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I am thinking of grabbing a Skorn tonight and trying out the HOTA build. Are there any how to threads and what not on it? Any advice? Should I try it as S&B before I invest in a Skorn?
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What is this HOTA build about?

I played WW -> Weapon Throw -> 2h Slam. ~_~ sorry i am noob in buildnames.
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Hammer of the ancients
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I did a small write up here on a HOTA build:

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I did a small write up here on a HOTA build:


Any reason you arent using it any longer? Im just trying to make a better farming build but I hate WW
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I did a small write up here on a HOTA build:


Any reason you arent using it any longer? Im just trying to make a better farming build but I hate WW

I do use it from time to time. With the improvements coming to HotA, i may go back to it. Maybe make a hybrid Rend/HotA/revenge build

Currently, i like rend and revenge because it allows me to run with zero loh and zero life steal. Maybe i'll drop charge and insert HotA...hmmmmmmm
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I use rend+seismic slam whis a skorn. Works like a charm.
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i was a HOTA rolling thunder guy but tried SS strenth from earth and LOVE it. dmg is only slightly less, much bigger AOE, knockback AND lower fury. its a win-win. with BC into the fray and larger AOE hitting everything, i can spam the hell out of bosses.
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Been using HoTa with Thunderstrike, very op.
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I can smash a whole bunch of mobs in one huge spectacular explosion of blood!

And kill elites in 2-3 shots! HOTA Thunderstrike + BC Bloodshed is the way to go!

Monsters that don't die from my first blow are chain stun. Lol...

Just killed Azmodan solo in 5-6 secs, with only 3% LS.

HOTA is the new WW. Lol..
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HotA owns:
1.So much cheaper to gear up.
2.Awesome crits (900k-110k)
3.Hughe LS.

The only key is to have enough ias
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Thread necro :)
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..ok, ill look for a new one.

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Check out my current built, it is what I used to farm act3 Mp2-3 no problem. I use 2 sources to reduce cost, both mediocre alone but but 6 total is great plus extra elite damage from SoJ. And I prefer Thunderstrike/stun lock is way OP, I'll use Smash rune on high MP tho.

I sometimes switch out Overpower with WotB/Thrice on Chaos, but it's hard to permaWrath. As soon as I hit a dead spot, I'll lose it, and my attack speed isn't fast enough to get much help from RLTW procs. I can easily sustain Wotb If there is numerous monsters around just by spamming hammer. I tend to spam RLTW to spend fury to get it down to around 50% because one good whack on lots of monsters fills it up. I don't like to spend it all as the extra fury increases crit chance with HotA.

Using Overpower over WotB/ToC comes down to the game annoying me. I'll save WotB for an elite pack, but as soon as I use it and slaughter the elites, I always hit dead areas soon after and it will eventually wear off, usually right before I see more monsters/elites. It never fails and makes me want to punch my screen. Overpower/Killing Spree works well with HotA, not only does it increase crit, it cools down instantly upon using HotA in a large pack. It's a lovely feeling to do, HotA-OP-HotA-OP over and over thru the largest packs of monsters.

I prefer Charge as a dual purpose, a fury generator and an oh !@#$ button. It's nice to ram into packs or breakables and get a full bar of fury all while resetting the cooldown. And with out WW, getting cornered sucks but I can charge out of it.

I use a similar build for higher MP key farming. I swap out charge for frenzy and put on more AR gear and use impunity with WC. I also prefer WotB over OP. I can get 1 million crits with a full stack of frenzy, I can melt elites fast on MP5-6, my only cut off is lost survivability, my dps is no problem. I'll usually do a RLTW stick and move with HotA playstyle.

Just my 2 cents for a HotA build.
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Thats why i said that IAS is the key (also CC):
- The more hits, the more crits
- The more crits, the more LS
- The more crits, the more fury
- The more fury, the more WotB last.

I use Cleave, just for the fury regen, is very good, when u smahs 2 or 3 times, and no crits, helps to regen fury.

I didnt test frenzy yet, just because i have a Cleave IK belt, but i will soon.

Any special tip for pvp?
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I'd like to see a video of some 1 sustaining WotB without using nado procs/ias. Having ias makes plenty of sense but I can't see it making much differences when I 1-2 shot groups of monsters and then having too much downtime between mobs. Oh how I dream of permawrath with HotA build.

To better explain my experience and understanding, with out any fury, or the bare minimum of 16 to start HotA, and considering I crit and fill up my whole bar full of fury, that only nets me 1 sec duration per 15 fury, having about 120, that's 8 seconds of increased durations. This is a perfect scenario and usually doesn't happen. and lets say I spend 2 of those seconds to kill the mobs and I end up running in dead space for like 5-6 secs and this eventually catches up and I lose WotB.

The best I can do is in the 2nd floor of the Keep. The field gets on my nerves the most with the inconsistent spawns which seem predetermined after I pop WotB and then all of a sudden, nothing is around. In the crater it isn't too bad but I check the dead ends for the occasional elite pack and then it wears off on my way back from the dead end.

There are several areas to point out my problem, ie, my farm route, my ias, yada yada. That's why a video of some one doing it would help me learn a lot.
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Ive read the patch notes and I must have missed it but I couldnt see any change to HOTA, what are they changing actually that will improve it?

its a nice build, I alternate from WW to HOTA quite often :)
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For sure is not permawrath, but with my crappy gear, i can have it up for a minute at least in ubers mp5. Some times it last quiete enough to pass de cd.


Dunno if it change, i just found it :D. And since i had a little budget ( i think the gem cost more then the whole gear) i think is teh best option to start a barb.

Cheap key Gear:

1250dps > Skorn
Andariel w/out socket
8%IAS / 3.5% CC > Rings
STR / VIT / 5% CC Bracers

I get all the rest a very good price also, so i build this gear.
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