Diablo® III

[Mechanics] Monk Spirit Generators

--Current as of 1/30/2014--
Updated for 1.0.8

NOTE: The Reaper of Souls leaked patch notes suggest some major changes to monk spirit generators including adding Thunderclap's teleport to all runes of FoT!!

When we know more, I will be updating this thread to be more of a source of data and less a proposal for change.

Hello dear reader, unfortunately, I have a lot to say on this subject. Soooo...
Fist of Thunder:Thunder Clap/Quickening are the best spirit generators, all other generators should be enhanced to meet FoT's standards.

Actually want to read some stuff? Here goes!

I have been playing Monk since release. On day 1, ~10-15 minutes into my play I got my very first rune; Thunderclap.

Since that time, I have occasionally tried other spirit gens, but nothing compares.

This is a serious issue and the stats on http://diablo.somepage.com/popular/monk really exemplify the problem. ~90% of monks use FoT compared to ~20% for Way of the Hundred Fists (almost exclusively to buff FoT) and <10% for each of the other spirit gens. Furthermore, 5 of the top 5 builds use FoT:TC.

I truly believe that increasing the diversity of our spirit generators would lead to feeling like there are "different" playstyles out there instead of the "hold left click with passives active" style or the "spam bells while holding left click" style.

Does this mean that there are no successful monks out there using something other than FoT:TC? No. It just means FoT:TC is the best thing we have.

In 1.0.7, Blizzard drastically increased the damage on many spirit spenders. This caused FoT:Quickening to become competitive with FoT:Thunderclap. YAY DIVERSITY .............. <Sigh>

It is very important to note that I am pretty happy with the power of monks currently. This means a serious nerf to FoT:TC/Q would be hugely detrimental to monks as a whole and should NOT be considered when looking for ways to balance Spirit Generators.

Instead, I am going to propose changes, some based on math, some based on flights of fancy, that should bring many of our other spirit generators up to FoT:TC/Q's level and provide interesting enough choices that people might actually make different specs. Some of these changes might be completely overpowered; theorycrafting with myself doesn't always yield the best results.
If you think something would be over/underpowered or would break some spec I haven't heard of in some way, please argue it out with me!

Note1: Table of Contents (yup this is needed now)
  • Post 1 - Introduction
  • Post 2 - Fist of Thunder
  • Post 3 - Deadly Reach
  • Post 4 - Crippling Wave
  • Post 5 - Way of the Hundred Fists
  • Post 6 - Appendices and Thanks

  • Note2: This is a VERY comprehensive spreadsheet with all the data you could ever want on each Spirit Generator.
    Note3: This is a good visual example of "yards" in Diablo 3.
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    1. Fist of Thunder
  • Hit Damage structure: 110% Single Target -> 110% Single Target -> 110% Frontal Cone AoE
  • Hit Attack Speed structure: 1.62 -> 1.58 -> 1.36
  • Attack Speed Average: 1.51
  • Range: Short
  • Spirit Per Hit: 6
  • Spirit Per Second ~9.08
  • Notes: This is our super fast spirit gen. It is supposed to attack quickly but only hit single monsters. It ends up being quite lack-luster (aside from TC) because hitting 1 target in a ARPG is almost always sub-optimal.
  • Proposed change: FoT, as a base spirit generator, should have the "Teleport on First Hit" function that the Thunderclap rune currently provides.
    This will be a controversial change but I have thought a LOT about it and I think this is the only way to make any non-TC rune viable.
    As it stands, FoT is too short ranged and too limited in its hit-box to effectively dps compared to other Spirit Gens and the Teleport is part of what makes TC so useful.
    Furthermore, in an ARPG, fluidity and speed of combat = fun. FoT:TC's teleport currently adds this element to a class severely lacking in "fun."
    Adding the Teleport function to all FoT runes will allow them to compete on their merits and not on their lack of basic monk-utility.

