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MonsterPower 0 = fastest way to Paragon 100?

They said that increasing Monster Power will only give XP bonuses to people below level 60. That means the fastest way to reach Paragon 100 will be to keep MP at 0, which will make the game easier than it is now, and just blaze through it.
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I anticipate playing at lvl 2-3 (equal to difficulty now but with bonus MF), I can farm pretty efficient now and the bonus to loot will be welcomed. But if all you want is lvls, I would farm the infernal machine stuff and get a ring ASAP for the 35% xp bonus, then farm mpower 0.
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I only had minimal time to test and I was basically farming the Keymaster in Stonefort for the last part, but I tested Inferno(10) first, I died 3 times to kill the first pack. It's hard, but not impossible with a few upgrades I should be able to facetank it, but it takes a while to kill stuff.

After that I tested farming on Inferno(6) in act 3 and then I killed the Keymaster 5 or 6 times on Inferno(5) without a drop, but I was killing him and elites at the same time without a problem and pretty fast.

Just from killing him and other stuff in Stonefort I gained almost 2 bars of exp, with no stacks, just my 31% gem and whatever bonus exp the monster level gave. It defiantly works for Paragon levels and the better your gear is, the higher the level you'll want to level up on.
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"No Monster Power" is the default setting. Each Monster Power level will increase the health and damage of monsters, and in return players will receive scaling bonuses to experience (for heroes levels 1-60)

That's 1 to 60, not 1 to 59.
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