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Pimp your WW barb for 1.0.5 Budget build!

Any suggestions on how I can improve dps output? I am pretty sure my resist, armour and health is enough for act 3. but my dps seems stuck at around the 20k + range and cant go up...
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10/12/2012 01:03 AMPosted by Kabaly
Can you please do a screen shot for the stats on each piece of gear. Cheers
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@itstylerj I don't have a barb yet but I'm curious as to what gear I should buy while leveling up to 60 and what skills to use? I used to main a Monk before they got nerfed and a demon hunter as well but it seems that this game is heading towards barbs as the top class and I've grown tired of farming with the other classes. So I'm wondering if I could get some advice? :D
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10/12/2012 09:16 PMPosted by Kabaly
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Look at my barb...any suggestions would be welcome
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what would i need to upgrade, with full IK do you need a mighty weapon? what of my gear would change in 1.05
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Great post, what are your thoughts on what I should be looking to invest in? I have 95million and am wondering whether to wait or gear up now, with that being said no problem farming act 3 currently.

Thanks itstylerj
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Can you please do a screen shot for the stats on each piece of gear. Cheers
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I'd love some suggestions for my barb. I just started messing with WW and would like to use it more.
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10/14/2012 07:43 PMPosted by Kabaly
Can you please do a screen shot for the stats on each piece of gear. Cheers
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Need some advise from the experts here.

I currently have 2.90% Life Steal(Belt) and 889 Life on Hit(Off-hand)

Should I replace my offhand LOH with a Life Steal weapon instead?

Or I should remain as what i have currently?
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Need help here. I feel that my gears are unbalance (died a lot). Can advice which gears /w stat should I upgrade to make a better (WW) barb?
Thanks in advance :)
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hi there


for farming at least MP2-3
now i can farm MP1 but hard
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Hi there,

Kudos on the post man, that's awesome! I see a whole lotta people asking for your advice on what they should upgrade and I'd hate to burden you with another... but would you mind peeking at my barb and see what you would replace?

Since 1.0.5, I'm having a real hard time sustaining WotB... You're assistance is greatly appreciated :)

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I'm trying to build a double tornado barbarian for 80 million (not exactly budget, I know). What overall STR/AR/health/LS/etc. etc. should I be aiming for at that budget? Any must-have items in that price range?
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my barb can't do mp 4.. i need help on a 12 mill budget.. thx
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I would like to have a review of my build and what to improve , Im currently able to farm MP 2-3

So i would like to be able to farm At higher MP level .. i Dont really know what to upgrade or

what to buy i would like a good guide to follow to be able to farm like a pro haha !

thanks to anyone who answer all of my question thanks you!

I have around 50M budget !

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Any advice you could provide would but much appreciated - I've since upgraded my rings to IAS + CC and or CM with str, however my profile isn't updated.

I believe my Main hand should be upgraded to a mighty wep with crit and POSSIBLY LS? I was thinking of getting a bul-kathos warrior blood to go with my vow but should I just sell the vow and get a different OH as well because it doesn't provide any crit.

I think I should upgrade my ammy to IAS and Crit as LoH isn't really helpful now?
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I need some help with my barb. I can do about Act 3 MP 1 currently.

Right now I'm replacing my helm with cheap IK or Mempo for some survivability. Before I had an unsocketed Andariel's Visage with some str vit and cc.

Anyways what should I get more survivability (Armor, AR, or HP?) or offense if I want to progress into higher MPs. And also my skill build, anything that needs changing? I seem to be clinging on with relentless as I can be hanging on in fights with 5% hp for an entire fight, but then a little bit of burst will take me out.
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