  • 1a. Thunderclap
  • Effect: Adds 35% weapon damage, as lighting, to your target AND all monsters within 6 yards of your target. Also adds a teleport to the first hit of FoT
  • Explanation: Basically it causes every hit of FoT to be AoE and to "double hit." This leads to Thunderclap having a far higher proc-coefficient (LoH, Cyclone, ect.) than other spirit generators.
  • Proposed Change: Remove the Teleport text because this will be part of the base FoT. No other changes.
    We are trying to balance things against this rune, so it needs no change.

  • 1b. Lightning Flash
  • Effect: Every hit increases your dodge by 16% for 2 seconds. (Does not stack)
  • Explanation: Pretty strait forward; it increases your dodge when you hit
  • Proposed Change: Increase the dodge buff to 50%.
    This may seem like a huge increase, however, Deadly Reach:Keen Eye currently increases Armor (an arguably better stat) by 50%.
    Dodge is more "offensive" as it proccs backlash but it also reduces less damage types than armor (reflects, molten ... ect.) so setting it at 50% (obviously multiplicative as all dodge buffs are) would at least allow this rune to compete with Keen Eye.

  • 1c. Static Charge
  • Effect: Every hit your "Primary" (read: non-aoe) target gets a 5s debuff. Every time you attack, any enemies with this debuff take 37% weapon damage as lightning.
  • Explanation: This skill rewards switching targets frequently. The Proc Coefficient on the Static Hit follows your attack structure's Proc C of 1.0 > 1.0 > 0.75 depending on which strike in your combo you use. This is a VERY high Proc C!!
  • Proposed Change: Debuff duration increased to 10 seconds
    I have, since the writing of this Review, done EXTENSIVE testing of Static Charge and found it to be competitive with Thunderclap in its current form. However, it is only competitive in a VERY niche sense and outside the realm of "useful" for most monks. My initial proposal to extend the debuff to 30s is perhaps a bit much, but it is the correct idea. The change to a longer (10s) debuff opens the skill up to scale with Attack Speed better (get that debuff on more monsters!) and allows for more "ease of use" compared to Thunderclap's "extremely EZMODE" playstyle.
    TL:DR - I think Static Charge suffers more from difficulty of use than actual mathematical deficit and my 10s debuff duration would help fix this while SLIGHTLY increasing its overall effectiveness.

  • 1d. Quickening
  • Effect: Crits with FoT generate 15 spirit. (AoE crits generate spirit this way)
  • Explanation: When you see yellow numbers, you gain 15 spirit. Simple.
  • Proposed Change: Nothing.
    In patch 1.0.7 Blizz increased the damage of many spirit spenders and this caused Quickening to suddenly become competitive with Thunderclap in terms of damage. (It still has MUCH worse utility without the Teleport so this should be addressed)

  • 1e. Bounding Light
  • Effect: Replace the third punch knockback with a chain lighting hit for 73% weapon damage.
  • Explanation: On your third hit, if there is at least 1 more monster in range, a chain lighting will spawn, hit that monster then jump to the next monster. It will jump up to 2 times (3 total hits) and can't hit any 1 monster twice.
  • Proposed Change: Increase the chain lighting damage to 120% weapon damage. Change the chain lighting to bounce 4 times (total of 5 hits). Increase the range of the chain lighting by 2 times.
    This skill should be competitive with Thunderclap for damage but in different situations.
    The proposed change is intended to make Bounding Light do slightly more damage when hitting 3 or 4 monsters. However, because the chain lighting can travel much farther than Thunderclap's 6yd radius, you are much more likely to actually hit those monsters.
    Note: It is VERY hard for me to tell what effect losing the knockback would have ... it is possible the skill will need to do even MORE damage in order to make up for this.
    See Apendix A. (6th post) for the math that led me to these numbers!
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    2. Deadly Reach
  • Hit Damage structure: 110% AoE Frontal Line -> 110% AoE Frontal Line -> 110% AoE Frontal Line (MUCH longer range)
  • Hit Attack Speed structure: 1.62 -> 1.54 -> 0.86
  • Attack Speed Average: 1.23
  • Range: Long
  • Spirit Per Hit: 6
  • Spirit Per Second ~7.40
  • Notes: This is our ranged spirit gen. It is used primarily to stay at a distance and tends to work best when you can funnel mobs into a line.
  • Proposed change: Increase spirit per attack to 7.
    This would make DR actually generate the most spirit / sec by a tiny fraction.

