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Helping Barbs Progress (All Budgets) V3.0

@Dethy We can either sell the skorn and redo a 2h set or do a SnB set. Let's connect in-game. Send me a friend request.

@Ongster Thanks! Look forward to connecting in-game!

@jooked What is your current chest piece (hope it's not the one you're wearing)? And yes, i can deck you out for 2.5m. Send me a friend request!
Hello Rezic, I am a new barb reroll!

I want to make this build work to replace my ToC tank DH in 1.05.


Rend like the wind! I like basically killing things and running off before they know they are deadl

I just cleared Hell, what stats/cost/crit should I be looking for to pull this off in Inferno? Any build tweeks?

I have 10 M now, could get more but don't really want to break down my DH yet.

I don't need you to shop, but I would greatly appreciate your experience.
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Sup Rezic,

in your opinion, what stats and slots i have to focus on upgrading? Im pretty happy with my playstyle, smashing things like hulk lol. I have around 12M right now.

best regards.
@Rezic - Told ya you'd get swamped. You asked for it!
Hey Rezic,
Just thought I would add my name to the ever-growing list of people saying "help me please".
I'm on a 3 mill budget but pretty sure some of my items will be ok to keep (have other stuff like andariels and 2h weapon in stash incase you recommend 2h build).
Prefer SnB but open to suggestions.
Hope you enjoy the new workload you just took on.

Keep up the good work guys (Ender / Rezic)
Hey Rezic,

Add me to the list... Trying to progress as SB Barb and dmg is just plain bad. Have a 10m budget. Thanks!
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Good thread.
@ Ender hey thank you for your guide.. between that and ActionJaksnm’s advisement I was able to farm the first half of act 3 and I’m currently progressing through act 4 with a deaths to elites
Went from 800 AR unbuffed and 13 Kdps to 500 AR unbuffed and 34K dps (the Andariel’s visage was a very nice treat from a goblin and my very first legendary drop)

Happy Birthday Rezic!
Yeah you are getting swamp already!
I currently only have 2.5 mill (will try to get more before going for your service)
I’m trying to finish the game by death progressing it right now
My play style is to facetank and duke it out. I can’t do this when I run out of ignore pain and have to move a lot if they’re arcane, molten, plague

Can you take a look at my barb and see how much $$ I should amass before I can go to you for help to facetank everything in Act 3&4?
FYI:10 mil will take me months as I’m just a casual player lol
What gear should I improve first?
Will it be viable post 1.05? I always roll with my enchantress but she’s getting nerf in 1.05 (Armor bonus reduced from 15% to 5%)

Hope to hear from you soon and keep up the good work = )
@Everyone - In order to keep up with the demand, i need you to send me a friend request AND post in this forum if you need help. Make sure to put the amount you have to spend in your friend request.. I'll be working on as many as I can tonight! Cheers!

@Ender - LOL ... you were right.
I added in game and also friended... didnt put amount in game but I can go to 10m
@QH, You would need to spend a god awful amount of gold to be able to just stand in desecration or a field of arcane regardless of if u have ignore pain or leap up (that is, if you want good dps as well. If you dont care that it takes 8 hours to clear the act well then sure, you can get a set like that). These are unrealistic expectations. Is it to much to ask to just move a little?

My gear can do it, but Its worth over 500m....easily.
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Hey Rezic! I was hoping you can help me out with upgrading my gear! Across the board I feel like it's pretty solid, but I'm having problems increasing my DPS. I have about 6 mil for you to work with, but might try to get that a little higher by the time I hear from you!

Thanks for all your help,
Hey I have some gold to spend on my barb and I was just wondering now that you guys have played the PTR, any idea on what gear is going to be worth more, so I can buy it cheaper now?

Is LOH going to be more / less expensive? Currently on my gear I have 0.

Do you have any advice on what I should do? Should I go play another game and keep my gold while I wait for 1.0.5?
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Just hit 60 and am looking for some advice. Tried WW build (despite not having gear near ready for it) and am not interested in that. Have about 4 million to spend, will add you and look forward to your advice, im basically starting from my leveling +exp gear...Thanks for all the help!
Well, I hit 60 with 3mil to spend. Went through 1.5mil, almost half of that being the gem in my wep, and I'm pretty happy with where I'm at. buffed 800 ar, 7500 armor, 42k health, 40k damage. Fooled around with options on gear and the rough guideline at the top definitely helped
You're pushing a lot of sword and board, but with a 2 hander and a good str/life steal belt, you get some solid stability. We're not talking insane LoH numbers, but it's a cheap quick belt and weapon, BAM you'll have higher dps. Also as you get better gear, that life steal set up starts to be really good.

Maybe SnB is better, but 2 handed route is still reliable and cheap.


My gear is a hodge podge of cheap stuff. 1 mil on weapon, but my belt was under 3k (and I got others that were similar for as low and lower). All together my gear was under 2 mil (that's over half on my weapon, but still.) I'm using some of your advice as I move out of the "50k or under" gear range.
@Ender hahah 500 mil? that'll take me years then lol
okay I'll move out of descr and what not like I do now then ... just a bit less running will be good...
how can I improve my barb to farm and not die in act 3 and 4?
I don't know, I just hate dying on my barb ... It's just not what I envision a barb to be that's why I stay clear of the WW build

And it's not that I'm against my char dying ... I'm okay with my Wiz dying since I see him as more squishy ... mass AOE damage, elemental spells spam but die when a monster look at him funny ;-) hahah

Hope you're enjoying your evening festivities. Would love some help as I just can't seem to up my DPS to a useful amount. I have 3m to spend.

Hope you can help.
09/24/2012 09:08 PMPosted by QHTran
how can I improve my barb to farm and not die in act 3 and 4?
as long as ur willing to do what u should be doing as a player, rezic can gear you so you don't die as much. Just don't expect to be invincible is all im saying.
Could you please advise me on what kind of gear I should buy to be able to farm act 3-4.

I have 30 mil gold left.

Would it be better to wait until after 1.0.5 to finish gearing?
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