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Dont switch games, TL2 was hype

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09/21/2012 02:47 PMPosted by Chåsity
TL2 is for people that want to punch a loot pinata. That is about all it has going for it. The devs of TL2 even said as much. They didnt really do much to the game because they expect people to hack the crap out of it and make thier own mods. I guess some people like that.

about most gamers do now days i think your very behind in Gaming

If not being a snot nosed 12 yr old with ADD thinking he should get everything right away is behind in gaming then yeah thats me.
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09/21/2012 01:26 PMPosted by RandomHero
While I agree TL2 probably won't have the staying power of D3, I wouldn't really consider a loss of 20 dollars a "huge mistake".

I like TL. op needs to get over "losing" 20 bucks.
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yeah it's not that great, it just doesn't have that hook line and sinker feeling. i bought d3 and played almost 20hrs straight, TL2 was about 3 hrs then went back to farming

it's worth the $20 though imo, considering you can play offline so no more forum-browsing on maint days :x

i think once i hit cap and start playing with the mods it'll get me hooked, but not there yet and no rush
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You can still sell the game, even if it's on steam.

Just have someone give you the $20 dollars and gift the game away.
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Playing both right now. Tried a few classes in TL2 before I decided an embermage. The game is OK but I agree with the poster. It is lacking in a ton of areas, it is short and lacks punch in many aspects of the game. Some of it is cute and has a sense of humor however you never once feel like a bad !@#, progression feels slow even though the game is short.

I feel the game is very casual freindly if you want to be handed out loot and not really have that exciting challenge and intense moments. I am playing on epic mode from the start and don't feel that rush like i did when I finaly hit Inferno on D3 and found out how ramped uo it was.

I also really have aproblem with the loot in TL2. Every time I turned around I was handed a new epic or set piece where I had a entire bag of it. None of it seemed very earned or hard to get. There was no sense of reward either. Somehow there has to be an in between going from not getting an upgrade for several hundred hours to given multiple upgrades for everything at every turn.
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There was a free demo. I downloaded it, played it, and turned it off in disgust. I have my issues with D3 but all the issues I have are fixable. I enjoyed my first 300 hours of D3 and slowly lost interest to log in after endless act 3 farming with no upgrades in sight. However, I could not even enjoy 2 hours of TL2. I have played games with childlike graphics before and actually enjoyed them but this game felt way too clunky and awkward. The quest system was unappealing and the characters were just overall not fun to play. Definitely not a game for me. Which sucks because I was hoping I would like it so it would give me something to play again...
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But Diablo 3 kept my interest, that os the problem. Is it really a bad attitude to be into the second act and not feel like playing the game? You arte saying my opinion doesnt matter, but thats the problem, isnt it? If the game doesnt even motivate me to play some more, is it actually a good game.

Thats the real problem I am having, its not that the game is bad, I actually feel like im playing "more of the same". I do through Act 2 and im thinking "Hey I do the exact same thing in D3 and I already have a fully fleshed out character"

But like I said, I do intend to finish the game, but I dont see it getting any better if I am basically calling the game boring an Act in.

By the way, anyone who said the TL2 bosses were new and exciting, you need your eyes adjusted.

Fair enough. I think the motivation in each game is different, so while I like both, not everyone will.

In D3 my motivation was the gear, it's hard to find and some of the items are awesome.

In TL2 the gear is easier to find (especially with the gambler) so my motivation is the challenge.
With the New Game+ mode there is no cap on the difficulty. I can have the best gear in the game and I would still hit a brick wall eventually, and if you get bored of the acts, the random maps I mentioned have very interesting handicaps to make every time you sit down and play a different experience.
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HAHA I smell damage control, TL2 is better and everybody knows it.
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09/21/2012 01:26 PMPosted by RandomHero
While I agree TL2 probably won't have the staying power of D3, I wouldn't really consider a loss of 20 dollars a "huge mistake".

Since it supports user mods it'll probably have a lot longer staying power than D3.

By the way, does anyone else think of the Mighty Ducks movie when people say D3?
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Yeah if you need wiz bang ooooooo and ahhhhhh of a slick but seriously stripped down sorry excuse of an arpg and a dumbed down system that requires no decision making, stick to D3. Otherwise, there's a half dozen other NEW arpgs out there to exercise your freedom of chose. Enjoy LOOT ZOMBIES!

It would be in an insult to TL2 to compare d3 to it.
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09/21/2012 03:28 PMPosted by Jawaka
While I agree TL2 probably won't have the staying power of D3, I wouldn't really consider a loss of 20 dollars a "huge mistake".

Since it supports user mods it'll probably have a lot longer staying power than D3.

By the way, does anyone else think of the Mighty Ducks movie when people say D3?

nah, just a wistful tear in the corner of my eye and soul crushing disappointment.
TL2 restored my faith in the genre, as has GW2
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nah, just a wistful tear in the corner of my eye and soul crushing disappointment.
TL2 restored my faith in the genre, as has GW2

Well said....well said. You might like PoE as well. Talk about skill customzation.
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TL2 is better than Diablo simply due to the features and game design.

