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Why YOU should be mad about the ww barb nerf.

See here is the thing about what they said, they say there was nothing planned pre 1.04 and now we are post 1.05 and plans have changed, sprint and battle raged needed changes. Deal with it, things change.
GREAT! Nerf the only viable fun build for the class that HAS TO BE IN MELEE RANGE!

The only option now is revenge tank. Nothing else can mitigate the damage in inferno.

/cry I loved my barb too.

I love all those people crying for nerf with no lvl 60 barbs on their account.
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The nerf came at the right time heh.

Noone wants to see ww barbs facerolling through the highest monster power level and getting all that sweet loot while the rest of the classes struggle through it.
haven't you seen the streams from yesterday while the 1.05 PTR was open of barbs like KingKonger destroying ENTIRE MAPS brought together into a single mob on monster level 10, act 3 Inferno?

stop complaining. let's recap my situation:
1.04 - WW/CM wiz - wicked wind proc rate reduced from .3 to .125
^ oh, thank god. we still have an option with storm chaser (nerfed from 1.0 to .5)
1.05 - SC/CM wiz - storm chaser proc rate reduced from .5 to .125
^ oh, !@#$.

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WW build wasn't nerfed, it's exactly the same in 1.0.5 jeez.
If the WW build is broken with my gear, I'm done for sure. Taking all my fat friends with me too.
Barbs needed a nerf what are you going on about, he said there are no changes planned.

Which means at the time of him writing that there wasn't any.

People are again taking blizz quotes out of context , also this will not really effect high end barbs but will make it so the lesser geared can't rofl over the content which i think is a good thing.
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Time for more attack speed. Trifecta Here I come.
09/21/2012 05:31 PMPosted by Paz
Now in 1.0.5, the very next patch.. with no warning, no explanation, no justification, they decided to do a 180 and reduce the proc rate on Run Like the Wind to 0.08 (down from 0.2)

...really? no justification? just the fact that this build is completely overpowered...it got someone to Paragon lvl 100 way before everyone else... that build needed to be nerfed... end of story.
Cry moar
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All these kids getting desperate trying to talk barbs out of quitting the game. Too late, you'll be playing alone soon on a deserted server. EVERYONE will quit D3 from this bs patch.
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You needed an explanation as to why they're nerfing the most broken spec in the game? Would the cliche "we did not intend for barbs to run around like idiots, melting elites in seconds while tanking through everything" speech make you feel better?
Only idiots quit over one single patch. Just sayin'.
So instead of promoting build diversity, you'd like to see every single barb roll the same way? That's a little backwards if you ask me. The whole point of nerfing skills like Sprint is to make players feel that they're not required to use them. Personally, I hated Sprint from the beginning. But did I use Sprint when the build became popular? Of course! Why? Because I'm not stupid. Now that Sprint's nerfed I can finally take it off my skill bar and maybe plug in Earthquake again. I agree with what Zaelle said: "Only idiots quit over one single patch."
And I was having fun too -.-, quit my barb back in the day and got him out to ww and it became my new main, now I hope I can still ww even those it wont be as strong.
All these kids getting desperate trying to talk barbs out of quitting the game. Too late, you'll be playing alone soon on a deserted server. EVERYONE will quit D3 from this bs patch.

Just lol'd so hard
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