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Give me a reason!

Hello, WoW player since day 1 but quit a year ago due to real life issues. Give me a reason to buy and re-subscribe to MoP...

I'll be honest, D3 doesn't keep me hooked like D2 and WoW did...

What does WoW:MoP offer that will lure me back in? I know it will have new level 90 heroics/raids... But that is about 20% of what I expect...

If I did buy the game, I would start over at level 1 on a diferent server. What does WoW:MoP offer a WoW veteran today returning and making a level 1 character on a server I have no characters on?

What draw do I get? What lure? What dazzle? What sparkle? Someone please, tell me... Save me...
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i miss the town raiding and npc's burning from day 1 :( poor lvl1, with no quests givers :o
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At this point either; to play with friends, or you have a years worth of extra time and money to spend.

Unfortunately just like any hobby, that's what all gaming is about really. Honestly, there are better alternatives.

Sorry i wasn't much help. Nice collection of Lv60'ies(omg hardcore) btw
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is the scroll of resurrection still a possibility or that thing is over?
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I don't know. I given up more than the average player for WoW. Look at my D3 profile and that is like 1% of what I have done in WoW.

I'm just curious if it's still worth playing...

(Like a crack addict going back to the dealer asking if the crack feels the same)
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You know OP, there are other games out there that are super awesome but arnt MMO's, part of Blizzard or have a life expectancy of years (or even months).

For example: Orks Must Die 2 (or even 1). Many may stop playing it after they beat all the levels on Nightmare but man, you will enjoy every minute. Its super fun. Not so much tower defence but trap defence. Its also very funny.

Dungeon Defenders: The campaign is super addictive. I played about 500 hours on this game until I decided end game wasnt for me. Yes, it kinda has endgame but gets a little "full on" after the campaign. Still, for the cost, its worth it. And don't let the cartoon style get you down the gameplay is fantastic. Think 3rd person action with tower defence.

Alien Swarm: A free game and wow, soooo much fun. There are like 6 levels, all but one is multiplayer. Everyone should have this game. It doesnt need anymore levels as each one is very different. Lots of guns and a few game modes to mix things up.

Trine and Trine2. Side scroller fantasy. The game looks AmAzInG!! Its also a lot of fun and addictive. You won't play it for weeks as you may finish it quickly but man, worth every cent.

Thats a start for you. Go have a look and see what you think. I find with games like MMO's the fun factor vs time is very stretched out and rewards can be far and few between. Smaller games pack in all the fun and squish it in a little box ready to explode. Its worth looking around. Personally, I won't touch an MMO anymore. They're just too dull.
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If you have not expanded your mind past any Blizzard games I demand you hire the zerg race to infest your head right this moment to go on the internet and create new hatcheries in different games.
hope that makes sense for you op.
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