Diablo® III

any other regen monks out there?

necro-ing this thread!

how is everyone progressing?

i'm at 3471 life per second, before mantra
922 resist all before mantra
about 44k dps with room to improve my crit damage by 50% by simply upgrading gems.

my next goal is a vile ward and better boots. this should put me at the 4k life per second mark.

how are you all going???
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I mix life steal with life regen. Works well at my DMG output
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douchking, is that for real????!!!!! how the heck does your damage say 422k???? surely that caaaan't be right??????? what the heck?!?!
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Its 208k unbuff but I buff up before sweeping wind so I can lock in that DMG for sweeping wind and lifesteal
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10/06/2012 07:55 PMPosted by douchkingxtr
Its 208k unbuff but I buff up before sweeping wind so I can lock in that DMG for sweeping wind and lifesteal

With that snapshot mechanic, it only resets if SW completely dies off right? So if you keep it up by spamming the skill the damage stays high?
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Yeah that's what I do
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i do the same with my blinding flash before SW too. i'm not using BOH though. i use SSS instead - as my second Serenity; and serenity i use with the bulk heal rune. with the two of them, i never get hit by frozen, or get crowded in by monsters. it gives me a couple seconds (1.5?? does anyone know?) of invincibility which lets my life regen heal me up, plus keeps me off too many stacks of desecrator, plague pools, or molten. man, how i hate molten.

some monsters molten is ok with this much regen, i barely feel it at all, but some monsters' is just a bit too much. dart in, do some damage, circle out again, rinse repeat.
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everyone report in! how is everyone progressing???
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