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Torchlight 2 is good.

09/22/2012 11:02 PMPosted by DaskoHime

I'm playing both (amongst other games) and enjoying both. But due to the nature of both games, I can see myself playing Diablo III a lot longer. It comes down to what you can get out of both games. With the emphasis being moreso on stats/skills in Torchlight II, there's a peak of player power. That peak can be attained much quicker in Torchlight II. I get bored with games after I've achieved that "god mode" power level. It's simply in the numbers for me. It'll take much longer to get there in D3. And as long as I'm having fun, I don't mind the wait.
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09/22/2012 10:37 PMPosted by DaskoHime
What is "Diablo" 3 doing in the Diablo franchise?

Wait, that's what we're playing?

I thought this game was Sheablo 3: Lady of Exploitation
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You echo my thoughts exactly. Gameplay > graphics.

The funny thing is Diablo III was criticized as looking outdated and too cartoony when it was first revealed (see D3 art controversy; the rainbow level was added to poke fun at it).

The whole gameplay > graphics argument came here too for D3.
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If TL2 looked a lot better, played more smoothly, and and had monsters that actually weren't

dumb as stumps, you guys would have a point. But in game the experience is the opposite.

Why don't all you TL2 lovers go to your own forums and quit writing your sh!t here.
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kudos for TL2 having massive quality drops... but that's not fun for me. They will grab people's attention for the first 30 hours of their play experience, and people will enjoy remaking virgin characters there (playing only with the loot they find).

But after that, it will get old quick.

Exactly. It's what made the original Torchlight a 20-hour game for me.

"Sweet! An awesome new sword!"

A few minutes later:

"Sweet! An awesome new sword!"

An hour later:

"Oh, look, another awesome new sword, just like the other dozen I found. * yawn* "

What people don't realize is that with the overabundance of "great" drops, it won't take long before finding even the very best item in the game will be a mundane and unrewarding experience. They might complain about Diablo 3's stinginess, but at least great drops are rare enough to still feel rewarding even after several hundred hours of play.
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I think folks who think TL2 is going to be a D3 killer are going to be in for a big disappointment.

TL2 is TL2. D3 is D3. They have many things in common but they're quite different.

Fans of Roguelike games in general will enjoy both.

Graphics, shmaphics...it's all about the gameplay. Heck I still play Angband...with the original ASCII "graphics". Nothing more exciting than reading about how my @ is beating the tar out of a D .

Story? Come on now. Both feature a story that boils down to "I am a ____ who comes across evil, and being a wandering hero, I must thwart it!" While the Diablo series has tried to have a deeper story most of it is in the form of backstory, history and lore. The actual story events are pretty straightforward. Well, most of them. I still don't understand the whole "resurrect the evil wizard so you can claim he betrayed you, and kill him" story. But I'd be lying if I said I was playing either game for their story. I just like killing monsters and getting loot.
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TL2 laughs at D3 then stomps on its face. First great video game title of 2012 and frontrunner for GotY
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09/22/2012 11:04 PMPosted by jpar

What is "Diablo" 3 doing in the Diablo franchise?

omg this made my day, +1 to you good sir
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If TL2 looked a lot better, played more smoothly, and and had monsters that actually weren't

dumb as stumps, you guys would have a point. But in game the experience is the opposite.

Why don't all you TL2 lovers go to your own forums and quit writing your sh!t here.

Tfw TL2 is better than Diablo 3 and you're just a naive D3 fanboy. :D
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09/22/2012 08:53 PMPosted by TooHighToDie
D2 wasn't God in a day.

Comparatively, TL2 was. But, to be fair, Runic had less time, fewer people and less budget.

Must have something to do with the fact that runic didn't have a lead developer who hated his own franchise *cough*jaywilson*cough*. So they could actually build up from the previous version instead of reinventing the wheel.
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Graphics, Engine, Polish, its not even close.
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09/22/2012 08:57 PMPosted by Ultima
to call d3 when the developers worked their butt off garbage is beyond disrespectful

So it's okay to produce low quality, as long as you are working slow and straining yourself doing it?

Who's acting entitled now?
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I play both games. TL2 is amazing in every single way. D3 misses the mark in a few areas. TL2 is fun and rewarding and D3 was until Inferno and then sporadically after that.

