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Helping Barbs Progress (All Budgets) V3.0

I want to go sword and board with my Barbarian. I would appreciate help.
@Rezic - I already added you in game. Just waiting for your approval. :)
@Rezic Well I suppose it is time to go farming!
Thank you for the reply
@Everyone - to reiterate what my partner stated, these new rules are not for use to make a larger profit or anything silly like that. It is to serve the barb community to the best of our ability. That means people getting the most for their money. These new min values for gear sets encourage people to farm the proper amount of gold for us to do a job we feel good about.
So helpful and informative. Looking forward to more advice in the future.
@Rezic - Looking at my current gear, what should I replace in order to be able to start farming act 3 inferno? I currently have 5m to spend.
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Hi Guys, just wanted to let you know how good a job Rezic did with my WW barb. With 85M as my budget my barb had a very huge improvement. From 45k Damage unbuffed, my barb is now 81k unbuffed Damage and I can farm act 3 now with-in 20 minutes which used to be 30-40 minutes for me using the Alkeizer farm route. I rarely die, and I kill elites in less than 45 seconds to a minute. He did all this in less than an hour i believe. For reference the link below will show you my old gear and stats, and if you click my profile, it will show you my new improved gear and stats thanks to Rezic. My Barb is now ready for Patch 1.05 and will continue on to be a WW spec.

Looking forward for more upgrades w/ Rezic. Thanks again!

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@HonestHarley - Nothing as far as gearing. Read the OP. 5m minimum. Do you have any questions or need advice? Can address this stuff on the forums.

@shiichang - You need to replace everything except maybe your bracers and belt. Send me a friend request in-game and I'll get your started (as long as you have 5.5m).
Hey Rezic, can I add you in game? I have 90mil to spend but dont know if stay with WW or go to a Melee like HofA or Seismic Slam with a 2H...Thanks
@thi46o - Send me a friend request in game with your budget included (Rezic#1827).
I had Rezic modify my gear last night and am thoroughly pleased. Prior to his assistance, I was struggling in Act 3, but was able to clear through with no problems. For anybody struggling to get the right gear, I highly recommend his services. He had me fixed up very quickly and I am able to actually enjoy playing again.
Hay rez sent you an invite a few days ago for a SnB as you said im now sitting around 7mil but have yet to have you come up, im from australia though and only really get time to jump on after work are you still happy to help?

I only have my farming gear on not my good stuff at the moment so dont look at that lol
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I could use a bit of guidance. Only really have 5-6m at the moment. But will have around 10-15 tomorrow.
Sent you a request. Have a little over 30 million to spend.
Could use assistance, WW barb, 44mil to spend
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Could use assistance, WW barb, 44mil to spend
We don't do WW under 100m unless you already have alot of gear that can be kept...which you do not have. Sorry =(
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Hi I plan on rolling a Barb after the patch hits, do you think it'll be possible to build one with full IK set (not BIS rolls) and 75k unbuffed dps for about 350 mill? I've been checking the AH, and it seems the Chest is the only really expensive piece, but I'm hoping the doubled legendary rates will result in lower prices for them and also current BiS jewelry will be cheaper. Thanks
Rezic helped me. 30 million and I can farm Act III for the first time easy. So absolutely fantastic!
Question for you guys

Say if I had 100 mill what would be the best build to make with that money (ie, farming very very efficiently and comfortably)

Would it be a super face tanking SnB-er , 2hander or WW
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