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Live streaming 188k dps unbuff TR monk.

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Hej there. My name is nisse, most know me as nisseonbeer in other games.

What u can expect to see on my stream is a very dedicated gamer there try push the limit on how fast a monk can farm.
Also i will be running runs with viewers and other freinds. Also running full act 3 runs with a 4 man group just for fun/loot. all high geared players.


Currently running with 188k dps unbuffed.
518 resist
32k hp
7200 armor
Using 2h build with TR for speed up my farming, you will see me test other build from time to time.

If u got any questions or just want a freindly chat feel free to leave comments ingame or on twitch and i will answer while i stream.
Playing mostly rock music on my stream.

Feel free to add me, for questions trades and other stuff.
if u add me ingame, plz put a note on what u have in mind or there is 99% chance that i just decline.

for more info about my build and why i do as i do check the discussion we got going here
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Using TR to kill or just to move?

(I assume you use FoT:TC for elites but trash?)
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sry, this my profile
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Using TR to kill or just to move?

(I assume you use FoT:TC for elites but trash?)

TR just for moving and escape bad situations. also nice to kill bombs in keep 2
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Nice gears Nisse... ever thinkin of goin the DW route.. your dps may drop to 130-140k raw.. but with that +AS gear you may farm even faster, :0
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He's probably running 2h cause dw pisses spirit like mad due to the stupid scaling spirit cost with attack speed ><
He one shots everything regardless, could probably do a permaTR build with a couple different pieces of gear/skills/passives
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yea as memlol say, i preffer 2h due to TR scaling, tho i like ranking on diabloprogress too, lol:-D
point wh#¤% ftw :-D

but yes been thinking DW a few times, got a m8 with very good dw weaps, dropping like 20k dps only. but not worth it, dint improve my farm speed. did go the other way around.
Right now with my current attack speed i already got spirit isue's. sometimes i run without fleetfooted and exalted soul instead. thats kind of perma TR for me :-D
thinki gonna do that next time.
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