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Official Diablo 3 1.05 revision contents

Produced by the Blizzard release action Cosplay Games " Diablo 3 " upcoming revision 1.05, official except in official website published the defensive bonus damage to a series of changes and monsters, earlier today game director Jay Wilson and production team also particularly associated with Taiwan media for transoceanic telephone conference interview, for the game player reveals about " monster Vaillant ( Monster Power ) " and " Purgatory device ( Inferno Machine ) two system information.

※mentioned in this paper are all system of diaphragm, the official version on the line may also be changed.

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•choose difficulty, obtain the corresponding reward - Monster Vaillant system

Monster Vaillant system concept from the " Diablo 2 " in the " Players X" setting, let the game player can adjust the difficulty of the level.

In the " Diablo 3 ", game player before entering the game can be in the open level setting, from 0-10 to adjust the game's difficulty, here the number set higher and higher, the monster 's life and attack power will be stronger.

The official pointed out that, with better equipment and technology of game player, will be available in the monster Vaillant system to obtain a real challenge, but the reward is may fall more, and the quality is better treasure and gold reward, even the ordinary Boss monster may fall more than usual. In addition to game player in the increasingly difficult levels can also gain more experience, and then promote the top grade hoisting speed.

In particular, monster Vaillant system is not in a game in fine tuning, only in the open house set.

• through purgatory device made of account number binding strength ring

In order to make the game player in addition to the existing four chapters outside, but also to explore more mysterious region as well as a mystery, " Diablo 3 " coming in 1.05 out of purgatory device system, game player will have to be in the game world each corner, to find clues to the mysterious object, and then put together a challenge purgatory system method.

To challenge the purgatory device for game player, must reach level 60 are eligible to enter. The official pointed out, this copy would be a new architecture, although there will be no new Boss and monster, but it is the one and only baby wait for game player to explore, including in 1.05 new legend ring. Game player can be challenged many times repeated to obtain the equipment, but notable is, these items do not however account number binding, but also cannot trade, therefore more curious unique.

The production team that, in order not to destroy the game experience, the official will not reveal much about purgatory device information, so these goods location, acquisition method, copy of the entry method, the above details are still not open game.

•more about 1.05 content analysis and future change direction

In addition to the two system content presentation, the production team also after receiving the Taiwan media association to visit, following the consolidation report.

Taiwan media : the monster Vaillant part of the system, and the " Diablo 2 " whether there is any decisive difference?

The production team: in this part, before the game player can only rely on the instruction in achieving the operation, but in the " Diablo 3 ", we are increased by UI interface configuration, game player can clearly see the monster promoted many health and strength.

Taiwan media: on previous game player quickly reach the top level 100 feat, the production team react?

Producing team: This is a rare exception condition, we know that there are two tough game player relay cooperation to accomplish this goal, this is indeed consistent with us on some of the more crazy game player behavior prediction. To this, we have to mention 1.05 new monster Vaillant system. When why to join such a system, because some one week only play 2 to 3 hours of game player, they can spend a lifetime to complete the top grade 100 goal, so I hope can through this system, so there is no too much time at the game player, can also go to set himself to challenge, thereby winning more awards.

Taiwan media; many " Diablo 2 " elements of the game were added in the three generation, that like many old game player excited field PVP function is likely in the next revision to join in the game?

The production team; for part of the PVP, we cannot at present on the arena outside of the PVP content to disclose more information. But since mentioned PVP, here to clarify a point, that is that many online PVP arena content through DLC way to unlock is the wrong message, PVP arena will be in the form of Patch added to the game, absolutely do not need an additional collection charge.

Taiwan media : the game whether the short term for identifying items mechanism is accelerated or improvement?

The production team: we are currently have found this problem, although not identified a solution, but have in our list of pending work. Especially when 1.05 of the two new systems on the line, game player will get more items to be identified, and this is bound to spend considerable time in the identification of game player. The official pointed out that, at present equipment identified the problem involved quite a lot, so the production team is not certain they would introduce how to improve identification function.

Sources: http://gnn.gamer.com.tw/7/70817.html
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Sources: http://gnn.gamer.com.tw/7/70817.html
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'account binding strength equipment' ?

Can someone explain it..please

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