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Affixes based on ilvl of monster

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09/29/2012 10:24 AMPosted by Ethidium
I am just concerned that act 1 will be the farming spot everyone will choose. The enemies there are just mechanically easier than anything else in the game.

I don't agree, enemies look easier because we outgear them most. At MP1 and above when all the acts in inferno becomes equal, farm where ever you want.

Well, the monsters in act 1 that have the slowest move speed and attack rate are quite common. Even ranged projectiles are easy to avoid in act 1.

09/29/2012 10:46 AMPosted by fatchick
people would be able to gear up their toons without an AH need and D3 WOULD BE AWESOME.

People can gear up without an AH. Many have.
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09/29/2012 12:10 PMPosted by Gadra

False. This game is about slaughtering hordes of demons.

wth are these hordes at ? most of the time u got a lousy 3 mobs running at you at once? hordes are like 20+? the only places you see this sorta mob clusters is act 3 underground.

Semantics. I have killed a quarter of a million demons since I started playing. HORDES.

09/29/2012 12:14 PMPosted by DoomBringer

False. This game is about slaughtering hordes of demons.

And why do you slay hordes of demons?

To get loots. Otherwise, I'd just go on normal difficulty and slaughter them without any effort.

Umm, I don't want to slay hordes of demons without any effort. And yes the loot helps my character progress so I can slay increasingly difficult hordes of demons. The loot is a means to an end. The slaughter is what this game is ABOUT.
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People can gear up without an AH. Many have.

Truth ^ And once the patch comes out it will be even easier to do this.

After playing the PTR and getting tons of great loot in a small amount of time, I realized one thing. The AH will now be truly optional.

+1,000,000,000 Blizzard
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TierAngst View profile

I think people are expecting too much from this patch. There are a lot of things that need attention (legendary items need to be totally reworked as lower ilvl ones have zero retain-ability for end game

I agree, there should be a way to have the lower level legendary items evolve as a player levels. Stats go up as player levels,if they have item equiped.
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How about the legendary items?
Will an ilvl 61 legendary item drop from a lvl 63 monster has 63 affixes?

Just talked with the developers, and they confirmed that Legendary items, vendor items, and crafting items (from the Blacksmith) are not affected by this change. Legendary drops will have the same stats in 1.0.5 as they do currently in 1.0.4.

I'll make sure my previous post links directly to this one, since it is new information.

Wow that is beyond sad and bordering worthlessness for some items.

You see, this was the chance to actually give options for certain slots by allowing lower ilvl legendaries to roll as higher. You would still be penalized with the base stats of the item being properly lower, but the rest could be interesting.

Also this puts the last nail on crafting, not that it was really worth the cost in the past, now with the general cost and this crafting becomes entirely worthless. I will keep learning the plans because of the achievement but that is it.
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If diablo3 always change it's gears, it's never a good game.
Everyone want top gears. Some of them use real-money to buy top gears, and some of them use time to make some gold then to buy gears. It is very expensive to buy one.
Then the problem comes, every big patch, you making so much changes to gears, that makes old top gears to garbage gears in new patch. If Legendaries(ring,mojo,etc) can get lvl63 affixes, then are the old Legendaries not worthful at all. We all want very good gears and we working very hard. Change gears is a negation to us.
At last, every one will leave this game, because everyone's hardworking, everyone's money are useless at every new patch.
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MP 1 actually makes all mobs lvl 63, so any lvl of monster power will make this change. yeah i really kinda don't like this, its really the worst kinda of devalue they good hit jewelery with. I didn't really care when they made new legends cause the old ones were garbage anyway, but this is gonna make people rage.
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All the new gear addition patches feel like WoW expansions. i remember when i started playing WoftLK and my buddy comes back too the game on his ranger, and we fought a few duels and with my gear i farmed in wrath from rego mobs that took me 20 mins, i smoked my buddy that was wearing crusade raid gear he spent months on.
That's what this feels like, every new gear addition makes all previous work less meaningful.
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agree with huan and MajorGee
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Yea what the heck, It's just like my car company. I work hard all day for a paycheck to buy the top end car so I can enjoy owning the top car. Then what do they do, they release a NEWER version every year?!?!? WTF, why can't everything stay the same forever and never change or improve?
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Confirmed. In 1.0.5, rings and amulets can roll level 63 affixes.

does this include legendary and set jewelry?

will rings like skull grasp and stone of jordan be able to roll higher in 1.05?
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im sry but apparently u didnt find out that these current legendary rings and amulets will worth nth since rare ones will be get buffed. Is this wat u r doin ?
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Hey, can The Compass Rose the set ring roll higher than 12% movespeed with this?
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Look, I'm tired of getting nerfed everytime there is a patch under the guise of improving it. And if you can't fix things in this patch, wait 2 months, 3 months, 4 months, a year. I don't give a damn how long! Just quit f-ing everything up all the time. I have tried the PTR. It absolutely sucks. It's so f-ing nerfed, I really am going to quit all together. Already I'm not playing like I used to. If you can't actually improve the game to make it fun for once, just leave the damn thing alone! I don't want the patch. It's always 1 step forward, 10 steps backwards.
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Hey :)

In my opinion
legendaries/set itemsfrom LVL 58-62 need to have i63 affix possibility, when playing on MP1

I think this is very welcome change, because else rares will be again more exciting than most of legendaries, and well if you remeber game launch you know its not what players want.
Generally i would love seeing every brown drop in inferno mp1 got <potential> to be awesome!
Can't wait for this, i hope this change will go live.

My second concern is about MP1 and public games.
From start of 1.0.5 speculations i was looking forward to join public game act 1 inferno and have hard monsters :) (its my favourite act)
Please enable just MP1, that we can farm every act with random guys, meeting new people, creating new teams.
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legendary/set items rings and ammy will now roll ilvl63 affixes also or is it just the rare ones?
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Thanks Seven!

This helped me...

Problem with explanations by different people, is they can mean different things to different people because, of assumptions by a single word or sentence on how it's used...unless very well explained....

Thanks again!!
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That is part of fixing\updating a game..like you said if you paid real money for virtual item that is your risk period!!!

Their game they can do what they want....
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