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What is better to have? is attack speed better that CC? is there a general agreement to what is best?
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no one?
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crit chance is best
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Personally I rate them as IAS > Crit% > CD. I prefer IAS for the boosts to LOH and spirit generation. For a FoT/SW build crit chance is a close second given the bump in cyclone generation, which provides an additional benefit beyond what shows up in your paper DPS. Crit dam is also very nice, but takes a back seat the first two IMO. Of course you'll need to use a DPS calculator like theasiangamer.com to determine which affix provides the most dps boost for your specific character.
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I have barely Any Crit Damage (50%), I am at 1.92 Attacks Per Second, 33% Crit Chance. 600 LoH. With my current setup and buff from DR I am at 50k Dps at all times. With this setup I am currentley mowing down A3.

Before I was running with over 250% CD with around 1.6 APS and over 1k LoH. AND I was getting raped in Act 3.

After adding APS by dropping CD, I RARELY die in A3. The change has really been phenomenal. The speed of my attacks definetley makes up for the crit damage, and I basically stay at full hp from LoH
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I will say my rings at the moment are pretty !@#$ty aswell they are my next upgrade
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thanks guys!
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Crit chance is the way to do go with crit damage, while getting some attack were you can. Attack speed is nice, but it really shines only when mixed with crit chance and crit damage
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I think a fairly affordable numbers to "aim for" are AS at 2.00 or greater, crit chance at 30.0 or greater, and crit dam 300+...achieve that you will mow down through the game without needing LoH or lifesteal (unless you run into a fast reflect dam mob of certain types...)
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That will still be pretty costly if you plan on gettin those stats with other good stats, Dex/ vit / resis
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1.0.5 will kill DPS builds...
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