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average player group...we need a group too

My email for blizzard is my gaming email. Lulz.
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Definitely interested in this undertaking. I am part of the mid-tier DH players and would love to roll with fellow DH. Not too much time for playing unfurtunately as life tasks take precedence but usually evenings after kid goes to bed and we do not have quality time with my wife I play. You can sedn me invite or I will send yo an ivite. Either way I am in if you guys have not gotten too many people to cause overcrowding.
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Thanks for the game last night. Sorry if I was a little awkward in a multiplayer game in terms of following the right person or doing the right thing - it'll take me a few sessions to get the hang of it. After you guys helped me FINALLY kill Belial, I played Act III until I concluded the evening by getting clouded to death by Ghom. Looking forward to learning how to progress from "survivng" in Act III to farming it. Check my new thread on build tradeoffs for Act III and let me know what you think.
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Can I join you guys? I'm also just an average player and I play D3 for fun atm
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The DH old farts group is doing well :) How often do you get to game with a Doctor, Dentist, Engineer, and a retired guy lol? Had lots of fun gaming with you guys, hope others get in on the fun.
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I think the average DH group is a cool idea, add me too please?
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I think this is a great idea as well. Living in Australia though. Are all you guys from the US? Time difference might make gaming a bit problematic (with work and all). Oh heck, add me anyway ;)
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I am down for some grouping.

I think I am a mid-tier DH as far as gear goes, considering I do farm act III pretty easily solo.

I normally play during the day but I watch my 8 month old during this, so most of my grouping would be night/late-night (I play a lot around 11pm CST- 4am)

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Another mid 30's here. Hate the super fast go-go-go feel of random groups. I can run Act 3 decently solo, but would like to group also. Willing to help do any acts or bosses. As well as discuss builds.


Just let me know your from the DH forums.
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sounds good i'm in if you need a player,oh usa pfff
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Yay, finally found a group I can hang with. Please add me if you like, gpchampion#1850
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Sounds like this group fits me. Wouldnt know where i fit in the range of demon hunters but would love some help tweaking my dh for max fun in game!!!
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I'm waaaay below average, if that's okay.
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Hey man, add me at amarello#1413 and I'll run public games with you guys. :'D
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Mega glassy cannon here looking for an active group. Have Skype, willing to pick up Vent or TS, whichever suitable.

Just click my profile to add my battletag.
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This seems super interesting to me. I would very much like to join this if possible. add me and ill run with you guys. click on my profile to add my battletag. I have skype as well if that is an issue.
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If u guys ever need a pretty good tank DH(4500 armor, 80k HP, 820+all res, 1700LoH) u can add me, and if im avaliable i'll tank for you.

edit: Oh, and i have a good balanced gear too.
Though english isn't my native language i can use skype, ventrillo or TS.
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Fantastic idea. I'm definitely down for something like this. After reading most of the posts on this forum, I feel very underpowered. I haven't even beaten Act III on Inferno yet. Sticky has been requested :D
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ohhh this sounds fun! I always see threads where it says "looking for godly DH" or what not...i always wondered about us "regular" DH.

I'd love to join...add me please... Karina#1310
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I will join the group if u guys let me in (strive#6717)
I use glass cannon build, and not good anyway; so i would like to learn from u all
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