The main difference between the two is this: TL2 does not have a way to show off gear. What I mean is; a way for..."certain people in the D3 population" to get that false sense of superiority that having better gear or progressing farther gives them. Everyone that says they played TL2, stopped in 15 minutes, and came back to D3, left because they realized that there is no way to prove that they are better than someone else. Don't believe me, look at the difference in tone from this forum and Runic's. TL2>D3, but you can still play both!
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Have a piece of gear that could be an upgrade if it had that one stat? Enchant it! chances are you'll get something added that will make you say "Hmmm, now that helps a LOT!" if you don't like the enchant you got, Disenchant and try again... there's your gold sink, trying to upgrade your gear, not insane repair bills (although in D3 I knew how to kite so that was not too much of an issue)

Even with gold sinks like that gold is going to eventually become worthless, just like it was in Diablo 2. Diablo 3 may not have enough in-game gold sinks (not to mention the problem with crafters generally being worthless, so never used), but gold is at least worth something and is valuable.

I don't see TL2 having longevity for 2 reasons, history and game style.

First of all, if we look back at the history of TL1, it only had a few patches then was abandoned by the devs to develop TL2. Now you may say, "Well, yeah, TL1 was just a 'trial' of sorts to get a working model, TL2 is the REAL game." I understand that, but the devs will be working on the TL MMO now. TL2's proceeds are going to fund that. We're in the same situation as we were with TL1. I expect there to be some patches to the main game, but I expect most 'patches' will come from the player modding community. I'm glad TL2 is cheap, because players will be working to fix it themselves.

Additionally the play style of the game doesn't support longevity. Awesome drops everywhere are fine and good, but ultimately make the drops worthless, because everyone gets them. I'm sure for a little while they are great and help with progression, but they'll be useless to trade (keep in mind everyone getting similar drops, makes it so your probably won't be better than another person's drops) and eventually even the most powerful Awesome Annihilator Swords of Devastation will be quite common. Character building, while I really like the idea of set stat/skill points, it only promotes hard build diversity, not soft diversity. You're going to have around 4 specific builds per class that work at all. This is most obvious in a game where you -could- use a 2-handed sword, but have of your skills you chose are for ranged weapons, or you could dual wield, but now your shield skills are useless. The only way to try out a new skill/weapon effectively is to re-roll. Now I know people will say that Monks can't use bows, so you can't make a monk bow build. I know people will say there's really only one monk build that works anyway. There is a big difference here. With a monk I can make myself more tanky for my team by simply switching skills and throwing on a shield. If I play alone, dual wielding works better. When I am running a friend through the game, I use a 2-hander and tempest rush. My monk is "My monk", he's not "My Tank-Monk," or "My Fists Monk" or "My Stick Monk". He's just mine, and I only needed to build him once and he does everything I need. For me, that ultimately saved me time and has made the game more enjoyable. Enjoyment, for me, doesn't come from making a build that after 50 hours of playing doesn't work for !@#$. It comes from making something that lasts and I can remodel myself to make it work. TL2 doesn't hold much interest for me, because I just don't see it lasting.

Wow, I'm rambling.


TL2 doesn't hold much interest for me, because I just don't see it lasting.
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I bought TL2 yesterday (simply because I want a game with a more polished loot system) and played for 4 hours. I really enjoyed it a lot more then I originally thought I would.

It felt very rewarding for the time I was playing as I continually felt like I was able to upgrade my gear. The skill tree has been fun but I feel I'll have a major gripe with the skill respec system later on in the game. I really enjoyed the boss battles so far, they felt engaging and fun -- as well as quite rewarding in regards to drops.

So far, I'm happy especially considering the price tag and will probably continue to play it until D3 gets a patch that makes sense and moves the game in a better direction.
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So far I think TL2 is fun and worth a try. Download the demo on Steam for free and check it out.
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the loot is outstandingly done IE: I am almost always getting an upgrade

I don't get this, you say you play for 15 hours always getting upgrades. Did you people just go straight to the AH in D3? The first time I stopped seeing upgrades all the time was when I finally amassed enough gold to buy some good gear from the GAH, and even then, I got that gold because stuff dropped that would have been an upgrade for me, had it had my primary stat instead of dex or str.
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honestly it was the same boring !@#$ i couldn't force myself to play for more than an hour
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torchlight 2

exact clone of diablo

idiots saying its better than D3 purely because jay wilson isnt involved in it.

its just as bad and boring as D3 is. no endgame, just pointless grindfest for items.
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