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Where did you find your legendary plans?

Hey guys, I've farmed a lot and found a lot of different items, but oddly enough I have never found a legendary plan.

Where did you guys find yours? I'm assuming Act 3, but was it an elite, treasure chest, goblin, mob? I'm curious if it really drop from anywhere or if there are certain trends. Thanks!
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Before 1.0.4 hit, my buddy found 'Sage's Wisdom' in the 'Halls of Agony' in Act 1 Inferno.
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I am with you, I have never found a legendary item. A guy gave me one early on in my play, but I outgrew it's benefits.
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I think a white mob may have a chance to drop legendary plan, cuz I got a Windforce from a white mob in A3.
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Unending War
sewers act2 nightmare
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I've found 16 legendaries total, 11 after 1.0.4 and not a single one of them was a plan.
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Robes of Rydraelm - Fields of Slaughter in act 3 inferno
Rozpedin's Staff - Arreat Crater 1 in act 3 inferno

Both off white mobs im pretty sure.
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224 play hours and not 1 legendary item / plan

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Act 3 Hell, Battlefields in a game with friends :D
Star Apex (?, German "Sternspitze"), xbow

A friend found a plan for a complete set in said area, Foundry 1
Can't remember the name, sold it for 4 mil
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Found only one plan so far, pre 1.0.4, which is a Ashera's Set plan. It was dropped from the very first white mob I killed at Act 3 inferno, almost missed that drop.
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I have a lot of game played hours, but never ever was able to find one legendary plan, all i have is from the AH, could be this a bug, or i just have very very bad luck?
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I have found hundreds of legendaries and never a legendary plan.
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I have found 2. One was for a level 50-something mace in Act 4 nightmare and Earthshatter plans in Act 4 Inferno while doing Nekerat runs. The Earthshatter plans sold for about 10mil.
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still looking
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in over 700 hours played ive only found 1 legendary plan.. it was before 1.04

Firebrand in act 2, the treasure of sankis or whatever its called, it dropped out of the chest you pop before sankis comes out.

I sold it for 2m, a few days later 1.04 came out, and they were selling for 64m .. o.O

I was actually wondering about this the last few weeks, other than that one i have never seen another drop, or had anyone i've grouped with find one while playing with them. None of my friends have ever found a legendary plan so I'm not sure whats up with that
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While playing a level 60 wizard I got 1 legendary item..magefist...100 plus hours

With my barb i just rended my way through the A3 battlefield ...came out with unending war plans and a Stolen Ring...pffft!!!

all in normal
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With hundreds of play hours and over 50 legendary drops, i have never goten a plan =(
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the legen plans only drop from AH. LOL
got a hallowed defenders in SC from act4 MP8 keywarden run. way back. havent see any from HC yet.
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