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Torchlight 2 is good.

09/26/2012 11:56 AMPosted by Sauceror
The biggest difference is that TL2 feels rewarding for playing and Diablo 3 feels punishing for playing. Due to that biggest difference I prefer TL2.

Tell me how it does once you're in New Game+ in Elite difficulty. I'll wait.

Exactly this.
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I've almost 350 hours into D3... and only 40 into TL2 so far. But the answer to the question of TL2 or D3 is simple for me really.. since TL2 came out I've put all my gaming time into it. I have an solo Outlander in Game+ right now, an Engineer and a Berserker I use with two different online groups. And I've started a solo Embermage in Elite mode (currently only level 8). Since the release of TL2 the only thing I've done in D3 is check my auctions, and re-post stuff that hasn't sold (and snicker when I look at the price of gold falling on the RMAH :P)

TL2 rewards me for playing with drops... it rewards me with varied skills and varied builds... it rewards me by allowing me to choose how I want to build my character in terms of core stats. Drops have itemization on them that make sense. Is it any wonder why I'm not farming act III or act II inferno for the n'th time on the hopes I might get something marginally good to sell so that I can edge closer to buying my next upgrade on the GAH?

In many aspects, TL2 is closer to D2 than D3 ever was.

Blizzard may very well still fix D3. And I haven't uninstalled it just yet on the belief they will pull through, but I see my playtime as being extremely limited until they do.
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TL 2 is everything Diablo3 should have been.


nuff said
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