  • 2a. Piercing Trident
  • Effect: Increases the Area of Effect of the second and third strikes.
  • Explanation: The second strike hits in a small arc-cone and the third strike hits in a large arc cone in front of you
  • Proposed Change: Increase damage to 143% and increase range of every hit to 25 yards.
    This is a boring fix, but this should be the skill to use if you enjoy the DR playstyle but just want more dps out of it. It would essentially be like CW Mangle but you are trading some defense and AoE for range.

  • 2b. Keen Eye
  • Effect: The third hit from DR increases your armor by 50% for 4 seconds.
  • Explanation: This was changed in 1.0.6 or 1.0.7 to only proc on the third hit which makes it significantly less useful.
  • Proposed Change: Increase buff duration to 10s. Change the damage type to Fire.
    There are a lot of items in the game with Adds +x% to <elemental> damage skills. The monk could use some of this synergy to promote alternate builds.
    With the change made to how this skill works it is nearly impossible to use correctly unless it is your ONLY spirit gen. The buff needs to be extended so that it can be used in combination with other spirit gens.

  • 2c. Scattered Blows
    Credit: Rhyse
  • Effect: Changes the Third strike into a "PBAOE" 170% Lighting Damage strike that hits up to 6 enemies.
  • Explanation: Your third hit becomes an AoE centered around yourself that does slightly more damage as lighting. The third hit is also faster than the normal DR third hit and it changes the Hit Attack Speed Structure to: 1.62 -> 1.54 -> 1.03 which makes it an overall 1.34 APS mod.
  • Proposed Change: Change the first and second hit to Lighting Damage. Add the effect: "If only 1 enemy is hit by the third strike, it will hit twice."
    Rhyse pointed out that the increased attack speed on the third hit of SB makes it a fairly high DPS rune.
    The proposed changes are there to provide some unique effect. The double hit would make SB do BY FAR the most single target damage of all Spirit Gens but it would only do so in a TRUE single target situation. This could provide a unique playstyle that promotes "single-out and destroy" tactics.
    Switching the entire skill to lighting damage instead of just the third hit allows it to benefit from Won Khim Lao.
    This skill is almost good enough as is, giving it something unique would make it playable.

  • 2d. Strike from Beyond
  • Effect: Critial Hits generate an additional 10 Spirit.
  • Explanation: Yellow numbers generate 10 spirit each.
  • Proposed Change: Increase damage to 127%. Change damage to Holy. Increase range on third strike to 35 yards.
    These changes are minimal and I believe SfB is almost usable right now.
    The change is aimed at making it just slightly more valuable so that you can consider it over FoT:Quickening.
    (Might need to change it to 15 spirit per crit to keep up)
    There are a lot of items in the game with Adds +x% to <elemental> damage skills. The monk could use some of this synergy to promote alternate builds.

  • 2e. Foresight
  • Effect: Third Strike increases Damage by 18% for 30 seconds.
  • Explanation: Self explanatory
  • Proposed Change: Implement a buff timer icon. Increase buff duration to 60s.
    This skill is currently used in conjunction with FoT + combo strike for a large DPS boost to the standard FoT build. The increased buff timer will not effect this build at all.
    It is ALSO used as a damage buff for Spirit SPENDER builds. Because these builds don't really want to auto attack, the increased buff timer would help them out. (and they NEED help!)
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    3. Crippling Wave
  • Hit Damage structure: 110% Fronal Arc (90) -> 110% Frontal Arc (180) -> 110% PBAoE (360) + 20% snare / APS debuff
  • Hit Attack Speed structure: 1.25 -> 1.25 -> 1.02
  • Attack Speed Average: 1.16
  • Range: Medium
  • Spirit Per Hit: 7
  • Spirit Per Second ~8.13
  • Notes: This is our AoE skill. It also can be used as a "tanking skill."
  • Proposed change: Increase base damage to 143%.
    Currently, this skill only sees use for people in groups looking to be a cyclone bot or people who are progressing and also doing so VERY slowly and thus using it as a "tanking" method.
    I would, ideally, like to see this kill get some use as a main-build gen.

