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Helping Barbs Progress (All Budgets) V3.0

I have about 8.5 mil to spend right now could you provide me with some guidance?
So I can farm all of act 3 with relative ease and I just made a cool 15m on the AH (IM RICH YAY).

Im not sure how to spend the money, 15m on a wep, maby a few bits of armor or should I save a bit more?
@devil - Its worth a fair amount of money, I don't think you will get 50m for it. maybe 25, maybe less, I'm not sure, I can't check the AH currently.

@Rezic - I'm having log-in issues. Incase you need me ill try to keep skype open.
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Gotta vouch for Rezic and give a big thanks, with 2.6 mil got me up to 40k life, 40k dps, 500 unbuffed ar, currently blowing through act 1 inferno. Legit thanks!
@Everyone - Find me in-game and i'll hook you up! Thanks for your time!

@Ender - Have a great night bro. I'm heading to bed ... 4 more people geared tonight... getting faster. We'll catch up tomorrow night.
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Thanks again Rezic I really appreciate the help. Anyone needing help should definitely look in your direction.
Hello Everyone,

I am one of the lucky recipients of the FREE service that Rezic was providing to gear out both my friend (2H) and myself (WW) towards the SnB build. We both have trouble with Act 2. We dare not even thought about trying to attempt Act 3 or Act 4.

I have tasked Rezic with the following requirements on a limited budget of 5 Mil.

35K-45K life, 50k-60k dps, All Resists 500-700 unbuffed

He was able to delivered pretty close on my requests:

45K life, 43k dps, 500 AR.

I was extremely happy with the outcome since I now have a more well balance Barbarian to farm Act 3.

He is extremely interested in getting your feedback on what type of gear you are looking for and will take the time to answer all of your questions.

I had extra gear in my inventory and I showed him all the items that were relevant to the Barbarian build. Rezic was able to pick and choose the items that seem the most promising for outfitting two Barbarians.

Afterwards, when he returned with the goods he was more than willing to show me how to use the gear in a practice run. He provided the reasoning for using specific skills to ensure that you will be able to survive your encounters. I know that I will need to practice this new SnB build. But, it will be well worth the time spent to be able farm Act 3 comfortably!

Also, to validate that Rezic knows what the heck he is doing I was able to complete Act 3 and Act 4 tonight with the help of some of my friends!

I can most certainly vouched that he is the real deal and genuinely wants to help make the the Barbarian community a better place!

I took a leap of faith and I honestly believed that it has paid off big time!

Rezic: THANK YOU!!

Ender: THANK YOU!!


Can you check out what I need to beat Diablo on Inferno. I manage to make it all the way, but I have no idea on stats, skills, or equipment. I was given a whole heap of stuff which I sold.
I have 60 mil
Damn I just logged on because I had overtime from work, and you were last online 30 mins ago - just missed ya :(

Ive logged out with all the gear I currently have.
My budget is 24m
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Would you be able to tell me next time you are on please?
I want to play so bad, but don't want to spend any of my gold until I can get your guidance.
Would you be able to tell me next time you are on please?
I want to play so bad, but don't want to spend any of my gold until I can get your guidance.

Same as me, I'm in a different timezone so it's gonna be difficult! :D
Yeah sucks being an Australian gamer. We missed each other by 30 mins today.
Yep, it means staying up or getting up or pulling an all nighter to talk to one of the guys.

Where can I find the changes to the 1.5 patch? I have just downloaded the public test realm.
It's good that you can drag your characters across.
nice thread. up for u :)
Can you review my guy pls
I have about 1.5 million to spend can you give some advice?
Thank you.

- Rottie.

Thank you for your help yesterday. I was able to negotiate a full set (and then some) of gear for around the 2b mark with another. You can check my profile for the gear.

Appreciate the quick responses to questions last night.
@Woppa - You need to buy a Helm of Command immediately! It will make you even more BA. Also need to get better shoulders, gloves, boots, and a life steal belt. Find me in game if you want an explanation as to why or help purchasing!

@Ongster - Glad I was able to help gear you and your friend for 2.5m each. That was fun working with some of your existing gear! Great experience.

@Avenger - The time difference sucks. I might be on tonight. If i am, it will be around 8-10PM CST. Not sure 100% tho cause I'm going through some family stuff. But at latest, will be on tomorrow night... i know you're psyched to get your gear, but trust me, using my services will help immensely! BTW, do you want SnB? Or 2h?

@Pooky - Same as what I said to Avenger, cept we're on different servers ... yikes! Maybe you could create a character on the US server to let me know when you're on? So i can jump over real quick to EU?

@Romulus - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/7155881/ (patch 1.0.5 notes on the PTR)

@sheldon123 - Thanks! Are you in the midst of gearing yourself? I noticed your barb was half geared. If you're buying those pieces you have equipped, you're buying the wrong pieces :) Let me know if you want help.

@Patraeus - For a proper SnB build, we need to redo most of your gear. The only pieces I would keep in rebuilding you is your shield and possibly your shoulders. Presently, you don't have enough HP or DPS to progress well in act 3 or 4, and you're getting your AR the wrong way. Find me in game if you want help gearing or to discuss more. What's your budget?

@rottweiler - You're making some very common mistakes for gearing (no focus on Crit Chance or Crit Damage, getting too much AR on some piece and none on others, not getting enough primary stats, buying the wrong type of weapon, focusing too much on Life on Hit). We need to get you an entire new set, and i can do that for 1.5m. If i gear you, i will more than double your DPS, increase your HP, and your AR. Find me in game.
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