-side quests: i found myself wandering the zones to do side quests and dungeons. These side quests and dungeons often end up with bosses inside that actually drop loot. I felt like I was exploring a world and that isn't the feeling I get from D3.

-loot: the loot is better I don't care what anybody else says. Is it handing out too much loot? No. This is exactly how much loot you should have for a single player game or any other ARPG for that matter. Most of you are only 5hrs in, and haven't hit New Game +++ yet (equivalent of Inferno) so comments about loot and difficulty aren't valid.

The point about loot is that you actually get something nice to use at low levels and if you don't get something that's for your character, go farm for it.

-character customization: I like that most armor pieces are socketable and multi-sockets at that. Socketing is actually a serious decision because you want to augment your gear with the right stats. You can't pull gems out of sockets for free, you either sacrifice the gem, or the item. There's lots of different types of gems available, and that gives you a lot of options on how to customize your gear.

The skill trees I admit are bland but you do get a sense of character permanence and your own unique build. You do have a reason to play other characters which is a positive thing over Diablo.

-combat: I admit that D3's combat is more fun. It's got more punch to it than TL2. The problem with D3's combat though, is that it's tied to closely with the gear. That means all that fun gets sucked out when you don't have appropriate gear for the content. With the loot system at such a low point, you're not gonna find anything to progress and get to that level of mowing stuff down. That makes playing the economy required if you really want to get something done.

With TL2, due to it's non-reliance on gear, you can just mow stuff down and to me, that's a lot of fun. Gear is more of like a bonus so when you do get nice effects such as IAS and Crit dmg, it only enhances your experience which makes the game more fun. I don't feel bogged down by having bad gear.

-music: music is superior by far. The music in TL2 sounds like it should be in Diablo 3 LMAO

-various NPC features: we have a gem destroyer, and gem saver, which offers options and makes socketing items interesting. The enchanter gives our white items or green items value in that they can add affixes to the item for a fee (wish you had that in D3 huh?). Later in the game, we get a gambler so we can roll for random item outside of combat. Finally, there's an NPC that can add sockets or combine gems.

Overall, all of these NPC features should have been in D3 but wasn't. Instead, everything we have in D3 is bland. All the vendor is good for is selling items, repairing and buying dyes. The blacksmith is beyond useless. The jeweler has limited uses (making gems, removing gems). It's clear that TL2 offers more depth and variety in what you want to do.

-endgame: You get new game+ a few times over, and the difficulty increases with each game. There's an endless dungeon for you to do so you can get more loot and fight tougher monsters.
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I am going to use $20 buy gear in D3
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09/21/2012 01:21 PMPosted by Diosys
So I possibly made a huge mistake in buying Torchlight 2

I wont buy it anyway but since when is 20 bucks a huge mistake?
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If you're upset about the quality of a game thats been out 1 day, will have free DLC and costs $20, but fine with the mess D3 still is for $40 more...I suppose you're allowed to try to beg people to stay in the bad game that is hemorrhaging players to every other new release.
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So I possibly made a huge mistake in buying Torchlight 2. Being someone who saw a lot of merit in Diablo 3, I figured I would atleast check out what all the critics were thinking about Torchlight 2. I can tell you 5 hours into the game, in the middle of Act 2, that there is nothing greener over that hill. The game is not this intuitive gift that people were claiming it to be, in fact, the game is quite boring.

Its not that the game is bad, per se, its more that its nothing new. TOrchlight 2 builds on nothing, it offers nothing new to the land of ARPGs. It is simply there, and...yeah.... Its hard to praise it on much. It does give you a sense like you are earning loot, as I had actually completed a set 4 hours in. However, the set items themselves had bad stats and the 6% attack speed and 10% health increase was not worthwhile. It gives you the illusion that it rewards you by handing you set item after unique after set item, but if you look at those items, 95% of them were useless. When I turned it off after another 2 hour run, I realized the game had really built on nothing.

Its Diablo 2, with a different art style. The game rewards you by engineering your drops to be for your class. 90% of my drops you could tell were for an Embermage, except that, I was specced as a Melee Embermage and needed some warrior gear, that I couldnt find, meaning I could not get the damage mitigation I need and was basically a glass cannon.

Its nothing new and I assure you if you are still playing Diablo 3 at this point but may want to "try it" you arent going to find anything worth playing that anymore. Its a shame really, if I had a physical copy and the CD key id probably try to sell it to someone who wants it but Steam, yeah.... 20 bucks gone.

It just doesnt build on anything and is not worth switching games if youve committed 150-200 hours or more to characters your building up.

Who cares! Seriously who cares if people go and play a different game they enjoy and leave a game they don't enjoy. I mean seriously it's a game. Get over it.
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Yeah, the game is just nice, the gameplay is really boring comparing to Diablo 3, I'm playing on elite mode and everything does the same thing, every boss, every elite is the same fight, i doubt someone will spend even 100 hours on it.

D3 has some problemas, yes, but its gameplay is so perfect, so polished, the 4 affix elites just crush everything out there.
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