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Regarding hellfire ring and primary stats

HEY. Seriously, some of the indicators right now is that this ring will add primary stat as a fixed roll. NO. NOT IF ITS BIND ON ACCOUNT. NO. SERIOUSLY, NO. I will be SO frustrated the first time I do it, and get one I can't really use with the prime stat it rolls, and never do the event again.
A lot of people will.
You want them to roll so they will be IMMEDIATELY useful for a character who gets one: So, +xp, hell yeah! Random rolls give us a reason to try and get a better one.

But +primary stat? That SUCKS. if 200 primary is say, on average, 2k dps for a dude, figure out the equivelant in +damage, or crit/crit dam, or ANY OTHER STRAIGHT DAMAGE FOR EVERYONE STAT. SERIOUSLY.
Do NOT set these rings up to be SPECIFIC to a class, because that is obnoxious and will frustrate anyone who gets a bad roll.

What I want to see is something that by default, is useful to ANYONE, and everyone! And then can roll more specifics from it's pool of random stats.

I spent some time thinking about this, and all I can think is that it will frustrate players, pretty rapidly. I feel like a few bad rolls will make the event feel terrible, even if you can farm it rapidly.
I think this should have completely game-breaking feeling stats. Like, close to over the top insane, by itself: it's one slot. And clearly, and event ring like this is meant to be end game sort of stuff. So please, don't make it a decent ring, make it a godly ring, and make it useful to anyone who touches it for damage, or for defense. Or hell, have a defense and damage roll version!
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All I care is the 35% exp bonus.
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You can choose the primary stat on that ring

And hellfire proc fireball hits for 5 million damage
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You can choose the primary stat on that ring

And hellfire proc fireball hits for 5 million damage


OP probably hasn't seen that part yet. those guys on stream are proc'cing every second and dealing 2m-5m damage.

Seriously, even if you dont get a prime stat on your first craft, the ring is still very useful.
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5 million damage - This pretty much confirms PvP gear IMO. Unless PvP is just going to be people running around until hellfire procs.
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+4 random stats is NOT the problem with hellfire ring.

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