Diablo® III

average player group...we need a group too

Anyone on now looking for a few runs? Add me! Balanced DH, 70K no SS, 400+ resist.

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I'm up for this too. Feel free to add me - bort#1217
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I'd like to join. My gear is above average though. I actually like to pick up blues and vendor everything so my play style isnt really suited for fast farmers.
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this has een great so far...just played in first game and it was tons of fun...already learned how to improve my uild...I will add all new players tomorrow...if I miss anyone please send me a message in game...good night...Jerry
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So let me get this right.... This is a group of average build DHunters. Preferably 30 and above, takes time farming, not worried about stats and just having fun in a casual environment???? Then I be your man!!! LOL... Been looking for you guys for quite some time now.... Happy to see you guys exist... Please add me shingO#6442.
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can i tag along with you guys? :)
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Remember if you add me it's better for you to initiate the run and msg me as I have a large friends list that's hard to keep track of.
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add me to this group, am only mid 20s but enjoy playing when i get spare time, 2 jobs really sucks up the hours though, not a brilliant DH, 43k Life, ~650 all resists & about 30k DPS, but am slowly creeping through A4, just building up some gold for repairs against Rakanoth, haven't taken him on, but i know that 30k gold isn't going to be enough :s

Edit: Am willing to help people through earlier acts/difficulty levels, I promise I won't call anyone a noob, as I am one myself :p
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Nice to see that someone started a group like this. I'd like to do some runs with you guys. Might not be on much till the weekend but add me spittle#1971. Looking forward to meeting up with you guys online.
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I'm an Aussie who plays casually, you can tell from my gear and skills that I'm no elite player. Definitely be interested in hanging out with other like minded players who are here for enjoyment, not to be "teh uber leet" guy with the full set of Nats.
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Add me up... ^^
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Hi guys, all my friends stopped playing, and I'm bored of playing alone as well. I'm a casual player who plays a few hours a day and would like to farm, trade, and chat with fellow DHs. Add me!
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I like the idea, count me in, casual player only due to work and family. I have been helping out others, even the one's I just meet in game, since I finished inferno already. Just add me jeo#6404, I play on weekend mostly and I have different heroes also to give more diversity on the party, all of them are average though but good enough to finish solo.
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Hi guys, add me EJALZ#6972..Am average also..love to play with u guys..
No prob in act 2 except belial..(Comfirm death..suck at dogding the mortar).
Act 4 is so-so unless i play with good barb, monk or wizard..
I usually online around 6am PDT on weekdays and anytime on weekends...
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This sounds fun, add me in as well. Nephilim#1421
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I'll group with anyone. It's fun playing with others after soloing so long.

A few things.

When I need to sell, I wait until after a big fight/finding a new way point ect and announce what I am doing first.

Find out who the " leader" is, and make sure you follow him.

That's about it :)

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im down for this, usually play a few hours a day after work and or when i have free time, feel free to add
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I will add all new members when we are back up and running until I am full and then maybe someone else who has room will keep adding others...did any of you ever see the movie...Revenge of the Nerds...growing up a nerd I loved it...if you haven't seen it, it is worth seeing...I sometimes feel like this amazing and fast growing group is revenge of the average player...LOL...does anyone know if VOIP is possible with this game?...like D&D...it would a great dimension to my enjoyment if we could talk as we play...I would like very much to get to know each of you on a more personal level..of course this only applies to those who are interested...now I will show you my ignorance...my first game question...what is stacking?...I told you I was stupid...the original Diablo was my first computer game and why this game is in my genes...don't see myself totally quitting...unless they do a stupid patch like in D2...after I could never level up again playing solo...LMFAO...I'm shuffalin off for awhile...jerry
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This is a great idea. Feel free to add me: Nightfellow#1753

I went back to playing my DH after playing my Wiz since last patch. My wiz is further progressed than my DH, but I like farming Act I a lot due to the lack of stress. Once I save up to get some great gear, then I'll try to progress a little.

I play a lot (especially weeknights) but I don't have a hardcore-gamer attitude. I'm pretty laid back so farming runs in Act I with you guys would be great.
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I'll play with WHOEVER. and I'm always willing to give advice where it's needed and take criticism where it's called for. Lemme know. Oscar#1292
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