  • 3a. Mangle
  • Effect: Increase Damage to 143%
  • Explanation: Self explanatory
  • Proposed Change: Add a stacking DoT that does 35% of weapon damage over 7 seconds and stacks up to 7 times. This DoT would tick once on each hit and once per second afterward for 6 seconds (7 total ticks). This DoT would have a proc-coefficient of 0.2.
    The idea here is that you are "mangling" your enemies and causing them to bleed out. A stacking DoT fits CW's overall "stand and tank" mentality and provides a different damage structure than a FLAT damage increase. You would have to choose whether or not you want more damage upfront (FoT:TC or WotHF:FoF) or more damage in the long run!
    See Apendix B. (6th post) for the math that led me to these numbers!

  • 3b. Concussion
    Credit: Strikerdude
  • Effect: Enemies hit by CW deal 20% less damage for 3 seconds.
  • Explanation: This is for tanking.
  • Proposed Change: Increase the effect duration of Concussion to 6 seconds. Increase the effect duration of CW's 20% reduction in attack and move speed to 6 seconds.
    This is a good tanking skill and if you couple it with the increase in base CW damage it should be okay.

  • 3c. Rising Tide
  • Effect: Critial Hits Generate 5 spirit.
  • Explanation: Yellow numbers give 5 spirit each.
  • Proposed Change: Change the effect to 3 spirit generated per enemy hit. Change damage type to Holy.
    Again, the base damage increase to CW should help this skill and it is another good candidate for a holy damage mod.
    This would remove the requirement for "crit" to generate spirit with this generator. It would also continue to reward monks for hitting many targets with this clearly AoE designed skill.
    Math-wise, you would need 60% crit to gain 3 spirit per target hit with the current skill (5 per crit) so most monks would see greater spirit generation with this change.

  • 3d. Tsunami
  • Effect: Increases range of third hit AoE to 17 yards and increases the snare to 60%
  • Explanation: Self explanatory
  • Proposed Change: Change all three hits into 360 PBAoE hits with the same range they currently have. Change the damage type to Frost. Remove the Snare (as I assume frost auto-snares). Keep the increased third strike range.
    This would allow each of the three hits to snare and would be the most "AoE" of the bunch. It would do less damage than Mangle so it isn't a clear winner for DPS boosts.

  • 3e. Breaking Wave
    Credit: Strikerdude
  • Effect: Enemies hit by CW take 10% more damage for 3seconds.
  • Explanation: This acts as a mini-Manra of Conviction.
  • Proposed Change: Increase debuff to 25%. Decrease base skill damage to 110%.
    At first this skill seems good, but then it becomes apparent that you will get more overall "increased damage" by running "rising tide" and spamming MoC:Overawe than by just using this skill as-is.
    This change is intended to promote this skill as an "overawe for your spirit spenders." If you are using Bells to do damage, you can't spend spirit on Overawe even with Rising Tide. So instead, you use Breaking Wave to make your bells hit like crazy.
    Also good for group play.
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    4. Way of the Hundred Fists
  • Hit Damage structure: 140% Frontal Cone AoE -> 7x 20% Frontal Cone AoE + interrupt -> 140% Large Frontal Cone AoE + knockback
  • Hit Attack Speed structure: 1.18 -> 1.18 -> 1.05
  • Attack Speed Average: 1.13
  • Range: Medium
  • Spirit Per Hit: 8
  • Spirit Per Second ~9.06
  • Notes: This is supposed to be the "big hitter" Spirit generator that has lower spirit generation but higher dps.
    Currently this skill has MANY problems that make it sub-optimal to FoT in many ways.
  • Proposed change: Increase the Attack speed bonus on the first hit from 1.18 to 1.52 (Changes Attack Speed Average to 1.25) Change base damage to 126%. Change the proc-coefficient on the second hit to 0.1 x 7 from 0.09 x 7. Move the "short dash" from Fists of Fury to the base skill. Change spirit per hit from 8 to 7.
    I am proposing quite a few changes here and that is because, currently, this skill is too clunky and cumbersome to be used correctly. The "dash" component is important because, like FoT, WotHF is a point blank melee skill and requires some movement aid to help the monk feel like a monk. However, the attack speed animation on the first hit is FAR too slow to make the dash even remotely comparable to FoT:TC's blink.
    To fix this, I am increasing the attack speed of the first hit, to compensate, the damage per hit must go down and the spirit per hit must go down.
    The increase in proc-coefficient on the second hit is to give it a slightly better "feel" when interacting with skills like SW:Cyclone.

