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How do I improve my babarian if I have 200m right now?
Hey Rezic and Ender I'm glad i found this post i was just going to spend all my gold but i really have no idea what im doing... i'd like some help i have 108 million. Im pretty sure i want a 2h build.
Ender#1728 for 100m+

500m to spend. >150++k dps, >50k hp, >600res n whichever is important for barb...the best u can fork out of this budget(or u can save some gold for me so my other class char can use these golds as well) so i can pawn even elites like ants in act 3/4 inferno haha....just for fun...and not forgetting to prepare for new patch 1.0.5, btw what is the diff for snb 2h n ww build...kinda noob here... thanks man...

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I sent you a friend request in game. I'm looking to improve my barb for solo tanking with regards to after patch 1.0.5 . I don't need to be able to output tons of dmg and faceroll my way through levels. But I am looking to steadily work my way through act 3 and solo the infernal machine bosses on MP 6+.

I assume this means using a weapon/shield build. I have around a 40m budget as of now (much more pending item sales in AH), and already have a decent piece or two of armor.

If you can help, that would be greatly appreciated. I can pay a little for consulting alone, can do some of my own shopping if necessary, but could really use your help.

Just worked with Rezic to gear my wife's barbarian up and he did a fantastic job. Double just about all her stats with a minimal budget. I would recommend anyone considering this to go ahead and bite the bullet, well worth whatever you spend.
I was getting 2-3 shot by puny monsters when I first got to inferno using the build I beat hell with. I needed to upgrade my items but only had 1.6 mil to work with. I didn't know anything about what to look for since I had just come back to playing D3 not long before. Thanks to your thread I upgraded my barbs gear and just finished inferno on my budget of 1.6 mil. Sweet.
If you're considering using these gents to gear-up your Barbarian ... but you're having doubts or reservations ... Have no fear, they will do a fantastic job and if your experience with them is anything like mine, you'll be playing with a smile on your face again.

If you'd like to see the numbers ... keep reading.

I have 2 Babarians, TB is a level 60(5) and CB is a 60(3). I had put a LOT of $$$ into TB's gear and he was doing OK ... was in the middle of Inferno Act III when I decided to let Rezic re-gear him.

My new gear was delivered in a very timely manner .... I decided to put the new gear on CB instead so I could compare the two side by side. I was pretty impressed with what I saw even though CB is 2 paragon levels lower:

My Gear - New Gear
STR: 1639 - 1920
DEX: 284 - 311
INT: 450 - 157
VIT: 1390 - 1142
ARM: 9274 - 8535
DPS: 28077.7 - 62022.2

DAM INC BY (ATT): 1639 - 1920
ATK P/S: 1.28 - 1.37
CH CHANCE: 30.5 - 47
CH DAMAGE: 197 - 308

BLK AMT: 3706-4704 - same
BLK CHNC: 21 - 33
DODGE: 14.6 - 15.3
DAM RED: 75.56 - 73.99
PHY RES: 507 - 556
CLD RES: 557 - 514
FIRE RES: 555 - 598
LTG RES: 507 - 564
POI RES: 507 - 514
ARC RES: 555 - 514
C C RED: 0 - 0
THORNS: 0 - 1855

MAX LIFE: 57243 - 49100
LIFE BONUS: 17 - 22
LIFE P/S: 776 - 168
LIFE STEAL: 2.5 - 5.5
LIFE P/KILL: 0 - 0
LIFE P/HIT: 0 - 0
H/G BONUS: 4832 - 0
P/U RADIUS: 0 - 0

The difference in play is remarkable. For example, TB with my gear took 3 or 4 times to defeat the Infernal Ghom ........ CB with the NEW gear (& 2 lvls lower) took him out 1st shot with no problem what-so-ever.

The moral of this post ..... The gear I had bought cost about the same +/- maybe 10%. These guys know how to distribute the right stats on the right gear to acheive maximum performance.

I have absolutely no regrets in using their services.

Thank You Guys - You Rock!
I would like to fully upgrade my barb (WW build). Is it possible to buy a IK set for 200M budget?
Just dinged 60 recently, would like some help upgrading. I have a budget of 9m-39m (including payment) depending on how much of a difference in upgrade. Looking to SnB or if possible 2h.
10/10/2012 10:54 PMPosted by Pegasus
Is it possible to buy a IK set for 200M budget?
You prolly couldn't even buy a full craptastic IK set, and even if you could, it would be 10x worse than the rares you could get with the same gold.
I would be interested in your services.
My budget is flexible, between 50-120 M, I'd like to talk to you to see what price point would be the biggest bang for my buck.
Preferred spec is 2h
Krisfang #1943
ok here we go...gave ender the gold and he's off
considering using this service to gear up a WW barb. how much does one need to spend to farm MP10?
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I have a 100m budget, i play with a dw monk 112 dps a throw barb and a dh. Inuse to be 2h rend but they kill stuff before rend can work. Inwent dw to speed up the killing process.

Do you know a build that can help me help my group now and in 1.0.5 and allow me to not be a slow tard or a mega fast tard? I just want to play with them, have fun and farm act 3 as a group like 3-5 runs a night. Thanks
Rezic helped me gear up with a budget of around 9m and I couldn't be more impressed. Quick response and it only took him about 20 minutes to get me the gear. Now I can actually progress in a reasonable manner. I would highly recommend his services if you are struggling or want the biggest bang for your buck, you won't regret it. He knows what he is doing.
Hi Rezic, I have a budget of 90-100M to respec my barb... Would like to go 2H.. Are you able to help me with my poor barb?
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Hi Rezic, I have a budget of 50M to upgrade my barb...using Skorn. Are you able to assist me?
Puno #1372
Just wanted to return and post my feedback as Ender has completed by build for $150M

-Overall, great experience. Ender did a fantastic job, very friendly and kept me in the loop as he was working to grab me items

-Went from LoH/57k unbuffed to LS/83k unbuffed

I would definitely come back again when I have a larger budget to re-gear
@Ic1HooksTV & Varmillion - It was a pleasure working with you. Hope you enjoy the set. Thanks for the great review!

@Darksun & PUNO - Yeah, I can help you out. Send me a friend request in-game with your budget included.

@Onime & Krisfang - I'm working on your set! Great to meet you! I'll let you know when it's done.

@cauhauna - Lots. How much gold do you have?
hey rezic or ender.
i have a little over 100m and i want my barb to be able to handle group play including not dying and putting out decent damage. m not a fan of WW because i run out of fury easily and die and 2h is kinda slow. the group i run with is a monk throw barb and dh all well over 100k dps. please help!!!!

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