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Helping Barbs Progress (All Budgets) V3.0


thanks bro for your support and advice.

I am looking for some nice axe/mace but it is terrible hard to find good one...and I just don't want to change for sth not worth it...or pay fat gold just to get an axe...was wondering if there are any other improvements I could do....besides weapon/helm/boots because I am working on it but budget is limitation here...need to farm money :-p

As I was reading Razic's and Ender's advices weapon shall have crit dmg and socket...and those are unbelievably expensive on my server and not that many of them...so need to hunt.

Another case is: Is it better to hunt for weapon first or shall I improve helm/boots first and than weapon?

Greetings all!
Hey guys... I need some help....
my dps is really low
my bank roll is kinda low


thanks for any advise
I'm back again. I currently have 100m. I'm working on the last 10m to pay the fees and stuff, but I have another question.

Which will be better? 100m SnB build or 100m WW build? Assuming I'm smart enough to play both. And if I do go WW build, will I be able to switch to SnB with the same gears if I get lazy?
Hello, I have been stuck in Act 3 Inferno on my barb and tried EVERY build out there and still having problems. I will just say that my budget is 30mil for now (can just get more asap if needed). I have read & read & read and just don't get why im having such issues. It seems no matter what active and passive combos I use, I just die die die. Been in Act 3 "Tower of the Damned" since late august (no, im not kidding). Could REALLY use some help.


I think my DPS is the problem, as I have 58k hp, 10.5k armor, and 550 is my lowest resist and 694 is my highest, those seem fine imo. But dps unbuffed (no extra dmg from frenzy or WotB or anything) is only 31127.04

Tyia for any help you can give. O another thing, this could be the culprit and im afraid it probably will be my bottleneck regardless of gear. I moved home to save cash to buy a house, my folks only have Hughesnet Satellite Internet....its horrid, my normal MS / Lag is 2100-2400 ms. Yes some say its unplayable but you get used to it, ive made it this far but now when I have large packs and stuff, the powers not going off instantly and the mobs clipping around I think cause me to obviously not land hits and yet still take dmg :/
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Hey Ender and Rezic,

Why are you going with Thrive on Chaos for your recommended 2h build? The build has no way of burning excess rage, so you don't get an increase in WotB time anyway. It's OK with your alt 2h build because you can spam HotA.

Could I suggest Insanity instead, it works much better as an "I Win" button.
Thanks for the feedback Chrono. Appreciate it :)
ender or rezic, will have at least 90mil tomorrow morning. want either SnB or 2H build. willdecide after a couple of questions with you guys. great service by the way and thnx in advance
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hi i would like to find some help i have a lvl 60 barbarian im trying to maxamize my 2h build my gear kinda sucks and i need help farming better gear i dont have uch money dont know how to do a3 inferno farming without dying if anyone could give me a hand in some way message me in-game my real id is sccomplex@hotmail.com

here is my gear http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Sccomplex-1391/hero/1490490

i know it sucks lol but need some help asap plz
I'm also looking for some help better gearing my barb, I'm also looking for some radiant gems one or two of each(max level gem from the jewler, to better utilze the effects of ruby Strength boost's and the amethyst LoH in sockets as well as "melee attackers take XXXX damage per hit" as well as the Crit chance increased by 100% from emeralds)

i'm looking for some decent 1 handed swords or axes with decent Strength, vitality, and 1 or 2 sockets or some decent life on hit. right now my barb is using a frenzy build from DBoy. I am also looking for some better resistance gear mainly resist all preferably and i currently only have 600-650k gold and i'm also working on leveling up a monk to "Tank" like my barb or better.

Some good high resistance gear and some decent LoH weapons either 1 handers or 2 handers, because from what i see a barb tanks better with two 1 handed weapons(either Axes or Swords; I have seen barbs duel wielding with daggers.... wtf? o.O) and with WhirlWind and Immortal King gear(which i dont have) and i currently have, and am using a 2 handed sword which is way better than anything i've seen that i could afford thats 1 handed on the AH or in drops or from random people that have sh*t sitting around that they arent using that they are willing to part with/give away. which is where i got my sword from a random who had it but didnt have a character or barb high enough to use it and wanted to help me get some better items, i thank him for giving me this fine blade which has cleaved hundreds of demon skulls and bodies asunder since i was given it.
The Grandfather
+250 Min Damage
+209 Max Damage
+44% Damage
+338 Strength
+165 Dex
+168 Intelligence
+155 Vitallity
+10% faster Attack Speed
+16% life
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I think my DPS is the problem, as I have 58k hp, 10.5k armor, and 550 is my lowest resist and 694 is my highest, those seem fine imo. But dps unbuffed (no extra dmg from frenzy or WotB or anything) is only 31127.04

Yay, I acquired some gold and just did some shopping based on looking at Rez & Ender's profiles. MAJOR upgrades, and I cant wait to see how much better it does.

Now I have 61k hp, and my lowest resist is 734 and the highest is now 854, so I gained like 125-175 depending on which resist it is, (dropped a bit of armor but I think I was over stacking anyhow). Now my DPS is what really went through the roof (for me at least). I was sitting at 31127.04 DPS....after all the new gear, and getting ALL Star Ruby's in them, upgraded my 842.6 dps axe with a 70% crit gem to an 1101.4 dps axe w a 100% crit gem, my dps is now 69478.62 (unbuffed), so it MORE THAN DOUBLED!!! And I still want to upgrade 1 of my rings and get some Ice Climbers and I thuink that will fix my problem.