  • 4a. Hands of Lighting
  • Effect: Increases the second hit from 7 attacks to 10
  • Explanation: Strikerdude proved that this actually significantly increases WotHF's damage.
  • Proposed Change: Double the proc co-efficient on those 10 hits. This would change the second hit to 0.2 x 10 for 200%.
    You would also gain a DPS increase on the second hit from 7 x 18 = 126% to 10 x 18 = 180%. This is a VERY large increase in damage.
    This overall change would increase the viability of Hands of Lightning, especially for a proc-based build! (the damage is just icing on the cake)

  • 4b. Blazing Fists
  • Effect: Crits increase attack speed and run speed by 5% for 5 seconds. Can stack up to 3 times.
  • Explanation: Self Explanatory
  • Proposed Change: Increase duration of stacks to 10s. Change damage type to Fire.
    For many end-game builds, BF is actually competitive with DR:Foresight as a buff mod to your primary attack. Increasing the stack duration would allow people who want to use the movement speed component of the skill to actually gain some benefit from it.
    Also, FIRE!

  • 4c. Fists of Fury
    Credit: Fitz
  • Effect: Targets you hit take 100% weapon damage as holy over 5 seconds.
  • Explanation: The DoT does relatively little damage and, while it can crit, it does NOT proc cyclones; however, it DOES proc other things. This makes FoF okay for LoH builds. The DoT also procs the spirit generation from BoH:Infused With Light which is the core mechanic to a currently active build.
  • Proposed Change: Nothing aside from base WotHF changes.
    Currently (1.0.7), you can use WotHF:FoF in conjunction with Breath of Heaven: Infused With Light to gain "infinite" spirit for a short period of time. This can be used to spam spirit spenders FAR more than would usually be the case. Unless this is confirmed as a bug, I am not going to propose a change because it's an awesome build.
    For more on this build, see Fitz's fantastic write-up here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/8414571665

  • 4d. Spirited Salvo
  • Effect: 15% chance on attack to gain 15 spirit.
  • Explanation: I have never once, in my 900+ hours playing a monk equipped this rune. I honestly don't know.
  • Proposed Change: This will be changed to a buff that decreases (removes) cost of next spirit spender that activates on third hit of combo.
    Pending Math

  • 4e. Windforce Flurry
  • Effect: Third strike creates a wave that does 250% weapon damage in a line in front of you.
  • Explanation: This replaces your third strike AoE with a line nuke that goes most of the length of the screen and does 250% weapon damage to everything it hits.
  • Proposed Change: Change the third hit back. Gives you a 25% chance per hit to proc the line nuke for 200% damage.
    This makes the skill do, on average, 176% weapon damage per hit.
    This is similar in DPS to other "big damage" skills but gives you a new way to get there.
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    ————————————————[ APPENDICES ]———————————————

    ——————————[ Bounding Light vs Thunderclap MATH ]—————————

    Here is a link to a fully explanatory Google Docs spreadsheet that shows how FoT:TC vs FoT:BL compare when hitting 1-10 enemies.


    It is hard to correctly predict how the chain lighting's larger range will effect its normal-use dps and pps but I have tailored the numbers to reflect at least SOME improved dps efficiency from t he Chain Light compared to Thunderclap's AoE.

    ————————————[ Mangle vs Thunderclap MATH ]———————————

    Here is a link to a fully explanatory Google Docs spreadsheet that shows how FoT:TC vs CW:Mangle look after switching it to a stacking DoT and then tweaking the numbers as I suggest.


    My numbers in this spreadsheet at based on my proposed changes to the base skill of CW:
    Increase base damage to 143%.

