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Pimp your WW barb for 1.0.5 Budget build!

I would like to speak with you and get your assistance with my gear pls
thank you!!
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Hey itstylerj, thanks again for the analysis.

With my new gear and approach I'm currently experiencing the joy of solo farming the PTR at MP 10. Getting 5 stacks plus warden is pretty cool, killing whites is just as easy as it was with my old gear on MP 4 - elites just take a lot longer due to insane hp buff (gonna get more damage). Spent so far well over 6 hours in act 3 MP 10 and got killed once, just today when trying to swap overpower for warcry - that's something I gotta spend more time practicing. OP with killing spree instead of wc/impunity raised my crit chance well over 60% and my overall dps from 150k (wc/into the fray/thrive) to about 170k (ks/itf/thrive), pretty cool buff swap - plus its actually a damage spell!

Guys, here's in short what we did:
A. In game analysis of current gear/capabilities. Talked tactics and options and then the recommendations:
1. Refocus on Life Steal vs. LoH (had started that)
2. Refocus on total damage vs EHP (had to learn wtf that is)
3. Target attack speed
4. Understand the true value of the IK set. I went into the ww barb after grinding some 300 hrs with a DH, 4pc Nat legacy set and all - I thought the fury buff from the 5 pc IK had to be just as powerful considering the 1+ billion price tag. Well, it isn't. Only need two pieces for the allres buff, more is just the wrong way.
B. What did I do?
1. Bought a new LS Skorn 350mil
2. Bought great Ice Climbers w/S/AR/PR 250mil
3. Replaced crappy shoulders for mediocre ones for 10mil
Sold my IK boots and old Skorn to recover some of the damage but hey, the path forward is really working! Reached my Strength target and am well on my way towards the AS I need for endgame. My damage is kinda low still, but it's sufficient to grab my first hellfire ring right after the patch goes life. Next steps (after 1.0.5) is to upgrade for more AS and CD with my personal goal to push elite kills to <1 min on MP10. Will need well north of 500k dps plus hellfire for that.

My thoughts to this thread? I'm glad I found it, Tyler's a great guy (no tip needed) and I'm glad he's on my friends list. The man is on top of his crap, knows how to check your build and optimize it. Thing is if you're like me non pro but serious d3 gamer grinding this thing for hundreds of hours and care to succeed with the nerfs at hand - hit the man up, he knows whats up!
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Can you post pictures of individual budget items so I know what specs to look for to make build work? The OP is very confusing just posting stats. I don't know where to look for those values even or best pieces to find them on.
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@Everyone, been practicing this build intermittently because of work but during those time it was fun and efficient for farming XP/Gold, been dying here and there because of my noobness to the build.

Again, for those planning building a WW/DT for the incoming patch – don’t despair because it is still viable by doing skill/gear tweaking. Did lots of info mining on forums just to see how the top WW/DT players such as Keik, Lorenze, Moldran, Acrinomy… including the OP here are responding to the changes that 1.0.5 patch and the consensus it is still viable (apologies, can't go in depth or provide the links but search bar should help).

For all of you still second guessing the OP, don’t… TAKE IT FROM ME, can definitely vouch for the guy.

@Itstylerj, hahaha, players just need some assurance when it comes to handing over their gears/gold and if you have the time do answer to their queries do it, as this will help spread out the word fast in the barb community. But, be prepared for more influx of request that you will get swamped and maybe burn out in the process. Best of luck on this worthy endeavor.

Note. all the top WW/DT won't allow the build to just fade away, one way or another somebody gonna theory craft something.
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10/03/2012 10:46 PMPosted by MasterPhin
My thoughts to this thread? I'm glad I found it, Tyler's a great guy (no tip needed) and I'm glad he's on my friends list. The man is on top of his crap, knows how to check your build and optimize it. Thing is if you're like me non pro but serious d3 gamer grinding this thing for hundreds of hours and care to succeed with the nerfs at hand - hit the man up, he knows whats up!

Hi MasterPhin, i was lucky to have been given much attention by Tyler 3-days ago when i decided to try the build. did some shopping for me and REFUSED to accept any tips. can't say anything more, glad players with this mentality exist here.
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Hi itstylerj,

I have not been able to get any decent drops playing D3 and could not afford the good stuff on AH. I dont believe i can find upgrades with the budget set by you i.e 1.7 mil.

My gear as it is, is enough to farm act 3 in a party.

Try as i may, i could not farm a decent weapon. I have 10 mil at the moment.

My DPS sux hard. Please help.
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hey itstylerj, thanks for making this post.
I've got a budget about 40m for upgrades for patch 1.05 and I cant make up my mind whether I want to stick to WW or just get a 2Hander. Not quite sure which would allow for better farming, any input would be appreciated.

Could you give me some tips on what gear I should upgrade.
I was thinking about getting a Lamentation Belt + Bloodthrist and maybe new weapons + IAS rings when the patch is rolled out.

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@Everyone, Had a short chat with Tyler 4 hours ago and the man is in disposed at the moment. just went through a minor surgery and will be back as soon he recuperates from the procedure.

I'm having fun now with my DT build now, i still stop adn loot whatever's on the ground but much faster farming than my SnB.

Get well soon and fast, you got lots of players to gear/advice.
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Good thread
i just reroll barb from monk since theres no love from Blizz = \
I have 85m budget Please help
always online = )
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Do you know if its going to take a couple weeks or more like a couple days ? Can't wait to see how he can upgrade my barb haha :P
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What about for my barb? I don't have much to work with besides what gear I have and depending on what I can sell some other legendaries I have for. I have been told to get rid of all the gear I have that doesn't have str and make sure it has str on it for one. What changes would you make? I bought the rings/ammy/gloves with money but I guess they aren't what I need right meow XD.
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I was hoping I could add you in game so that you could help me out with my gear.
Thank you for helping us less knowledgeable people out!
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Posts: 7
Hey man, you should add me... I'm clueless and need some help =/
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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D3 Profile might be helpful also...
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hey guys am i will be alright for 1.0.5 because i havent tried it myself thx
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I have around 150m to spend where should I improve my barb?
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Hi itstylerj,

Great detailed explanation on the above barbs to prepare them for 1.05.

Just one thing i needed to point out for those of you who mentioned the LOH nerf.
Do keep in mind that the proc rates will be decreased by 60%, which indirectly causes the nerf to LOH.

However, as mentioned in my other posts, this nerf can be mitigated by an increase in IAS for all your other items, say around +50% IAS should be enough for you not to feel the difference.

So instead of scrambling for LL items, why not get IAS items instead. There're so many items for you to improve IAS on (Helm, Bracer, Ammy, 2 x Rings, Belt, Pants, Gloves, Weapon). Just need to get 50% out of those and you should be good to go. Unless there's a post stating LOH is nerfed to 90% instead of 80%, my interpretation should be correct.

Those are my personal views, which have worked well for me so far. But I'm way off in terms of gearing and play time, so I need all the advice i can get thanks itstylerj.
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Just reroll hammer of the ancients build it is op. Every right click is between 200k and 250k for me and i have 65K dps.
Nuff said build is great. Just need to check if it is viable with 2handers.
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Can you not just view profile?
This is the barb I would like some help, as to what changes. It's possible to sell my ring/ammy n what not and just buy other gear as well.
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