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Just got done watching a fellow play it for 8 hours on his Twitch tv channel. During the first hour, I really wanted to get the game and I kept bouncing over at gamersgate (since I have a 15% discount over there on all purchases) then back to watch him play some more.

Around the 3 or 4 hour mark however, I stopped going over to gamersgate and just watched him play some more. By the time he was done playing I no longer had the urge to play the game at all. In other words I really liked some of the game play in the beginning of the game but as it progressed there were certain aspects of game play that no longer thrilled me.

I've been told by quite a few people that I should just save the $50.00 and buy the Xenonauts alpha for $9.99 and that Xenonauts is more of a spiritual successor to the original game than is X-Com by Firaxis.
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10/12/2012 12:55 AMPosted by Estoppel
I'd recommend skipping the demo and going straight for the full game.

Skip the tutorial too.
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The game have a lot of potential but for now it is so buggy... Or i'm just unlucky and managed to trigger every freakin bugs possible in a 30 mins gaming session.
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What bugs? I haven't triggered any, unless you count not being able to see through walls/ceilings without messing with the zoom when you have units inside a structure.
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There's a compilation thread on the 2k forums about bug reports, much like you'll see on these forums for Blizzard games. Sadly the standard operating procedure with games these days is to expect patches shortly after release. You may have noticed zooming in with the mouse wheel didn't work when the game was first released, but now it's already been patched.

I've only run into one bug, not counting clipping walls during action shots. I used my sniper's disabling shot on a sectoid on overwatch hoping to capture him alive. Instead of preventing the alien's reaction fire, it multiplied it. The little grey dude shot at my rookie three times when I tried to run up to him.

But I'm still having a ton of fun. I thought my Classic Ironman campaign was heading for a quick failure but I turned everything around with a big success in my first terror mission. Things have been much more stable since then. My casualty rate's way down. But there's probably a Cyberdisc on his way to smash the confidence out of me. Losing fast would have felt merciful compared to losing slow.
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100x better than a boring D3....

got hooked to it yesterday..stayed up till 3 in the morning playing it.

awesome sountrack, eerie settings, believable storyline... nice cutscenes/in game cutscnes.

you shud get it by all means worth every buck spent.
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