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Pimp your WW barb for 1.0.5 Budget build!

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OP can you show the individual items?
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@Everyone, I just had a lengthy WW/Nado class/discussion with Itstylerj today since I’m getting bored with my SnB so I want to try it . Yeah, we all heard how WW build getting nerf come 1.0.5 patch but the guy knows his trade since he had been playing this build when the game first came out. He did a comprehensive testing of the viability of the build in the current PTR, and confirmed that low/mid gear WW barbs can play to a max of MP5 and beyond this only the high/godly geared ones can tear through the game content meaning WW/Nado Build is still highly viable in 1.0.5 but with some tweaking on one’s current gear, sorry LoH WW has got a new baby – Lifesteal.

Additionally, he did a gear check for me and since I have already got a solid SnB build – 110k dps / 52+k hp , 4-5 gears needs to be replace in parallel with the upcoming patch. I handed him my 20m without any hesitation upon seeing his lifetime kills of 850k that says he’s been long enough in this game to just scam me of my measly 20m further cementing his credibility that you and I can trust on.

He did the shopping for my replacement gears and he spend close to 14m and return the rest of the gold despite me insisting that he take his service charge. I even suggested to him that I will donate 2.5m to gear a poor WW/Nado Barb for free as he doesn’t want any tip from me and came to know that already help gear 14 WW/Nado players already for free. Ain’t I’m Iucky today? I got back my 6m gold, got a seminar on how to properly play the build.

So for all of you Barb players who are planning to respecc to another build or class, think twice before doing it, take it from Itstylerj he knows he’s stuff/the build so you can never go wrong with him.

Honest, humble and trustworthy. 100% Legit.
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Itstylerj great post!
Can you help me out little bit?
I am lost to which gear to upgrade next for 1.0.5 and how much budget I need.
your advice would be very appreciated.
Thanks in advance
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Hey Itstylerj,

I just bought this 2hander for 500k at the AH to switch to a WW build.. not sure what other pieces of gear I should look to replace next. Any advice? I know most of it is pretty terrible, probably need more resistances and LoH?

I'd appreciate any info :)

Don't have any gold on me now but I usually play with some gg geared friends who farm Act3. So just in terms of like, what I should look out for incase of drops, we usually give eachother gear if its an upgrade.
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Been reading this thread and you seem to have done great work, OP!

I was wondering if you could take a look at my build and see if there's any improvements. Probably many. Ive been playing around with a mighty weapon, but I don't have the crit for it I think (40% crit before wotb).

The Echoing Fury was when I was looking into making a throw barb which I am still considering but upon reading this thread, it gives me hope thinking WW is still quite possible. I also bought an offhand and belt with Life Steal in efforts to prepare.

So far, I feel that I die more often than with my life on hit gear, but this is in preparation for 1.0.5 after all.

Any recommendations from any of you would be highly appreciated. Thank you.

Oh, I was looking perhaps spending 20 mil on gear but right now, just curious what kind of incremental change I can do with this char with her current gear.
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Added ya in game. I'm not level 60 yet but I will be soon.

Any help you can give is very much appreciated.

I look forward to talking with you.

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I added you also in game. I need a set for around 10 mill. Thanks!
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Hey Itstylerj,

Could you help to check out possible upgrades for my ww barb as well?

Thanks in advance!
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Hi Itstylerj,

Am I good enough for 1.0.5?
If so, which MP lvl do you think i can do until?
Also what else should i upgrade?


Saw your testimonial from RazorX, and found that you are the Guru.
Appreciate your help!

Don't need alot of your time, just glance thru my profile and take a look at what else i need to upgrade.
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i have gold make my barb like that
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Just wondering if you can check out my barb and tell me if I will be ok for 1.0.5

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i have 7 mil i was wondering if you could help me upgrade my barb so at least i can farm act 3 inferno thanks ! you can add me ingame as well
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I messed up on my friend request msg and it got sent unfinished. I was wondering if you really could do this for 50m.

100KDPS wotb
750 AR +
900 Fire+
800 Phys+
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itstylerj bow to you for knowledgde and time spend in-game, it's stunning :D

In some free time please take a look on my barb and please advice how can i prepare him for 1.0.5 with 5m bugdet ;[

Lot of thanks in advance,
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What kind of stuff should i look for to keep up with the loh nerf? Only thing i can think of are my weaps and belt for LS
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Hi itstyler,

can you give me suggestions to gear my barb? currently i have around 720+ resists but im feeling too squishy, fury starved at times and hard pressed on affix packs (molten/etc).

i wanted to know if im on the right track with the following:

- Little more attack speed: im at 1.53/1.92 alternating (good?)
- more vitality (hardest thing to get since it makes gear SUPER expensive, where should i get these rolls?, vile ward?)
- better off hand (i got a cold dmg off so snare but will drop that for higher stats)
- 12 MS boots (speed things up)
- LS belt

can i do that for 80m?
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itstyler can you please add me in game. I have been gearing up for the release of 105 and your advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey itstyler,

I'll have about 36m in a day or so and want to transition from snb to ww just for more efficiency. Was wondering if that would be enough since I'll have to prob swap out a bunch of gear and need new weapons lol. I'll add you when I have the money though.
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Never thought I would say this. In general I'm very hostile to the WW build. It always seems like so much work.

I'm curious though what you think you could do with my current gear and adding like 50-100 mil gold.

I still want to gear up my non-ww, but would also like to have a second set of gear for variety, since paragon 100 is going to be a long ways away.

Please let me know. Also curious about your comments on whether WW is of necessity a labor intensive play style.
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so.. (Proc coefficient reduced from 0.2 to 0.08) only affects life on hit and into the fray? it does not affect life steal? hm...
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