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Any EVE Online players?

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Would like to know if there's anyone here that plays EVE Online? Would you say it's one of the most, if not the most, immersive games out there?
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I already tried the 14day trial once but man is it hard to start. It's a longass tutorial where all you have to do is browse for commands to click.
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Rofl, so true.
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I am an EVE player, now for over a year and i can say its the best mmo out there.

Although what archangel says is true about the griefing. you are actually warned by the game and other players about the downs that this game has , other than that you can do whatever the hell you would want to, even kill your own Friends or corpmates ship.

Be a Miner/Industrial Player supporting the player based economy or Just be a Fighter Partcipating in Preposterous battles with alot of players in just one place.

Just check out my vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTNn1A2vHL4 NSFW

If you ask me about the learning curve, you could under stand how the game works in about 2 weeks that with other peoples helping you in the game.

Or you could just see this vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0M7jkv3xkQ
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i've not played eve, but heard plenty of it. sounds like a rather interesting game. why don't people form real life alliances (so that there's more accountability) and then play it in game, so the griefing can be semi curtailed.
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I dont think I am qualified to answere your question as I have only played Eve, WoW and now GW2. But based on the fact that Eve is the only game that I participated in guild/corp activities that says something for Eve as I hate drama. So the draw was greater than my dislike for drama in Eve's case. So only three games to compare but hope that helps.

Other info:

You cannot speed level your character as xp trickles in at a predetermined rate. So I think for example it takes about four months to train a perfect pvp interceptor pilot. Estimate. If you dont want to wait you can buy a character off another player buy giving them game time in exchange (plex). I believe characters go for roughly what it cost to make them. If it took twelve months of subs to make it then pay twelve months worth of game time. Older chars will be worth more. A new char perfectly trained in one thing will match a beta character trained in that same thing. The difference is that the beta character who has been training forever can do almost everything while the new char can only do what he has managed to train so far. Imagine a bunch of siege ships assaulting an enemy's player owned station and you are in a small ship to keep enemy players off the siege ships. Explosions and death everywhere. This is an example of a raid in Eve. But you have to go where the action is or pvp can be hard to find. You need to join a group of players who like to fight. If you lime pvp that is. My life as a belt rat was often boring and without action. Sometimes with only two or one pvp encounters in a couple hours. There is no challenge in blowing up some poor bastards mining barge in low sec. Some just sit in a trading hub and trade their way to billions. Or so they say I never tried it. There you go.
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It's the greatest MMORPG in existence, with the steepest learning curve out of any game I've ever played. Unless you have plenty of time to kill, I don't recommend playing it because you will spend a good month just understanding the game before you're able to make any progress.

If you want a timesink in excellent fashion, play it. It has a devoted community and there is always something interesting going on. It's a futuristic version of Second Life in the sense that you can literally do anything you want in the game with little to no grind.

Also, being a subscriber lets you play all 14-15 expansions for EVE, which is such an excellent perk compared to paying for WoW, each expansion separately, and also paying $15 a month for the most generic, simple, easy MMO that in the end is not worth your time.

Also, if you play EVE long enough, you can grind for gametime within the game so you don't have to pay monthly.

Trust me, EVE does everything right, but you have to be devoted to it because it's rather unforgiving for newbies, especially those with short attention spans.
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Oh ya some things that I thought sucked...

Even the small ships cannot be piloted manually. They technically can but it is by point and click which is slow and tedious. Too clarify you will do some manual piloting but it wont be even close to how it was in Freelancer (Microsoft).

Astroid belts I think are still of the cheezy looking small half moon design and not the full solar system size like they keep promising.

Weapons tend not to hit the enemy in a varied manner. All missiles and lasers strike the enemy in the same pinpoint spot. I think they could have done a better job with that.

Low sec, the space between high security and anything goes space, sucked imo. Lack of reward for risk. If you think you are going to mine there you are most likely going to die as there is a constant stream of wouldbe player pirates passing through. For Gods sake dont mine in a belt scannable from a jumpgate or dont move positions after one passes through. If pk'r knows where you were mining he will come back in fifteen minutes and warp directly to you. Haha. I genuinly felt bad doing that but in order for there to be good there must be evil.

People who blow you up when you are minding your own business.

Seems like you cant run a mission without someone scanning you out, warping to you and trying to cause you grief.

Oh ya missions are repetative repetative repetative. Kinda relaxing as a result though.

And I could be all out to lunch as I dont play anymore. Did load the trial last night. Wishing I hadnt given the chars away. It does look a little dated or its my cheap display not sure. Ah if I hadnt already played it I would do it but it doesnt seem as fun the second time around....

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