    ———[ Graphs and Math regarding FoT:TC vs. WotHF (3 damage runes) ]———

    Credit: Strikerdude
    Weapon Speed Scaling:

    Attack Speed Scaling:

    Critical Hit Chance Scaling:

    Critical Hit Damage Scaling:

    So here are the graphs and the simulation test parameters. The four skills under comparison for this test are:

    - Fists of Thunder / Thunderclap
    - Way of the Hundred Fists / Hands of Lightning
    - Way of the Hundred Fists / Blazing Fists
    - Way of the Hundred Fists / Fists of Fury

    All damage numbers shown are relative to FoT/TC's single-target damage. Please note that is only a comparison of the single-target damage of each skill/rune, and does not compare any other factors, such as AOE damage, effects, etc. Balancing skills is more than just the raw single-target damage they do, so take this comparison as evidence of imbalance, not the end-all-be-all proof of imbalance.

    Weapon Speed Scaling:
    - Attack Speed Bonus = +0.0%
    - Critical Hit Chance = 5.0%
    - Critical Hit Damage = 50.0%
    - Battle Time = 1000000 seconds
    - Simulation Runs = 1

    Hands of Lightning and Blazing Fists can both keep up with FoT/TC when weapon speeds increase. Fists of Fury is the clear loser in this test.

    Attack Speed Scaling:
    - Weapon Speed = 1.00
    - Critical Hit Chance = 5.0%
    - Critical Hit Damage = 50.0%
    - Battle Time = 1000000 seconds
    - Simulation Runs = 1

    The uptrend in all three WotHF runes shows that WotHF, in general, scales better with attack speed than FoT/TC. Hands of Lightning, with its additional hits on the second strike, scales much better than Blazing Fists and Fists of Fury.

    Critical Hit Chance Scaling:
    - Weapon Speed = 1.00
    - Attack Speed Bonus = +0.0%
    - Critical Hit Damage = 50.0%
    - Battle Time = 1000000 seconds
    - Simulation Runs = 1

    Hands of Lightning and Blazing Fists perfectly maintain their scaling with FoT/TC. Only Fists of Fury shows a decline.

    Critical Hit Damage Scaling:
    - Weapon Speed = 1.00
    - Attack Speed Bonus = +0.0%
    - Critical Hit Chance = 5.0%
    - Battle Time = 1000000 seconds
    - Simulation Runs = 1

    Not surprisingly, the results of this test show the same pattern as the Critical Hit Chance Scaling test. Again, Fists of Fury just can't keep up with the other runes in terms of scaling.

    ———————————[ Proposed WotHF:FoF Changes ]———————————
    Proposed Changes: Remove DoT component. Change damage from 126% on each hit to 196% -> 133% -> 133%. Double the distance covered by WotHF's teleport on first strike.

    Explanation: This change would make FoF into a much more aggressive rune. You would use it if you wanted to be in the face of monsters all the time and it would strongly focus on the first of the 3 hits which would allow some synergy between LTK knockback (and combo reset) into WotHF teleport punch over and over!

    —————————————————[ THANKS ]—————————————————
    1. Thank you to the monk community. You have been extremely supportive not only of my ideas but of the community's ideas as a whole.
    I wouldn't love my monk NEARLY as much if it weren't for you guys!

    2. Special thanks to Strikerdude for doing SO much work on this thread. He has testing things, he has called me out for saying crazy stuff and he has made graphs!

    3. Special thanks to Mogram who plugged this thread in a PTR forum list and got a blue to respond to it! Having a blue actually link this post and say "yup, I am looking at that" was validation for all the work it took to make ... thanks man!

    4. Thanks to all the people who "upvoted" this thread and got it to "highly rated" status. This is just another benchmark in what I see as a clear path to positive change! You guys are seriously the best!
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    You obviously put a lot of thought into this.

    I had to re-read the entire thing 5 times over as you were posting the different parts.

    Numbers crunching/balancing aside, these are some amazing ideas here. I love fists of thunder thunderclap simply because it is FUN. All these ideas here seem like fun as well and would make them very viable alternatives.

