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Question for you GW2 dudes....

Guild Wars 2 was designed to feel endgame starting at level 1. consistently all the way to 80. 80 isn't endgame it's just another level. You can approximately gain 1 level an hour, or faster or slower depending on what you do how you play. So endgame is totally up to you. The experience is technically supposedly endgame for every level. You fight giant monster/raid-like bosses at level 1 already, not at 80. It's the thing that ANet wanted to extinguish from general typical MMOs where you fight gargantuans at end-game material rather than early game material. It's a good focus, it also diminishes wait times to make a party and gather all those things just for an attempt at success/huge failure. In GW2 it's just immediate for all players in the vicinity. As long as you contribute to the death of the beast your reward is given at the end. If you just leech well you get nothing obviously.

The vanity gears may be worth something of a grind but it just proves you have skill and actually got through those hard dungeons I guess or you got carried lol. Other than that it's just for looks. I remember in GW1 a long time ago before Heroes the armor actually stood out and people who wore it generally meant greater success in runs anyways.

If you ask me the real skill in GW2 is those freaking platforming secret puzzles.. GOD THEY're DIFFICULT TO COMPLETE >_<
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Yep lvl 15 swamp monster in Human starting area .. I completly Ignored it during betas as wel las other things to keep my experience is fresh as possible and it was Awesome.. and im not just saying awesome because thats the current go to word im saying awesome as in I was Filled with Awe. the game is amazing.
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I think I have a good feeling for the "end-game" in GW2 and it being fun and all the stuff you can do before you even hit end-game. Also since the content scales, you can go back and enjoy the "lower-level" areas while you are scaled down.

But I just want my cake and to eat it too! Trickle rewards for WvWvW! WvW is basically unrewarding right now from what I've read...you help your "realm" by faster crafting etc. etc., pretty much all things that take you AWAY from WvW not help you IN WvW, and they are TEMPORARY benefits either way!
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In GW2 the PvP advantage goes to the player that has better reaction and correct build, not the player who spent more time or $ on the game. Thats the way ANet is going so i dont think you will see any substantial rewards which can give advantage in PvP combat, ever.

Things you can do in late game for now:
-100% exploration
-Full story mode achievement
-Collecting Exotic armor skins / Dungeon runs + crafting
-Socializing(being helpful)

If you are looking for a game that gives you "bragging rights", its not from GW2.
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