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Rate the Monk above you

Suggestion on MP? =) I have been doing MP2 but Im afraid that Im not able to get rid of elites in higher MP. Sorry for not rating as Im really new here

you have a lot of work to do for sure.

i'd start by getting some inna's pants + inna's chest for the dps boost it will give you.

I'm not %100 sure, but I think getting a +.25aps echoing fury in your offhand would more than offset the loss of the set bonus and do wonders for your tornado proc'in.

obviously you need more vit but pretty understandable as you progress with your paragon level! but pretty solid so far!
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Slick weapon and nice Inna's AR gear. Probably continue to craft some of your items to get better rolls bout overall solid DPS with SOJ. Bump up your Life pool a bit more.



Excellent monk not much more room for improvement without spending hundreds of million and anything would be really nit picky. Not need to strive for perfection cause that is the first step to failure. Onward and upwards!

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thanks fellow pinoy monk! right on! most of the upgrades cost a bunch and my budget is too tight nowadays! lol

well your monk is pretty solid and unique! i just wanna see that in action and learn from it!
your monk is my new hero nheysanity. i wouldn't change a thing bud
I know it's expensive, but you need some lifesteal, @turnthewin. Your ability to survive in higher MPs is dependent on that.

@solo, Playing around with builds right now, that's why I don't have tempest rush in there. It is definitely my normal MO for low MP farming. I just hit 60 a couple days ago on the monk :)

The gloves took a LOT of tries on my DH to get that role, but I still consider myself lucky :)
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@ Seeyle

Pretty sure your glove roll is better than my own, super nice pair there. You've apparently had great success with crafting, Congrats! I'm not a fan of 2H builds on monks, I wonder why your not skilled for Tempest rush?

Looks like you've got tons of room for improvement!

7/10 (Skorn penalty) :D

life % on vile wards instead of strength, but the 180 armor from it might be just as good.

CD on ammy instead of cold resist and more AR

AR on rings instead of CR.

Is lacunis/rare ring/ice climbers better then nats/BOA bracers?

grats on dropping OWE! feels good right? lol

well we have the same dilemma on getting better gloves and bracer... been crafting all week but tough luck
Thanks, but i'm still using it until I get resist all on gloves/amulet
Someone please help me break this 60k DPS..... PLEASE?
03/19/2013 03:26 PMPosted by Smotpoker
Someone please help me break this 60k DPS..... PLEASE?

many things you need to work on.
nat's boots and ring are pretty useless unless you have CC on the ring... swap the ring out for something with CC and AS, and change the boots for a decent ice climbers for more vit and res (double res)
swap both of your weapons. get 1 high dps, high CD (85%+) weapon (doesn't need a socket), and another , ~980 dps, with a socket, LS, and like 500 LOH....
you need more dex and CD. change your pend for a high CD, 8%+ CC, and high dex one.

aaahh, man.. there is just soooo much to work on.
crit dmg is needed. all that CC with no CD is useless.. and a lot more dex. i spent less than 20m on a monk and got it with like 120k dps
Overall, nicely geared monk with high dps of 190k unbuffed. My concern would be your lack of overal resistance, which I would put you as under 500, with only 2.8%LS....I would try to add in some LoH through replacing the amulet or hellfire ring as well as look into similar gear with higher resistance or lightning/all resist combos...yes, it'll be expernsive to make that happen while keeping your current stats. I can certainly imagine you steamrolling most mobs and elites in MP10, but likely encounter trouble with molten, arcane, poison elites that freeze you or wall you. Your slower attack speed might not sustain you enough with 2.8LS when toe to toe with such a elite mob.
Otherwise, I'm jealous of your dps =)
@jase....yup looking for an upgrade on those but will cost a fortune.....alos looking to upgrade my iceclimbers.....

@kennelmaster nice monk there.........good ls and loh.....now you need a little rise in cc....probably mempo with cc or ammy with little higher cc
8.5/10 for ur monk.....
@pravin, on the plus side - very good ehp and have also moved away from OWE. However, on the negative side both critical chance and critical damage need a boost. 6/10

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@!@#$%^-*!@er: Nice to see a S&B monk and still have massive dps :)
3/10 , your gear needs a total overhaul, although the rare ring is pretty nice . and the shoulders are godly.

Try craft more shoulder and glove with AR on them overall well build
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