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Were skills EVER nerfed in Diablo 2

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Yes. I particularly remember Corpse Explosion...and it was still the most arguably powerful spell in the game.
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Last to date is Blessed hammer no longer ignoring undead's immunity.
It was very rare though.
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Look at the patch notes.
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Amazon's Mult-shot is one I remember. It got nerfed quite a bit.
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Gee... Whirlwind was nerfed so hard that I'm still spinning.
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Blessed Hammers, I believe Pierce in classic was also nerfed if I recall correctly.
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Quite a few things were nerfed in D2; corpse explosion, guided arrow, bone spirit, and a few others. However, things in D2 were typically nerfed because they were blatantly exploitive bugs, such as D3's invincible wizard or endless LoH barbarians and not because of any legendaries or to "encourage build diversity."
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The skill nerfs in D2 where very rare. They were usually only nerfed when they would actually affect game stability, and could be used to exploit.

The ones I remember where Sorceress' Frozen Orb had no cooldown originally and caused huge video lag. A short cooldown was added because of that.

Another one was Paladins' Blessed Hammers were magic damage, but would ignore monster's "immune to magic" affix. A fix was implemented so that those monsters would actually be immune to that damage.
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Only LOD (1.07 and past), mostly paladin:
blessed hammers (later few times) + concentration nerf,
zeal nerf,
conversion nerf,
conviction nerf,
huge FIREWALL nerf (since 1.09? i guess it was useless),
ww nerf,
nec curses nerfs.

And also many changes in mechanics, which sometimes lead to complete gear switch. Of course I don't remember everything. It looks like your ideal game was not so flawless, by the way.
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Skills were nerfed pretty often, and in the early days entire trees were revamped and combat design redesigned. D2 didn't have synergies or recast timers at release.

My first character was a max mana, max mana regen, max increased cast speed ice orb sorc. Each orb did moderate damage, and I had no survivability, but I could fill the screen with ice shards, so who needed hp?
Then they added recast timers, nerfed the damage into the ground and added synergies so you could regain the lost damage if you trained the right skills. So my sorc ended up with no life, no defenses, and able to cast one feeble orb every 2 seconds...

No respec, so time to reroll.
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09/21/2012 05:24 PMPosted by DesmondTiny
Blessed Hammers, I believe Pierce in classic was also nerfed if I recall correctly.

It was either Pierce or Guided Arrow (maybe both) that got nerfed due to a a combination of both causing the very powerful Guided Arrow to repeatedly pierce the same target over and over until they died. Fun times. :D
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Lol at these replies. D2 Skills were nerfed a ton. Pre xpac (Yes D2 wasn't always LoD for all the kiddies out there), there were a lot of skill changes in the first bunch of patches, just like D3... which I expected, yet other people.... didn't?... for some reason.......

Anyone remember original barb WW? Most overpowered thing ever. I believe it started at +100% weapon damage at level 1 originally, and was nerfed to be -50% weapon damage at level 1, and had its scaling per level nerfed as well.

I'd just like to point out how this is EXACTLY the same as what is going on with these balance patches in the early life of D3.... even on WW. Just be happy that the nerf isn't as severe as the D2 one was.
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Directly a few. Hell Immunities indirectly wiped out a few builds, and made a number of spells not as useful.

The thing was, because of the skill trees, roughly half the skills worthless on paper since they didn't scale. Nearly all Tier 1/2 spells were garbage, especially on casters. You could remove 50% of D2 skills and no one would notice all that much. The vast majority of the D2 builds revolved around the last 2/3 skills in a tree. For a sorc, you wanted: Frozen Orb, Meteor, maybe Hydra, Fireball, Thunderstorm, Energy shield. Rest was just plain bad, the entire lighting tree fundamentally was bad since it scaled the worst of all (leveling skills increased their damage at the top, but their bottom stayed the same, 1 damage). Only Necro curses worth a damm were decrep (1 level) and Lower Resist, rest were more or less useless. Paladin was decently diverse across tiers, you had Auradins, Smiters, Zealers, Hammerdins, FoHdins. Barbs mainly aimed a weapon mastery and 1 of the 3 late game skills (Berserk, Frenzy, WW), along with shouter/singbarbs. Many many skills are only take today for synergy, otherwise they are ignored (Concentration for Hammerdin for instance, if you didn't have synergy, why ever get it?)
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patches in d2 were like 1/year, and 'content' came out maybe every 3 years

and the 1.10 synergy system changed the game completely
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Anyone remember WW nerf? And a few others.
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09/21/2012 05:38 PMPosted by Battleboxers
D2 didn't have synergies or recast timers at release.

Think about what this meant. When they re-balanced all skills for every class to add synergies and recast timers, it pretty much broke every build and every character in the game. 100% reroll. I'm glad I didn't visit the forums back then, I can't even imagine...

And yes I quoted myself. That just happened.
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