    The Dev team should take some notes.
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    You obviously put a lot of thought into this.

    I had to re-read the entire thing 5 times over as you were posting the different parts.

    Numbers crunching/balancing aside, these are some amazing ideas here. I love fists of thunder thunderclap simply because it is FUN. All these ideas here seem like fun as well and would make them very viable alternatives.

    The Dev team should take some notes.


    Sorry about the reposting thing, I thought it would make for easier reading for those to come.

    I agree completely that FoT:TC is really fun and I would like to see that elsewhere in our possible builds!
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    I mean like wtf.

    They give us everything in one.

    So why wouldn't we use it, ya know?

    Blizzard just messed up here I guess. I dono.
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    I really hope the devs take a look,Monks seem to get the shaft every patch so far,and notes on 1.05 seem to continue this trend.. Monks by far my favorite character ( I have 2 at L60),more like the old Martial Arts assassin build from D2 than anything else I could compare it to,melee is just FUN!
    I've tried barbs,got a tank DH and Wizard,but they're just not nearly as much fun as just smashing
    mobs to pieces,(especially while dual wielding like the old Assassin) and they REALLY deserve a buff to virtually all skills,except FoT.... and the passives? meh,weakest set of any class, could use a lot of work there too :(
    All other classes seem to have gotten buffs with the patches,time for the Monks to get what they deserve!!
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    Not sure what forum you should post this so the dev team can take a look, someone from blizzard should take a look...you've made some excellent suggestions for improving our spirit generators...

    I tried Deadly Reach (Keen Eye) a long time ago and couldn't wait to switch back to my FoT...something must be done (not a daym nerf...that seems to be their only solution EVER)...they should improve the other skills so they do appear more enticing and diverse in nature (from FoT) so to give us more options that we can choose based on our preferences.
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    Posts: 111
    Hey, Druin!

    I was going to do a comprehensive review on every Monk skill after 1.05 was released, but it looks like you beat me to this one! So I'm just going to comment here and make some suggestions.

    First off, I've used every one of these spirit generators when testing new builds, so there's a lot more going on here than you might think. It's important to know that the spirit generators can have different purposes. These are the three:

    1. Direct Attack Damage (I want to my spirit generator attack to deal damage)
    2. Spirit Generation (I want to use my spirit generator to generate as much Spirit as possible so that I can more freely use my Spirit spender skills)
    3. Effect (I want to use my spirit generator for its special effect)

    Before judging any given spirit generator, you need to look at the whole picture first. What is the spirit generator's purpose? What is my overall gameplay strategy? What kind of setup do I need to bring the best out of my combo of skills? Will my spirit generator work as the main skill or as a support skill? Only after answering these questions can you truly judge a spirit generator (and any other skill for that matter).

    With that said, I'll have to disagree with the main premise of your post:
    09/21/2012 03:18 PMPosted by Druin
    FoT:TC is the best spirit generator, all other generators should be enhanced to meet FoT:TC's standards.

    This statement simply isn't true. FoT/TC is a very good spirit generator, but it's NOT the best spirit generator in a lot of situations. Let's see why.

    1. Direct Attack Damage
    FoT/TC does not deal the most damage in both single target and AOE situations. In fact, WotHF (especially Blazing Fists and Fists of Fury) deals the most damage against single targets, while CW (especially Mangle and Tsunami) deals the most damage for AOE. These two spirit generators can have their attack damage enhanced even further by using good positioning. WotHF combos well with Dashing Strike, while Crippling Wave combos well with Cyclone Strike. These combos help to hit the maximum number of targets possible.

    2. Spirit Generation
    FoT/TC definitely does not generate the most spirit per attack. Any rune used for spirit generation will beat FoT/TC on this. FoT/Quickening, DR/Strike From Beyond and CW/Rising Tide are all superior to FoT/TC for spirit generation, with each one being extremely good with the proper support skills. (Admittedly, WotHF/Spirited Salvo is the weakest generator and needs a buff.)

