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Diablo 3 loot and pvp/ TL2

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I enjoy Diablo 3 it is a good game but the loot is just awful, I have almost 200 hours on 1 character and I only have one piece of equipment on him that I actually found myself. I really don't feel my equipment is that great and I can't understand why it is so hard for me to find an upgrade. I have over 200% magic find without NV. I can't even find items worth selling at the auction house. Also where is the pvp and I don't mean arena's I mean PK's PKK's PKKK's. I can't help but hope this game gets some good patches and I am not talking about defensive skill changes. I just played the TL2 demo, the graphics are pretty bad but it seems enjoyable, I love distributing stat points and selecting which skills to take/level up something that i missed immensely while playing Diablo 3. If you try out TL2 make sure you play through the whole demo because at first you are going to think it is pretty bad because the graphics are not so good but by the end you may realize that if this had as good graphics as Diablo 3 it might be better. Anyways I am going to play both, Torchlight 2 now and Diablo 3 when they start listening to the player's.
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Yea right now TL2 is more enjoyable then D3 imo.

It may take awhile for D3 to get better, but my hope in that game is very small to what it was before release.
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i have faith that they may fix it.

its really ONE problem - the drops. If more !@#$ dropped ...HAPPY HAPPY CUSTOMERS
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I was watching this video.
Engineer is so AWESOME ^_^
I'm playing 1 though

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i have faith that they may fix it.

its really ONE problem - the drops. If more !@#$ dropped ...HAPPY HAPPY CUSTOMERS

I feel lots of things drop it is just all crap and needs to roll perfectly to be even remotely useful. I have identified thousands of items and can honestly say 99.9% of the stuff i find is not even auction house worthy. I really hope they make some positive changes to the items in this game because they suck.
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