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Penny Arcade on Torchlight 2 Vs. Diablo 3


Interesting article, which makes a few cogent points. I have pasted some of the quotes pertaining to Diablo 3 from the article below. Penny Arcade's voice has a certain weight if you ask me. Have at it:

It’s easy to feel like you’re trespassing on Blizzard’s playground when your Internet connection hits a burp and dumps you out of your game, or that you’re being allowed to play as long as you respect their long list of rules and regulations.

To play with your friends in Diablo 3 everyone MUST be online, and you MUST use their servers, and you MUST kiss the ring before you’re allowed to play. It’s the difference between your mean aunt not letting you sit at the adult’s table and the indulgent uncle who smokes his pipe and pretends not to notice as you play dress up in his clothes.

Blizzard created a game that feels like it should be hung in a museum, along with a guard who will shush you if you speak loudly or eject you from the premises if you try to touch it. Torchlight 2 is a Bob Ross painting complete with happy little trees, with a creator who smiles and invites you to pick up a brush.

inb4 fanboys crying about how Penny Arcade is garbage, Torchlight 2 is garbage and Diablo 3 is the best game ever made in the history of games ever made & all games that will ever BE made in the future of humanity.
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I just played the demo for a couple hours, and I loved it. Gonna be getting myself the game tomorrow. And for $20, c'mon. That's a freaking deal. I waited five years for Twilight Princess to get its price reduced to $15 for Nintendo Selects, and I spent 40 hours having a blast on that game.

Twenty bucks for hours of fun? Possibly more fun than Diablo 3 that cost me three times as much? I'm there.
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They stated the obvious. Nothing to really learn from their "review".

Im not against either game. But its early days yet and TL2 may yet have its issues. Patch 1.4 for D3 went off with a flying start, players getting loot and players like myself who don't use the AH was finally able to escape Hell Act3. But, a day later issues popped up due to a hot fix and its all back to normal.

TL2 has done some great things such as offline, random maps and a different skill progression for characters but no one is talking about end game, class balance, combat and all the rest of the things we need to know about.

Give the game 2 weeks then lets compare the two.
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