158K DPS.
@scud 7/10 I think that ammy could use some work. I like your nats helm--haven't seen monks use them that often. Props for ~160k without EF!
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@Anita try get a nats with cc would get you a bit closer to the 200k Mark overall a good character 8/10

Please don't tell me I need a nats set I am trying to hit 200 k without it I know it can be done oh and I have a new ammy just bought haven't put it on yet

nice monk..

thunderclaps is far superior to any other primary for the cyclone build.. has 2x hits and best proc rate and awesome mobility.

i feel you could see huge benefits to stacking ias on as many slots as you can..

when you have 100m+ look for avg damage CC natalia ring and matching boots recommend duel res with OWE choice res they dirt cheap these days with 190dex..

otherwise nice WKL ofc you need better gems but that can wait.. unfair how emeralds are so pricey huh.. nice crafts in general

just short on IAS i think.. you need to get those cyclones in play so dont settle for anything less than max CC on those slots too.

edit: ooh we are doing out of 10's im gonna give you 7 :D

consider this "side-grade" grab a high vitality temperance they are cheaper than the dex one and will allow you greater dexterity on other pieces..

and my monk http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/juniorRC-2189/hero/2691176

2nd edit: rofl i told you to get natalyia's haha.. for 200k in that case look for rings and amulet with multipliers not main stat. the dexterity from your other crafts and paragon levels will amplify these items effectivness. you should ask yourself do you want 200k with 2kk edps or 3kk edps?
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A nice monk. could use better gems and could craft better shoulders fairly easily.

Rate me?
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try getting mo vit and AR items w/o sacrificing much of your DPS
yeah new gems would bag me a whole lotta dps with my cc.. dunno wats the price of green gems in us but in eu they incredibly pricey atm.. kinda need my gold for trades atm i just invested 400m in avg dmg bi fecta rings.. hopefully they flip well and i can spare some gold for marques gems..

ok Audiophreak i'll rate yr monk..

dunno wats going on with your skills.. you experimenting right? dunno wat to say there tbh

as far as gear goes i may be of some help..

both your rings are very improvable.. the nats might be expensive tho. for the rare as i said i been buying up bi fecta's in europe so i know you can get a good upgrade there for cheap. go 35avg dmg 8ias and 5+cc, then pick a resistnace. you could get a good eDPS for as little as 5m.

you kinda want the same for your nats but that will cost 200m+

there is 100vit missing from your temperance in my opinion.. also pick some up on those nat boots.

most of your slots that roll cc are not maxed out.. ofc there is room for improvement here..

i like your weapons particularly your main hand..

solid monk you have there ^^

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