    3. Effect
    This is where FoT/TC really shines. FoT/TC has three main effects at its disposal: engaging teleport, knockback, and high proc rate. The engaging teleport allows you to immediately engage the enemy and is very powerful as an offensive move. This is very useful in pursuing fast enemies and attacking spread out mobs. FoT/TC has great synergy with LTK/Vulture Claw Kick and LTK/Sweeping Armada because you can play defensively using a divide-and-conquer strategy, or play offensively by knocking single targets into the corner and pummeling them with impunity.

    BUT! The real power of FoT/TC lies in its high proc rate. This one effect is why everyone refers to this spirit generator as "the best." It is this property that gives the Monk's cookie-cutter build its power. Offensively, you can proc SW/Cyclone to do large amounts of damage for BOTH single targets and wide area AOE (SW/Cyclone is just that ridiculously good!) Defensively, you can stack a lot of defensive skills and proc LoH for efficient and fast HP recovery, making this the most popular sustain strategy for Monks.

    If you don't believe me, try playing the cookie-cutter build, but swap out SW/Cyclone for SW/Blade Storm, and drop your LoH to about 25% of its current value. You will find out that FoT/TC becomes MUCH weaker when you can't take advantage of its high proc rate.

    FoT/TC is NOT the best spirit generator unto itself. It's SW/Cyclone + LoH fueled by FoT/TC procs that is extremely powerful.
    Edited by strikerdude#1306 on 9/22/2012 2:56 PM PDT
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    I am not trying to say that FoT:TC is "the best" entirely because of it's proc rate. That is definitely a big part of it. However, it currently does the "best" because of its ability to do very well in all the fields.

    It actually does do the most DPS against a single target mob (145% - 145% - 110% damage per hit at the fastest attack speed).
    This is higher than WotHF:Blazing Fists (140% per hit at lower attack speed, even with the 15% increase).
    This is WAY higher than WotHF:FoF (140% per hit at slow attack speed).

    It absolutely does less damage to multiple targets, but, not THAT much less.
    It does 35% > 35% > 110% to targets in front of you in roughly the same area as WotHF.
    Again, it attacks MUCH faster than everything else so it ends up doing nearly the same if not more than CW (110% 110% 110%) and a fair amount less than WotHF.
    Note: I agree, CW is better for true-aoe. I would always use CW:Rising Tide in a Cyclone Strike build over FoT:TC. Though, the loss in single target dps is staggering.

    Then, when it comes to spirit generation, it is not THE BEST. That would probably go to Quickening. However, using a purely spirit gen rune is 100%, flat out, sub-optimal at this time. If you can show me a spec that can compete in clear speed with the cookie-cutter build using a spirit gen rune instead of TC, I will reconsider.

    When compared to other spirit generating attacks, on the other hand, FoT:TC is amazing. It generates spirit much more quickly than DR and CW and a bit faster than WotHF.
    Note: the teleport in FoT:TC actually leads to better spirit gen as you spend far less time not hitting mobs.

    Finally, as you stated, it is the absolute winner when it comes to procs / second.
    Note: If you think WotHF:FoF has a better proc rate because of the chart, just try it out, it very clearly does not proc more Tornadoes.

    In conclusion, the reason FoT:TC is the best spirit gen is not because it is the best in every single field. It is the best because it is VERY good in every single field AND the best in two.

    Again, you don't even have to look at my arguments. Just refer to the fact that 100% of the top monks in the world use FoT:TC and 76% of ALL monks use FoT.
    These numbers don't represent people being sheep, they represent people recognizing that there is one spirit gen that is better than all the rest and then using it.
    Edited by Druin#1518 on 10/11/2012 9:35 AM PDT
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    While you're at it druin, convince people we need spirit on dodge :)
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    09/23/2012 09:35 PMPosted by Memlol
    While you're at it druin, convince people we need spirit on dodge :)

    lol, that seems like a passive or maybe a mantra rune more than a spirit gen rune :D
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    Good post. Might not agree with everything but i definately think spirit gens need work. too bad in 1.04 blizz stated they were happy with them,. O wait they were happy with monk class too it seems becuase the templar got more work.

    Seems they are happy with the monk being the class that is Locked into one spirit generator. one build.

    Good to see people thinking.
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