Just cant believe upgrading gems and gear and axe took me from 31k dps to 70k dps lol
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Hi Rezic, i have a budget of about 50mill can u shop a full barb SnB set for me?
I've been MF farming for so long with no good loot drop at all so its time to change gears to farm faster.
With 50 mill budget, what sort of stat am i looking to achieve?
hey guys update. just sold a leorics for 80mil after blizzards cut and found another one, again int based so don't need it. my bank is up to 148 mil. who should i talk to. i trust both of you, or should i wait and sell the latest ring first. thnx

ender, rezic told me to give you a holler as he is swamped, BR549#1151 is my batlletag
sent you a friend request. no hurries
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Great guide Ender! You made my Barbarian experience a lot less painful. I bet I read through it 30 times or more over the last 3 weeks and camped the auction house every free minute I had looking for cheap gear with right stats. I don't have much gold since I have a job a wife and 2 boys in football games twice a week. I bet I put together this gear set for 2 million or less and can now cake walk through A3 and A4. But I could not have done it without your guide.

I am currently farming A3/A4 and saving money to upgrade my weapon to something that has more DPS with a socket. If you or Rezic would be so kind as to take a peek at my gear and give me some advice on whether I need more CC,CD or AS that would also boost my DPS " I would like to get to 60K DPS" or more or if you see anything else I could fix I would greatly appreciate it. I like to do my own shopping lol, it's half the fun.

Thanks guys.
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Could somone check my build out i have no problem walking through act two but god it takes a long time any advice would be appriciated I have about 5 mil to upgrade with
Ok I just wanted to post out of thanks for these 2 guys. After taking their advice, gearing up 95% to their liking, I went from being stuck on Act 3 Inferno for 2 months, to facerolling it & Act 4 both today, killing Diablo 1st attempt. It was amazing.

I gained 10k hp, 200 or so resists, 10% or so crit chance and about 100% more crit dmg. I also used the active and passive skills they used even if in my head I wasnt sure exactly why they chose some of the ones they did, but after using them you see why....It was a JOKE compared to how I personally had my barb set up.

I did not die 1 single time after getting straightened out...just facerolled till I saw credits and cinematics! These guys are awesome and, if you have any trouble, plz to god to yourself a favor and contact one of these guys.

One of the largest gains after the gear was changing up the skills / passives. I had Nerves of Steel, Superstition and Tough as Nails since I was having trouble surviving previously, so when I switched to Ruthless, Weapon Master, saw myself going from 10.5k armor to 8k or so I was like "O GREAT THIS WILL SUCK" but the gear changes they made all make sense now.

With Ruthless, Weapon Master (using an 1100 dps 1h axe w a 100% crit gem) WotB and Battle Cry w Marauder's Rage both popped I hit 158k dps.....vs my previous 31k dps.

Sorry to ramble but OMG these guys can GET IT DONE!!! TY BOTH
@Everyone - I had someone comment to me the other day that they weren't sure if we were still gearing people since we hadn't posted on this thread recently. I wanted to assure you -- we are still gearing people every day! On average I gear 3-4 people each evening when I'm on. Honestly, I've been putting the time into gearing, and not as much into responding to people questions on the forums, but I'll make sure to keep it a little more balance.

We are definitely still gearing people! Just make sure to send a friend request in-game with your build preference and budget to me (Rezic#1827) for builds 1-100m or to Ender#1728 for builds 100m +

@Gelu - You need to save 3-5mil and find us so we can re-gear you completely. Wish i had a better answer for you than that, but you've got to start over with your gear.

@Xenosaki - Find Ender or I in-game. We can hook you up with an awesome build.

@Jan/sccomplex - You need to save 3-5mil and find us so we can re-gear you completely. Wish i had a better answer for you than that, but you've got to start over with your gear.

@Moosejuice - Which one is better? Well, that's not specific enough to be objective (therefore it is subjective). So I'll answer it like this: WW is faster. SnB is more resilient. So, perhaps you could start gearing a SnB spec which could eventually evolve into a SnB WW spec, too? We can do that. ;)

@Fieryice - You need more than 650k to get geared. My fee is 500k minimum. I would suggest you save up 3-5 mil and contact us then.

@knoted - Good point. I'll change it. It's an error.

@Entriguin - Yes, i can get you an awesome SnB set for 50m. Send me a friend request in game. I don't promise people what stats I can get for their budget, however -- you won't be disappointed.

@br459 - Thanks for connecting with Ender, bro. You won't be disappointed.

@Wardawg - You need a better weapon. Get a socket in that thing! Drop the natural crit.

@Undertaker - Send me a friend request in-game. I need to rebuild all of your gear. Can only keep the helm.

@trueX - It was great chatting with you in-game. Best of luck!
10/05/2012 10:41 PMPosted by ChronoTriggr
About how costly would this be for a decent set up?
It depends on your definition of decent....I'm sorry but these questions are the worst for me....All I do is the best I can with what I'm given. The more, the better. The less, the worse.

10/07/2012 03:34 PMPosted by Wardawg
Thanks guys.
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